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Written by Angie Menjivar

Published: December 31, 2023

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This mixed breed pup is known for its stocky appearance and lively personality. Giving one a forever home is rewarding but besides knowing about this pup’s temperament and muscly shape, you should know all the American bully colors there are! The truth is the variations in American bully coat colors are vast and too many to provide in a comprehensive list. However, there are some basic coat colors and combinations that you can expect in this breed. Discover six American bully colors!

1. Black

a american bully extreme dog in the field

Most American bullies have mixed coat colors with a dominant color covering most of their body.

©alberto clemares exposito/

The American bully typically has some distinctive markings on its body, but they may also be a solid coat color as well. Some of them have a mask, which is a dark area that shows up around their eyes while others may have small color spots on different areas of their bodies. An American bully may be black with other color variations as seen in the photo above. For the coat to be considered black, it has to cover at least 80% of the American bully’s body. This leaves only a 20% allowance in the coat to be a different color. Some American bully dogs have tri-color coats as well, which allow you to appreciate several different hues throughout their bodies.

2. Blue

Bishop the American Bully

An American may sport a blue coat, which could range from a steel color to more of a light blue color.

©Christine Reisner/iStock via Getty Images

The blue American bully is a popular choice that stems from the black gene (only to achieve the blue hue, it has to be a bit diluted). There are different variations of blue that range from more of a steel color to more of a light blue color. These pups have matching noses as well. There are some rare coat colors like the merle and blue merle coat, which both exhibit hues of blue but incorporate additional color patterns. More often than not, you’re going to notice that the American bully exhibits a mixed-color coat, displaying at minimum two different colors. Some of the most popular are black and blue and blue and fawn.

3. Chocolate

Chocolate brown color American Bully dog is on green grass. Medium sized dog with a muscular body

When an American bully has a chocolate coat, it’s often mixed with at least one other color.

©Zanna Pesnina/

When you spot chocolate on an American bully, it’s usually a mixed color or a tri-color coat. These coats may incorporate other colors like white and black along with chocolate, making for a beautifully distinctive appearance. These have been rare color combinations in the past, but they have become more common. However, the tri-color pattern gene is recessive, which means that in order for an American bully puppy to be born with a tri-color combination, both of its parents have to carry the gene.

4. Fawn

American Bully puppy dog

There are some rare American bully coat colors but fawn is one of the most popular.

©Zanna Pesnina/

Fawn is one of the most popular coat colors for an American bully. Mini dogs exhibit a brindle coat which may include shades of fun along with black, blue, or red. This color has some variation as well so it may appear as more of a cream color in some cases, but it may also appear as more of a reddish-brown tone and others. An American bully might have a mixed color coat that beautifully shows off a mix between blue and fawn or fawn and white, as seen in the image above.

5. Lilac

Lilac American Bully XL look at you

The lilac coat of an American bully may appear lavender or more of a grayish-blue tone.


In keeping with all the possibilities, the American bully may also sport a lilac coat. It may have some darker or lighter tones that appear lavender or even more of a grayish-blue and could be mixed with other colors. However, it’s important to remember that the tri-color combinations require two parents with the same recessive gene. Considering this is a rarer coat color in an American bully, it’s highly sought after.

6. White

Funny white American bully dog stands and warily looks up, front view. Puppy obediently executes the command during training in beautiful autumn park with yellowed foliage, blurred background.

White American bullies are rare, especially if they have no markings on them.


The color white often shows up in a smaller percentage of the coat with a more dominant color taking up most of the American bully’s body. Some of the popular combinations include brindle and white, red and white, black and white, blue and white, fawn and white, and even red and white. When white shows up on the chest and the legs, this is called an Irish marking. If white serves as the main coat color and there are a couple of colored patches on the pup, this is called a piebald coat. A completely white American bully is considered an albino. Albino American bullies are exceptionally rare, and their coats don’t have any markings on them. Though beautiful, these pups face health issues due to their albinism and require ongoing veterinary care.

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