Becky Mathews
Author for A-Z Animals

5 Extinct Owls  Picture

Owls are mainly nocturnal birds of prey that hunt small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and other birds. They swallow their prey whole and regurgitate the feathers, fur, and bones as pellets.… Read More

By Becky Mathews 22 mins ago

10 Extinct Flowers  Picture

We often hear about extinct animals and the rare creatures on endangered lists, but did you know that plants are under threat and we have extinct flowers as well? A… Read More

By Becky Mathews 6 days ago

7 Extinct Fruits  Picture

Yes, some fruits are going extinct! It seems unlikely given the array we’re presented with in stores, but since monoculture became the dominant way to grow our food, extinct fruits… Read More

By Becky Mathews 2 weeks ago

8 Extinct Ocean Animals  Picture

Extinct ocean animals range from fish, crustacea, reptiles, mammals, and a whole host of others but what binds them together is the risk of extinction. From ocean dwellers that lived… Read More

By Becky Mathews 2 weeks ago