Coy Dog – Coyote Dog Mix: Everything You Need to Know About This Hybrid

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Written by Jennifer Gaeng

Updated: November 2, 2022

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The Coydog is a hybrid coyote dog mix, as the name implies

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Today, we know that wild canine species such as coyotes can reproduce with domestic dog species. With society’s increasing love for wolfdog hybrids, the coy dogs are no surprise. The coy dog, a hybrid coyote dog mix, has gained in popularity in recent years.

Given that the Coy dog is a cross between a domestic dog and a feral canine, it’s certainly interesting that the conversion has become so popular.

What Is A Coydog?

©Hunter Desportes / flickr – Original / License

Although there is still much to learn about the Coyote dog hybrid breed, there are key things to know if you are interested in this nuance pet. Keep reading to find out more!

Coydog Breed Highlights

NAMES: Coydog, Dogote, Coyote Dog Hybrid or Mix
HEIGHT:Height: 22-27 Inches
WEIGHT:Weight: 60-120 pounds
TRAITS:Personality: High maintenance, energetic, Smart, aloof, unsociable
BEST FOR:Experienced owner familiar with wild canines/hybrids that has plenty of land
LIFESPAN:5-15 Years
ISSUES:Hip/elbow dysplasia, dental disease, and arthritis

Important: No Breed Clubs Acknowledge The Coy dog Currently

The Controversial Coydog

Crossbreeding dogs has been going on for centuries, albeit it is controversial. Breeders and specialists used to crossbreed dogs to combine features of purebred canines, usually for work purposes. Many breed groups require years to establish and develop a predictable breed standard for a crossbreed dog. Nowadays, crossbreeding is not done solely for commercial reasons.

First through third-generation domestic dogs are routinely sold as purebreds, with varying health, personality, and physical characteristics. Early generation dogs have less predictable genetic traits than later generations.

Crossbreeding broadens the genetic pool for dogs, lessening the risk of inheriting certain illnesses. Crossbreeding also raises the likelihood that a dog would inherit health concerns from both parents.

The more generations in your hybrid dog, the more foreseeable its traits are. Now, consider a coyote dog mix. Coyotes are feral in nature and therefore naturally suspicious of humans. They are smart but not in the same way domestic dogs are, making them undesirable as a companion.

How Does Crossbreeding With Coyotes Work?

Domestic dogs and coyotes are unlikely to mate because of their social tendencies. Having a short breeding season means that coydogs are extremely uncommon. At this time of year, domestic dogs aren’t usually in heat for coyote mating.

So, then how does it work?

Most dogs have their pups throughout the winter, while coyotes mate between January and March and give birth around May or June. However, some dog breeds go into heat up to three times per year. Therefore, if a male coyote meets a female domestic dog that is in heat to mate with, it is genetically possible for them to procreate.

It is important to note that even though dogs and coyotes have been genetically confirmed to produce offspring, this does not necessarily mean that they should breed.

Can I Legally Own A Coydog?

Owning a coydog is permissible in certain locations. Coy dog breeders certainly exist, however, the procedure of breeding and selling these pups is questionable at best. Also, the laws must be addressed before getting a coyote dog mix breed.

Most states have exotic pet ownership rules. If you can own a wolfdog in your locality, you can probably own a Coy dog. However, although a coydog is legal to possess in your location, you must decide if it is right for you to get one.

Are Coydogs Safe?

The temperaments of coy dogs vary from owner to owner. There are reports of coydogs being terrific companions, others are reported to be more work than a small child and have been known to be destructive to people and property.

Unless you own a coydog from an older generation, it’s hard to tell how they will be. However, fear of people, hostility, a high hunting drive, and a self-driven mentality are more common in early generations of the coy dog hybrid.

Is a coyote dog mix safe for a typical family seeking a dog companion? Those knowledgeable enough would say no. First-generation coyote dog mixes may be an option if you’re looking for a challenge, don’t have any children or other pets, and your area allows them.

In Conclusion

Coydogs may be legal to own in some places, but don’t make a great pet

©Hunter Desportes / flickr – Original / License

Most experts agree that a coydog is not a good pet. They require a lot of time, dedication, money, and space. Coy dogs are also outlawed in some areas, so owning one may not be feasible in your area.

Before getting a Coy dog, be sure your lifestyle and home environment are suited to raising such a high-maintenance animal.

If you want a Coy dog but don’t want the work, there are lots of different domesticated canines with wild looks that have the same appeal minus the unpredictable temperament.

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