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Abdulmumin is a pharmacist and a top-rated freelance writer on Upwork. He can pretty much write on anything that can be researched on the internet. However, he particularly enjoys writing on health, technology and animals. He is inquisitive and currently aspires to become a software engineer. He loves animals, especially horses and would love to have one someday.

4 Dumbest Fish Picture

Fish are some of the world's most unique and diverse aquatic species. Their uniqueness is demonstrated by the diversity of their habits, appearance, diet, and habitats. Fishes live on continental… Read More

By Abdulmumin Akinde 1 day ago

Great Victoria Desert Picture

Australia is the driest inhabited continent in the world. Its deserts cover 18% of the continent’s mainland, equaling 1,000,000 square miles. Because the continent receives little rainfall, about 35% of… Read More

By Abdulmumin Akinde 2 days ago

Karakum Desert Picture

The Karakum Desert is a sun-scorched desert that occupies roughly 3/4 of the territory of Turkmenistan, a country in Central Asia. This massive expense of dunes is one of the… Read More

By Abdulmumin Akinde 2 days ago

Taklamakan Desert Picture

The Taklamakan Desert is a great desert located in China's Xinjiang province. It is one of the largest sandy deserts in the world and the largest desert in China. It… Read More

By Abdulmumin Akinde 2 days ago

Smartest Reptiles Picture

When you think clever animals, birds and mammals will probably be top on your list. Most people don't consider reptiles to be very intelligent because lizards and snakes simply have… Read More

By Abdulmumin Akinde 1 week ago

Dumbest Mammals Picture

Mammals are top of the evolutionary ladder, meaning they're expected to be among the most advanced groups of animals on the planet. Indeed, the success of most mammals shows just… Read More

By Abdulmumin Akinde 1 week ago

The Kalahari Desert Picture

The Kalahari Desert is a massive expanse of semi-arid savannah land located in Southern Africa. Although it's considered one of Africa’s most popular deserts and the second-largest desert on the… Read More

By Abdulmumin Akinde 2 weeks ago

The Arabian Desert Picture

The Arabian Desert is the largest desert in Asia, covering a large portion of the Arabian Peninsula. With a vast reach of over 900,000 square miles, it is the third… Read More

By Abdulmumin Akinde 2 weeks ago

The Atacama Desert Picture

The Atacama Desert is a cold and arid plateau in Northern Chile. It is most notable as the driest non-polar desert on earth. The Atacama Desert stretches from Southern Peru… Read More

By Abdulmumin Akinde 3 weeks ago

Why Do Dogs Dig? Picture

Dogs are our closest companion animals. These unique creatures can follow instructions, show affection and communicate their needs. However, as close as they're to humans, there are still many things… Read More

By Abdulmumin Akinde 1 month ago