Discover the 5 Best Rivers for Whitewater Rafting in Washington

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Written by Kirstin Harrington

Published: September 7, 2023

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With a name like The Evergreen State, you know that Washington has no short of natural splendor. With towering mountains, an endless trove of trees, and plenty of water to keep you cool, Washington State is nothing short of magical.

One way to get your adrenaline going in the great outdoors is by taking a whitewater rafting excursion. There are several incredible rivers with both raging rapids and calming lulls to provide all nature lovers with a memorable experience. 

Take a look at the best rivers for whitewater rafting in Washington, along with the outfitters that provide everything you need for a day on the water! 

5 of the Best Rivers For Whitewater Rafting in Washington

1. Skagit River

Panoramic landscape of turquoise-colored Skagit River water and green forest toward Glacier Peak over the Concrete Sauk Valley Bridge in Concrete, Washington State

The Skagit River has incredibly blue water.

You can discover the Skagit River near the Ross Lake National Recreation Area. This river is a fantastic summer getaway and offers a lovely, family-friendly moderate whitewater experience.  

There are various outdoor activities available in the vicinity, such as winery tours, fields with blueberry picking, hiking, kayaking, and numerous breathtaking waterfalls. The North Cascades National Park’s granite summits can be seen in stunning detail from this whitewater rafting adventure.

The Class Two and three upper Skagit River segment is a fantastic place for both adults and children to learn how to navigate whitewater. On this ten-mile rafting trip, a moderate quantity of whitewater is heightened by the tremendous power of nature.  

This is an excellent family vacation because of the beautiful mountain environment and the large number of waterfowl. There are numerous options for swimming, and if the water levels are appropriate, there is even a large rock from which to jump. 

2. Methow River

Methow River near Winthrop, Washington.

The Methlow River is 80 miles long.

On the Methow River, great river trips are provided by Methow River Raft and Kayak. This is a terrific place for every individual, whether you’d like to participate in a peaceful, picturesque float or an exhilarating whitewater experience.  

The Methow starts out appearing to be very soft. In order to improve your paddling stroke in time to tackle the turbulent class IV sections that render this journey challenging each time, you’ll put in near the top of the class II segment.  

The Staircase and other thrilling rapids will be thrown at you in fast succession after you hit Black Canyon. Be prepared for massive waves and to get a little soaked There is no denying the suspense of this river. 

The Methow is renowned for its beautiful river rafting in Washington. This place never ceases to excite both novice and expert paddlers.

3. Tieton River

rafting on a mountain river

The Tieton River is a popular choice because of its location. Consider making a reservation in advance.

Consider a trip to the Tieton River for a rush of rafting in the Evergreen State. This is the place for you if you’re seeking for an activity in the Seattle region that’s family-friendly. Ordinarily, this spot is merely a creek, during the month of September Rimrock Dam unleashes water, turning it into a continuous stretch of Class III and higher rapids. 

These waters are wild enough to challenge any Washington whitewater rafter. Rafting fans from Wenatchee and Tacoma will adore challenging thrills like the Grasshopper. Less than three hours separate it from the two cities. 

The Tieton River has roller coaster surges and gorgeous desert weather towards the beginning of autumn.

4. White Salmon River

The White Salmon River pours out into three mouths.

Perhaps one of the best natural treasures in the Pacific Northwest is paddling the White Salmon River! The White Salmon River offers a number of the most exhilarating and athletic III to IV rapids in the region. The best part? It’s less than two hours from Vancouver and Portland. 

The enormous aquifers nearby and the glaciers of Mount Adams maintain the White Salmon churning throughout the summer long. The region’s most stunning, constrained, and densely forested canyons are traversed by the river. 

The White Salmon River offers some of the most thrilling half-day or full-day whitewater rafting adventures in the West. This is because the water is incredibly clear. The weather in this area is practically perfect and there are enormous, continuous rapids.

5. Wenatchee River

Wenatchee River in Fall, Washington State

The Wenatchee River is by far one of the most picturesque waterways in all of Washington.

From the beginning of the season, with the spring melt-off from nearby mountains, rafting on the Wenatchee is a dream! Here you can ride Class three and four rapids, as well as the largest waves and largest “wave trains” on the Wenatchee.

Outfitters have trips from the beginning of May through the start of July thanks to the high water levels. Without a doubt, this is your best option for an exciting start to whitewater rafting if you’ve never gone before. 

The Wenatchee River is close by in the Bavarian town of Leavenworth and features enjoyable, calm waves and cascades. According to outfitters, each raft typically holds eight paddlers with a guide at the back. 

Summary of the Best Rivers For Whitewater Rafting in Washington

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