Discover the Largest High School in Massachusetts (And Notable Alumni)

Written by Erin Whitten
Updated: October 25, 2023
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Massachusetts, known for its historical beginnings and academic powerhouses like Harvard and MIT, is also home to a larger-than-life-sized school: Brockton High School. Brockton High School currently enrolls over 4,300 students. Intrigued by Brockton and its giant high school? Continue reading to dive deeper into its campus and meet some of its most notable alumni.

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Continue reading to dive deeper into Brockton High’s campus and meet some of its most notable alumni.


Brockton High School at a Glance

NameBrockton High School
LocationBrockton, Massachusetts
CategoryPublic High School (9-12)
School ColorsRed and Black
Student/Teacher Ratio15/1
International Baccalaureate (IB)Yes
AP Capstone DiplomaNo
The Largest High School in Massachusetts
Claire D. Cronin, the current United States Ambassador to Ireland, is a graduate of Brockton High School.

Discover the Largest High School in Massachusetts: Brockton High School

Situated in Massachusetts, Brockton High School seamlessly blends its storied legacy with a comprehensive educational approach. With diverse programs and a commitment to holistic growth, it offers students more than just academic lessons; it prepares them for the broader challenges of life.

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Situated in Massachusetts, Brockton High blends its legacy with a comprehensive educational approach.

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Academic and Athletic Excellence

At Brockton High School, academic rigor meets athletic excellence. Not only is the institution hailed for its high academic standards, but it’s also the proud recipient of the title of ‘#1 Athletic Program in Massachusetts’ by Sports Illustrated. The 2013-2014 school year saw an astounding 40 varsity athletes clinching All-Scholastic honors. Their performance in the field and in classrooms mirrors why Brockton is known as the City of Champions.

Holistic Education

Brockton High isn’t just about academics and sports; it’s about crafting well-rounded individuals. Students here have a plethora of opportunities to delve into. Whether it’s the career and technical training, the International Baccalaureate Program, Driving and Bilingual Education, or the extensive array of visual and performing arts courses, there’s something for everyone. Brockton High also offers 23 Advanced Placement courses and dozens of clubs and activities.

Boxer Pride

This isn’t just a phrase; it’s an ethos deeply ingrained in every Brockton High student and faculty member. As the sole public school option in Brockton for those eyeing a Division 1 athletic program, Boxer Athletics stands tall and revered. Its repute isn’t just citywide; it’s lauded as one of the most esteemed athletic programs across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Art Education Matters!

At Brockton High, creativity isn’t just encouraged; it’s celebrated. The school boasts of nationally acclaimed band and choral programs. With a state-of-the-art television studio and a multitude of art studios, students have ample avenues to channel their creativity. At Brockton High, the belief is firm: nurturing creative expression is pivotal, and every medium is a gateway to endless possibilities.


Brockton High believes that creative expression is pivotal.


Vocational Education Program at Brockton High School

Depth and Rigor

Initially, there are four years of vocational education in the program. Additionally, the program is specifically designed to prepare students for employment or further academic pursuits once they have completed it. However, there is more to this program than just a cursory introduction; instead, it offers a comprehensive training program that thoughtfully combines vocational skills with academic courses, ultimately providing students with the well-rounded skills they need.

Flexibility with Vocational and Technical Courses

While the Vocational Education Program demands commitment, Brockton High also offers an array of Vocational and Technical Courses. Students can opt into these courses based on their interests, without a multi-year commitment. These are ideal for those looking to get a taste of various industries and pick up practical skills. One unique feature? Dual enrollment. Students enrolled in these courses can simultaneously earn college credits, potentially accruing up to 12 college credits between their junior and senior years. Many of these courses are in collaboration with local colleges, with some even hosted directly at Brockton High School.

Discover the Largest High School in Massachusetts: Notable Alumni

From the hallowed halls of Massachusetts‘ largest high school have emerged individuals who have made their mark in various fields, from politics and sports to arts and medicine. Here are some standout figures from this esteemed list.

Claire D. Cronin

Currently serving as the United States Ambassador to Ireland, Claire D. Cronin’s leadership and diplomatic acumen have solidified her as a respected figure on the global stage.

Marvin Hagler

The boxing ring has seen few as formidable as Marvin Hagler. As a middleweight boxing champion, his name is synonymous with determination, skill, and unmatched prowess.

Rocky Marciano

One of the few who remain undefeated in the world of boxing, heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano’s legacy is etched in history, not just for his victories but for the spirit he embodied. He dropped out of Brockton High School after finishing tenth grade.

Eric Rubin, MD, PhD

In the realm of medicine and research, Dr. Eric Rubin stands tall. As the editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, his contributions to the field and commitment to advancing knowledge are commendable.

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