Discover the Largest House in Connecticut and Just How Big 50,000 Square Feet Really Is 

Written by Kellianne Matthews
Published: February 20, 2024
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Nestled in the beautiful New England region of the United States, Connecticut is filled with rich history, charming towns, and a lovely coastline. The state is home to diverse architecture, from picturesque cottages to grand estates. But just how big is the largest house in Connecticut?

The Largest House in Connecticut

View of Talcott Mountain from Nod Brook Wildlife Area

The Chase Mansion sits atop Talcott Mountain, surrounded by a protected wildlife area.

©Mentzelia / Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons – License

Located in West Hartford, CT, the Chase Mansion is the largest house in Connecticut with an incredible 50,900 square feet. That’s around the same size as Bill Gates’ mansion in Washington or the White House in Washington D.C.! 

This massive Georgian Colonial-style home sits up on Talcott Mountain (Avon Mountain). However, only about 17,000 square feet are visible from Route 44. The Chase Mansion belongs to Arnold Chase, a businessman and philanthropist. He and his sister, Cheryl, are co-presidents of Chase Enterprises, which their father founded in 1952. 

What is Inside the Largest House in Connecticut?

The 50,900 square feet of the Chase Mansion comprises two basements, two floors above ground, an attic, and an observatory. The 13,063 square feet of living space in the lower level basement includes a kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, various storage and mechanical rooms, and a workshop. The 20,410 square feet of living space in the upper-level basement features a 100-seat home theater, a 4,700 square foot game room, a soda fountain room, and a music annex. 

To build the basement of the home, a lot of rock was excavated from the land. Rather than import more materials, however, Chase made sure to utilize the already existing rock into the home’s construction. The rock was also used to build other homes, buildings, and a nearby road. In addition, a computer keeps the basement spaces stable with a “below grade” ambient temperature, requiring little energy to keep it going. 

The first floor of the Chase Mansion consists of several formal reception rooms for fundraisers, with 8,951 square feet of living space. The second floor — with 7,462 square feet of living space — includes a home office, a master suite, and four bedroom suites. 

This enormous home certainly seems excessive, but Arnold Chase says that the space isn’t just for luxury. Much of the mansion’s space is used for storage, including a section for his impressive collection of vintage orchestrions. Rather than building extra sheds, garages, and storage spaces around the house, Chase included them in the basement, adding to the overall size of the mansion. In addition, he wanted to build a home large enough to accommodate more than 100 guests for his many charity fundraisers.

Other Massive Homes in Connecticut 

Orchard’s End – 25,000 Square Feet

Located in New Canaan, CT, Orchard’s End is less than half the size of the Chase Mansion, but it is still an incredibly large and expansive estate. Designed by William B. Tubby and built in 1929, Orchard’s End is around 25,000 square feet. In 2014, the estate’s owners added a 5,000-square-foot wellness center, pool, and four-bedroom guest house. 

Former Miller-Boyett Estate – 22,282 Square Feet

Constructed by Acheson Doyle Partners Architects in 2002, this enormous estate sits at 57 Mt. Tom Road in Salisbury, CT. Thomas Miller and Robert Boyett, the producers behind shows like “Happy Days” and “Full House”, originally owned the estate. The home is 22,282 square feet and includes nine bedrooms, 10 full bathrooms, and four half-bathrooms. There is also a movie viewing room, a library, and a chef’s kitchen. One of its most prominent rooms is the 39-foot-long formal dining room, which also has a three-story glass atrium ceiling. 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Holcy/iStock via Getty Images

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