Discover the Real Town Where ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Is Filmed: Best Time to Visit, Wildlife, and More!

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Updated: July 27, 2023
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Key Points

  • Sweet Magnolias is filmed in Covington, Georgia.
  • The show follows three best friends as they navigate family, career, and romance.
  • Spring is the ideal time to visit Covington, Georgia and explore its many attractions.
  • Visitors can enjoy horseback riding, visiting film sets, golfing, and exploring Chimney Park.
  • McDonough, Georgia is another filming location for Sweet Magnolias and offers attractions such as the Heritage Park Veterans Museum and Southern Belle Farm.

If you’re like the millions of people around the globe that have fallen in love with the 2020 Netflix show, ‘Sweet Magnolias’ then you might wonder where they film the series and if it’s a place you can visit and see for yourself. The good news is that you can visit the Georgia town where your favorite characters spend their time, and you’ll discover that there’s a lot to see and do while you’re there. Without further ado, let’s answer the questions of where ‘Sweet Magnolias’ is Filmed and discuss some other fun facts.

Where ‘Sweet Magnolias’ is Filmed

Although filming does expand to other places for some of the set pieces on the show (more on that later), the question of where ‘Sweet Magnolias’ is filmed is quite simple. The Netflix show ‘Sweet Magnolias’ is filmed in Covington, Georgia.

A Bit About ‘Sweet Magnolias’

If you haven’t seen the popular Netflix show, ‘Sweet Magnolias,’ add it to your binge list. It’s a wonderful drama series about three South Carolina women who have been best friends since childhood. Now, as adults, they continue to be friends and help each other get through the complexities of family, career, and romance.

The show plays out like a soap opera of sorts, where every episode has continuous drama that escalates over time. For instance, main character Maddie Townsend’s husband is cheating on her with a much younger woman, who is now pregnant. Even worse, she’s left with three kids who are hurt by their father’s betrayal. 

To help her out, her two best friends, Dana and Helen, decide that the three of them should also go into business together to create a new spa in their southern town. However, Dana and Helen are going through their own drama at their jobs. Although it won’t be easy, the three women need to work together to better their lives and find love and happiness.

During the show, the characters go to different locations, including offices, houses, stores, and high school. Most of these areas are filmed in Covington, Georgia.

If the town seems familiar when you watch the show then that’s probably because it has been the setting for many other movies and tv shows. Among them are:

  • The Vampire Diaries
  • My Cousin Vinny
  • Remember the Titans
  • Sweet Home Alabama
  • The Dukes of Hazzard (original series)
  • Selma
  • Halloween II (2009)

Visiting Covington, Georgia

Covington, Georgia square

The amazing sights that you can see in Georgia.

© Nurnberger

It’s no mystery why fans want to visit the town where ‘Sweet Magnolias’ is filmed to see some of the locations from the show. While that can be a lot of fun, you may be shocked to learn how much there is to do and see in this quaint small town of gorgeous architecture and polite people. Here are some travel tips and things to see when you visit Covington, Georgia.

Best Time to Visit Covington, Georgia

The gorgeous city of Covington, Georgia experiences all four seasons, so try to avoid visiting during the winter when there’s typically at least a 20% chance of snow. The Spring and summer is warmer, and there is some humidity, but it’s not so bad that it’s unbearable. As far as weather is concerned, Spring is the best time to visit. It’s then that the humidity and heat are still relatively moderate, typically reaching up to 88-degrees Fahrenheit. Rain is somewhat common during the Spring, but it typically only rains 4-6 days during the month, so you’ve got a good chance to avoid precipitation.

The pleasant weather during springtime isn’t a secret to tourists, which is why it’s one of the busiest times for visitors, so keep that in mind. Overall, the busiest month is June, followed by July and August. In addition to waiting in longer lines for some of the attractions, airfare and hotel stays may be more expensive during this three-month period. Don’t let this fact deter you, because if you reserve your hotel rooms far in advance, you can still usually get a good deal.

The slowest month for tourism in Covington is in November. While the temperatures may be colder and there’s that chance of snow, lodging and airfare prices will be moderate. No matter when you visit, you will be amazed at how beautiful this city is all year round.

Things to See and Do In Covington

In addition to seeing where ‘Sweet Magnolias’ is filmed, there’s a slew of other fun activities and sights that you can see in Covington, Georgia. There’s something for everyone in the family. Here’s just a small sample of what you can see and do:

Horseback Riding at Falconwood Farms

If you love horses and nature, then stop by Falconwood Farms, where there are over 80 rolling acres of pasture where you can ride and explore. The park is awesome for advanced riders, but youngsters can also learn a thing or two during the stay.

Visit Other Famous Film Sets

We mentioned that many movies and TV shows have been filmed in Covington, Georgia in the past, and if you want to see where the magic was made, then you can take an awesome trolley ride that visits over 40 film sets. In addition to seeing where ‘Sweet Magnolias’ is filmed, you’ll also see where Dukes of Hazzard and Vampire Diaries were also taped.

Golfing at The Oaks Golf Course

There are also plenty of opportunities to hit the links at the many amazing golf courses in the area, including a visit to The Oaks Golf Course. You can either play a leisurely 18-hole round game or get help from PGA golf professionals. 

Chimney Park

When the kids start getting restless, stop by Chimney Park. This is an expansive park that offers the usual fun activities, like swings, slides, and sandboxes, but it’s so much more. There’s tons of room to run and play, and the amount of fun your kids can have is only limited by their imagination.

Oxford Farmers’ Market

When you visit a new place, you must take the time to taste some of the local food favorites, and you can do that at the Oxford Farmers’ Market. While here, you can stop by the booths of numerous local farmers and vendors. They offer fun crafts, delicious food, toys for the kids, and so much more.

Fox Vineyards

Parents can cap off their stop in Covington by having a leisurely glass of their favorite wine at Fox Vineyards. It is a gorgeous location that provides the perfect backdrop to your beverage. The winery is also open for tours and you can book your own private tasting on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Wildlife in Covington

Covington, Georgia, is also home to many amazing animals. You may get the chance to see some of the amazing wildlife during your stay. 

For instance, you may see some of official animals of Georgia, including the brown thrasher (state bird), the bobwhite quail (game bird), largemouth bass (official fish), Eastern tiger swallowtail (state butterfly), white-tailed deer (official mammal), green tree frog (Official Amphibian), Gopher Tortoise (official reptile), and more!

Georgia is also home to the amazing American alligator. These awesome species can grow up to 14-feet long, and they are truly awe-inspiring when viewed from a safe distance. Don’t be too afraid because the alligators mostly eat turtles, fish, and birds.

Other unique animals to add to your bucket list are the:

Other Filming Locations of Sweet Magnolias

McDonough, Georgia on a map

Large and detailed map of Henry county in Georgia, including McDonough.


While Covington, Georgia is the main place where ‘Sweet Magnolias’ is filmed, there is one other location in this great state that you should check out if you want to get the full experience. That’s because ‘Sweet Magnolias’ is also filmed in McDonough, Georgia.

During any scenes in which the main characters are at the church or the Serenity High School, the film crew is actually in McDonough, Georgia to film the scenes. In reality, the fake Serenity High School is the real Henry County Middle School in McDonough.

Since it’s in close proximity, if you want to visit McDonough, Georgia, then you should still show up around the Spring season, when the weather is just right. Since it’s a smaller town than Covington, hotel prices may also be more affordable. You also have the option of staying in Covington and driving over to McDonough for a few hours.

Fun Things to do in McDonough, Georgia

There’s also a lot of small-town fun to be had in McDonough. Many people visit for these fun activities.

Heritage Park Veterans Museum

If you love history and the proud folks who have served our country’s military, then you should stop by the Heritage Park Veterans Museum. While here, you can take a tour of the heroes of the time and the tools they used to keep our country secure. It’s a 90-minute tour that everyone in the family will love.

Southern Belle Farm

Families that love to spend quality time together while picking the most delicious berries in the country should stop by Southern Belle Farm. While here, you can pick strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and also peaches. There’s also a ton of friendly animals to visit and pet, including chickens, ducks, goats, cows, and even horses. 

If you do decide to visit during the winter season, you can stay for christmas tree season. That’s when you can get your own tree in addition to buying a special wreath or holiday decoration.

Starlite Family Fun Center 

At the Starlite Family Fun Center, your kiddos can spend hours playing their favorite games and eating their favorite fast foods. There are arcade games, basketball skills tests, and more. Every time you win a game, you get tickets, and you can use those tickets to get awesome toys for the children. The claim to fame is a massive hardwood maple skating floor that’s suitable for everyone in the family. 

Visit the Great Restaurants

In between the awesome sights and attractions, you can stop by the many delicious eateries and restaurants in McDonough, and there’s something for everyone. If you enjoy southern cooking and BBQ, then stop by the famous Original Shane’s Rib Shack. You can eat great meat and finish it off with Shane’s famous peach cobbler.

If you’re more of a pizza fan, then stop by 15th Street Pizza & Pub. It’s a family-friendly restaurant where you can get a slice with all your favorite toppings. They also have calzones, subs, and more. 

Finally, there’s Gezzo’s West Coast Burritos. This place has some of the most delicious burritos and Mexican food that is both tasty and healthy. Choose from an amazing selection of 30 entrees, 12 toppings and 4 salsas.


So, now you know about the amazing locations where ‘Sweet Magnolias’ is filmed. The cities of Covington and McDonough are wonderful places where you can not only see where the show is shot but also enjoy the many other fun activities that they have to offer. If you’re in the area, consider stopping by. Keep an eye out for the third season of Sweet Magnolias, which will come out in 2023.

Where is Covington, Georgia Located on a Map?

Covington, located in Georgia and serving as the county seat of Newton County, is a city within the Atlanta metropolitan area, with a population of 14,113 according to the 2010 Census.

Here is Covington, Georgia on a map:

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