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Abdulmumin is a pharmacist and a top-rated freelance writer on Upwork. He can pretty much write on anything that can be researched on the internet. However, he particularly enjoys writing on health, technology and animals. He is inquisitive and currently aspires to become a software engineer. He loves animals, especially horses and would love to have one someday.

The “Sphinx” And Other Dog Sleeping Positions Explained Picture

Like humans, dogs have different sleeping positions. Although most pet parents don’t pay enough attention to it, your dog’s sleeping position can tell you a lot about how they’re feeling at any particular time. The sphinx is one of the most well-known sleeping positions. However, dogs have several other positions that they might take. More […] Read More

Dog Paw Licking, and What It Means For Your Pet Picture

Why do dogs lick their paws? Have you ever wondered that? Every dog’s behavior or habit has a reason. If you’re a pet parent, this is one of the things you must know. Your pet’s behavior can give you insight into how they’re feeling and let you know if something is wrong with them. One […] Read More

Do Snakes Have Emotions? How Can You Tell? Picture

When you think of getting a cute, cuddly pet, a snake is probably not the first animal to cross your mind. That’s not their persona at all. Pet snakes have a reputation for being emotionless. However, even if snakes have emotions, they cannot be as affectionate as regular pets like dogs and cats could. This […] Read More

Dog Following You To The Bathroom? Here’s Why. Picture

One of the ways dogs show affection to their owners is by following them everywhere. Your dog may follow you from one room to the next and typically enjoy being in your presence. For them, it is part of the bonding experience and the intimacy they have with you. But for you, your dog following […] Read More

7 Best Ways To Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden Picture

To anyone that grows a garden, the rabbit is not the adorable soft bunny that everyone thinks it is. They are notorious pests that can do considerable damage to your plant. The rabbit’s destructive tendency is mainly due to their varied diet. These annoying fluffy pests can eat pretty much anything. In fact, their diet […] Read More

Why Are Dogs So Loyal? Are They The Most Loyal Pet? Picture

If your beloved pooch could speak, what question would you ask it? For me, a question that crosses my mind quite often is about the loyalty of dogs. Everyone knows that one of the most notable traits of dogs is their overwhelming loyalty. We call them man’s best friends for a reason. But I often […] Read More