Rebecca Mathews
Author for A-Z Animals

Rebecca is a writer at A-Z Animals where her primary focus is on plants and geography. Rebecca has been writing and researching the environment for over 10 years and holds a Master’s Degree from Reading University in Archaeology, which she earned in 2005.

A resident of England’s south coast, Rebecca enjoys rehabilitating injured wildlife and visiting Greek islands to support the stray cat population.

How to Deadhead Roses Picture

Deadheading is the process of removing spent flowers to encourage fresh new blooms. Roses are iconic flowers that thrive when they’re deadheaded. Regular deadheading is an important care component of… Read More

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Where Do Ravens Nest? Picture

Beautiful, clever ravens are mysterious birds and a popular subject of mythology. In the West, ravens’ association with ill omens is widespread. For example, in Germany, they’re considered damned souls,… Read More

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