The 15 Best and Easiest Vegetables to Grow in Texas

Written by Katie Melynn Wood
Published: March 2, 2024
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Everything sure seems bigger in Texas, including some of the produce. With over 2 million square feet, Texas is second only to Alaska in size in the entire United States. This means plenty of space for large-scale and small-scale agriculture. If you want to find the best and easiest vegetables to grow in Texas, this list is sure to spark your interest. Try one of these surefire veggies if you want to make the most of your garden in the Lone Star State.


Tomatoes come in small to large varieties, perfect for any size garden.

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Easy to grow in small, large, or container gardens, tomatoes make an excellent addition to any home garden. They are also easy to grow and delicious in many recipes. You can opt for smaller varieties, like grape or cherry tomatoes, if you have a small container. Larger beefsteak tomatoes are great for garden plots or raised beds.


Broccoli benefits from soil with added nutrients.


Broccoli requires bright sunlight, which Texas gets plenty of in most areas. This vegetable likes cooler climates but still tolerates the Texas heat in most areas. They make nice companion plants for many herbs and beets. Planting companion crops together can help both plants thrive.


Beets like sandy soil with plenty of added nutrients to help them grow.

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Plant beets near the broccoli in your home garden to get the best results. They do well in partial shade, so you can plant them underneath taller veggies in the garden.


Carrots are fun to harvest because they grow underground and can be a mystery until it’s time to pull them up.

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Another partial shade-loving vegetable, carrots do need some great soil to grow well. They usually take between 60 and 80 days to grow and ripen when growing from seeds. If you plant carrots in the spring, you’ll enjoy their tasty crunch all summer long.


Garlic grows as a root underground.


Garlic is slow-growing but still does well in many home gardens in Texas. It grows well in container gardens with almost no special care. Just plant a couple of heads in the soil and they will grow on their own. You can set aside a head or two from each harvest to plant the following year.


There are countless varieties of lettuce in many different shades of green as well as other colors.

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Delicious in crispy, fresh salads, lettuce is a popular home garden crop. It grows quickly and you can harvest it multiple times throughout the season. It is also a good option for smaller gardens and containers because it doesn’t spread out like some other vine vegetables.


Curly and flat-leaf parsley are the two most common varieties.

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Popular as a garnish or to add flavor and nutrients, parsley is an easy plant to grow in your Texas garden. It doesn’t take up a lot of room and is a good companion plant with many other types of vegetables. You can plant multiple varieties to add some visual interest to your garden as well.


Peppers grow quickly in the garden and do well alongside many other plants.

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There are so many varieties of pepper that every gardener is sure to find something that works for their taste buds. From sweet peppers to spicy hot varieties, peppers are easy to grow in a sunny garden. Make sure to pay close attention to the heat level when selecting your plants, since you’ll want to be able to use the peppers that you grow. Tex-Mex food, a staple of Texas, uses pepper in many of its most popular dishes.

Green Beans

Pole beans grow on vines and can be trained to climb trellises, supports, or even other sturdy-stemmed plants.

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Green beans are popular in home gardens because of their high yield. They do well when provided a trellis or other support to grow on, which also makes the most of your garden space. Pole beans grow on vines while bush beans are more compact. Both are some of the easiest vegetables to grow in Texas because they pair so well with other veggies in the garden.


Rich purple is the most recognizable shade of eggplant but it also comes in light purple, white, yellow, or striped varieties.

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Eggplants come in a variety of sizes and shades but the most popular are the deep purple that add a pop of color to the garden and flavor to your plate. Many gardeners also like the white flowers of the plants.


Cabbages are popular in ornamental gardening as well as vegetable plots.


Another striking plant, cabbages can be used as ornamentals as well as crops in the home garden. They can do well in partial shade or sun.


Cauliflower can get large and need adequate space in the garden.


Cauliflower is having a heyday in cooking and gardening, making it a great option for the home garden. It needs plenty of sun, which is ideal for Texas gardens. It does require cooler temperatures, so it’s best for an earlier crop or in areas of Texas that don’t get sweltering summer heat.


Cucumber blossoms are bright yellow and the vegetable is green.

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Cucumbers do well alongside green beans, corn, and peas. They grow on trailing vines so be ready for these vegetables to spread out as they grow. You can train them to grow vertically by bringing in a trellis, which can make it easier to grow in a smaller garden. Otherwise, you’ll need a larger plot to let them grow well.

Sweet Corn

Growing corn requires more space than some other vegetables that are easy to grow.


There’s nothing quite like fresh sweet corn, which is why it is a great crop for home gardens. You’ll need a larger space, however, since sweet corn grows quite large and you need to plant multiple plants to ensure the best results.


Okra grows well in a variety of soil conditions.

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Okra likes warm weather, which is plentiful in most parts of Texas. This makes it one of the easiest vegetables to grow in Texas.

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