42 Clever and Perfect Ginger Cat Names

Orange tabby cat
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Written by Katie Melynn Wood

Published: January 5, 2024

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Getting ready to name a pet cat? You can use their coat coloring to find just the right moniker to express them. Even if you are naming a new kitten and don’t know their personality too well yet, there are plenty of names that take inspiration from their ginger or orange fur.

Classic Cat Names

Ginger: This classic name works for a boy or girl cat and gives off fun and spunky vibes.

Rusty: If your cat is a darker orange, Rusty is the perfect name.

Amber: For a sweet feline, this name is a wonderful option.

Lazy ginger cat sleeping on the table in the sunlight for a little nap

There are plenty of names for your orange cat, from classic options to gender-specific choices.

©Jérémy Stenuit/iStock via Getty Images

Sunshine: Your cat might be your ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, so give them a name that reflects the special place they hold in your heart.

Tiger: For the feline that slinks around, Tiger is a great moniker.

Goldfish: This name is even funnier if your cat is interested in any fish that you also have in your home.

Marmalade: A ginger and white cat looks just like orange marmalade.

ginger cat looking up

Orange kitties can have sleek coats or plenty of fluff.


Crookshanks: You can name your cat after the ginger cat in the Harry Potter books.

Copper: If your cat has a rich orange coat the color of copper, try giving them this cool metallic name.

Cheddar: For a bright orange or light orange kitty, Cheddar is a fantastic name.

Butterscotch: This sweet name is great for a cat with a rich orangeish-tan coat.

Cheetoh: For a bright orange cat, Cheetoh is just the right name. It also makes a great name for a cat with a fun personality who loves snacks.

Female Cat Names

Clementine: Name your kitty after these super sweet oranges.

Marigold: For a ginger cat that has yellow in their fur, Marigold is a nice name that makes them think of a delicate flower.

Poppy: Whether you want to name your cat after the flower or the troll princess, Poppy is a fantastic kitty name.

Peach: For a fuzzy ginger cat, try out Peach as a fun moniker.

Woman combs a dozing cat's fur.

Brush your cat routinely to keep their coat in the best shape.

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Sweet Potato: It’s just a coincidence that a loafing cat bears a striking resemblance to a potato, right?

Apricot: This name is great for a sweet cat who is on the smaller side, just like this stone fruit.

Mimosa: Give this bubbly name to a kitty with an effervescent personality.

Mango: If your kitty likes to bask in the tropical sun, Mango is a great name for her.

Paprika: For a cat with a darker ginger coat, Paprika is a spicy name.

Pedigree orange Somali cat photographed indoors in studio on black background.

Some ginger cats have darker orange fur while others are light or have white or cream patterns as well.


Ariel: Hopefully your cat doesn’t have quite the set of pipes on her that the main character in The Little Mermaid has.

Wilma: You can definitely Yaba-daba-doo this name for your cat.

Male Cat Names

Garfield: Does your cat love lasagna and napping? Then give them a name inspired by another orange kitty.

Garfield is a fantastic name for a ginger cat.


Pumpkin: This fall-inspired name is great for a cat that is a bit on the rounder side.

Fanta: For a bright orange kitty, naming them after the popular soft drink is perfect.

Butternut: The rich orange interior or skin of this squash might just match your kitty’s orange coat, making this a fantastic name for your pet.

Persian laying on the bed

You can use the rich color of your cat’s coat to find inspiration for their name.


Carrot: Another veggie name, Carrot is perfect for a ginger cat.

Chili: If your cat has hints of red in their orange fur, Chili is a good name option.

Flame: This name is great for a tough kitty.

Phoenix: Does your cat put their “nine lives” to the test? Maybe Phoenix is the name for them.

Four ginger flying cats isolated on a white background.

Do cats always land on their feet? Your kitty might put this idea to the test!


Lava: For cats who ooze around like a molten lava flow, try this hotter-than-hot name choice.

Pair Cat Names

Nacho and Cheese: If one cat is tan and the other is orange, what could be better than naming the pair after a popular snack?

Ginny and Ron: Red hair? You must be a Weasley! Name a boy-girl pair of cats (even better if they’re siblings!) after two of the best-known members of the ginger-haired Weasley clan. Fred and George also make a great name choice for two brothers.

two young ginger and brown cats fighting in the garden on the grass.

These cats sure fight and wrestle like siblings!

©Mariya Ilmaz/Shutterstock.com

Nemo and Marlin: Named after a father-son pair of orange clownfish, these names are great for orange and white-striped cats.

Candy and Corn: If you want something with some Halloween inspiration, look to this sweet set of names.

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