Discover 101 Foods That Start With L

Written by Asia Mayfield
Published: December 3, 2023
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From lobsters and langoustines to linguini and lasagna, foods that start with L dance across the palette. Focusing on this diverse group of flavors can dig you out of a recipe rut and inject creativity into your everyday meals. 

Here’s a list of foods that start with L. 

1. Lettuce 

Freckles lettuce in garden on a summer day

Lettuce works well in salads and sandwiches.

©Petra Richli/iStock via Getty Images

Think of lettuce as the perfect companion to any meat and most vegetables and fruit. It can be a crisp bed for a pile of veggies drizzled in dressing, the topping on a sandwich or burger — the culinary world is rife with possibilities.

2. Lima Bean

Fresh, large lima beans in a brown bowl.

Lima beans are good for your gut.


Whether you call it a lima bean, butter bean, or Madagascar bean, these legumes have a slightly buttery taste that subtly enhances soups and thick stews. Visually, confusing lima beans with edamame is easy, but the flavor isn’t quite identical.

Lima beans are worth eating because they are chock full of nutrients like manganese and fiber. Fiber is especially beneficial for your gut health.

3. Leeks

Fresh leeks (Allium porrum)

Leeks taste similar to onions.


You may already have leeks in your kitchen if you love to cook. Leeks look and taste like onion stems; however, leeks won’t make you cry when you chop them. The taste is milder and sweeter too. Feel free to eat your leeks raw, sprinkled on a salad. 

4. Lentils

Lentil growing in a field

Fresh green lentils look like peas.

©Leo Pakhomov/

Lentils are a staple food for many vegetarians. They’re full of protein and can even be squashed and shaped into patties for meatless burgers. Lentils also appear in many soup and salad recipes.

Dry lentils look like small, colorful pebbles. There are red, green, brown, yellow, orange, and black varieties. 

5.  Lipstick Pepper

cayenne pepper plant

Lipstick peppers are small and sweet.


Are you a home gardener in an area with freezing winters? You might love lipstick peppers. The small plants were bred to withstand cold weather and grow well in containers and small garden plots.

Anyone can enjoy the flavor. Lipstick peppers are extra juicy and sweet.

6. Lychee

Fresh ripe lychee fruit hang on the lychee tree in the garden

Beneath the red skin, lychee is juicy and white.

©Vietnam Stock Images/

Lychee is native to China, so it’s widespread in Asian cuisine. Flavored lychee teas, creams, jellies, and candies fill dessert shops. The fruit is so sweet that you can eat it raw as long as you peel its bumpy red skin first.

7.  Lemonade Berries

Macro closeup ripe sticky red fruits of Rhus integrifolia lemonade berry bush in natural environment

Lemonade berries taste sour like their namesake.

©Chad Zuber/

You may know lemonade berries as lemonade sumac. The name conjures images of sour yellow fruit, but the image is only half right. Lemonade berries have their name because of their sour taste. Before they’re harvested, they look like small red or green grapes because they cluster in bunches.    

An easy way to enjoy these berries is to plop a few into your glass of lemonade.

8. Lingonberries


Lingonberries are native to Sweden.

© Sinichkina

You can find lingonberries growing wild in forests and the Arctic tundra. When you want to see it on a menu, look at the syrups, pastries, and jellies — lingonberries’ flavor pairs wonderfully with desserts and sweeter meats.

9. Lemon

Harvesting fresh tasty lemons from potted citrus plant. Close-up of the females hands who harvest the indoor growing lemons with hand pruners. Ripe yellow lemon Volcameriana fruits and green leaves

Chefs use lemons in sweet and savory dishes.

©Ivan Semenovych/

Sour, mouth-puckering lemons are among the most versatile fruits in the produce aisle. The acidic tang brings forth tenderness and rich flavors in meats. Add a few lemon slices to your chicken before roasting, or squeeze some juice into your marinade. 

Or you can temper the sourness with sugar and whip up subtle and creative desserts. Even the lemon rind can be used, as it can be candied or grated for lemon zest. 

10. Lobster

Whole Maine Lobster Dinner at the Myrtle Beach South Carolina USA restaurant. Steamed seafood dinner

Lobster is now a luxury.

©Mila Vega/

Few foods have had a rags-to-riches story like lobster. The crustacean was once food for the poor, thought to be little more than an ocean roach. Opinions changed as more people experienced the incredible flavor. 

Now, lobsters are a delicacy served to the richest among us.

11. Lamb

Traditionally, many African cultures add lamb to stews.

©3dan3/iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

A Lamb is a sheep that’s no more than one year old. When the sheep ages, it turns into mutton. 

Lamb appears on dinner tables worldwide and is particularly common in Middle Eastern and African cuisines, where the meat is used for chops, gyros, stews, and kabobs.

12. Lard

Lard on dark rustic background

You can cook with lard instead of oil.


Have you ever fried an egg in bacon fat? Then you’re familiar with lard. Lard is solid white pig fat. When it’s rendered correctly, there’s no lingering flavor, and you can use it as a cooking oil for any dish. Savory recipes spring to mind first when you think about lard, but well-rendered lard also works well in pastry and cake dough.

13. Lasagne

Portion of succulent ground beef lasagne topped with melted cheese and garnished with fresh parsley served on a plate in a close up view for a menu

Delicious lasagne originated in Italy.


Lasagne usually refers to a cooked, cheesy dish, but the term also applies when simply talking about the noodles. Lasagna noodles are wide and flat with ridged edges. They make the perfect layer between sauce, meat, vegetables, and cheese.

14. Lo Mein 

Chinese food tasty chicken lo mein noodles at restaurant

Many people enjoy ordering lo mein for delivery or takeout.

©Ezume Images/

Lo mein is the ultimate takeout food. The thin noodles covered in soy sauce reheat well, so it’s alright if the meal travels to reach your plate. Lo mein originated in China over 2,000 years ago and has many variations. Don’t confuse it with chow mein, however — chow mein is fried. 

Additional Foods That Start With L 


  1. Laver
  2. Land Cress
  3. Lady’s Fingers
  4. Luffa
  5. Lacinato Kale
  6. Lion’s Mane Mushroom
  7. Lawyer’s Wig Mushroom
  8. Lebanese Cucumber
  9. Lupin Beans
  10.  Long Squash
  11. Lawyer’s Wig Mushroom
  12. Lagos Bologi
  13. Long Beans
  14. Lambsquarters
  15. Lotus Root
  16. Leaf Mustard
  17. Leaf beet
  18. Lemon Drop Pepper
  19. Lamb’s Lettuce


  1. Limequat
  2. Lady Apple
  3. Lilly pilly
  4. Lodi apples
  5. Lime
  6.  Long Island cheese pumpkin
  7. Loganberries
  8.  Lemon aspen
  9. Loquats
  10. Lemon Drop Melon
  11. Lemon Plum
  12. Langsat
  13. Lucuma
  14. Lakoocha
  15. Lantana Berries
  16. Langsat
  17. Li jujube
  18. Limau
  19. Lulo fruit
  20. Lemon Cucumber
  21. Loganberry
  22. Long Island Cheese Pumpkin
  23.  Last chance peaches

Meat and Seafood 

  1. Littleneck Clam
  2. Limpet
  3. Lamprey
  4. Langouste
  5. Lox
  6. lutefisk
  7. Lingcod
  8. Langoustine
  9. Liver
  10. Ladyfish
  11. Land Snails
  12. Llama
  13. Lionfish
  14. Loin 

Condiments, Spices, Aromatics

  1. Lavender 
  2. Lemon basil 
  3. Lemon grass 

Prepared and Processed Food 

  1. Lollipop
  2. Latte
  3. Liquor 
  4. Liqueur 
  5. Lemoncello
  6. Lumpia 
  7. Lefse
  8. Loaf 
  9. Latke
  10. Liverwurst
  11. Limburger
  12. Liederkranz
  13. Limeade
  14. Lemonade 
  15. Lemon meringue pie 
  16. Licorice 
  17. Lemon bar 
  18. Linzer cookie 
  19. Lemon curd 
  20. Ladyfingers 
  21. London broil 
  22. Lobster Thermador 
  23. Linguini 
  24. Lasagne 
  25. Lobster bisque
  26. Lentil chips
  27. Layer cake 
  28. Lo Mein

Summary of Foods That Start with L

2Lima bean
5Lipstick pepper
7Lemonade berries
14Lo mein

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