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Published: June 10, 2022

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Paradise is a city in Butte County, California. It is situated in the Sierra Nevada foothills, which indicates that it should have a pretty rich natural area, right?

Unfortunately, a major wildfire in 2018 destroyed most of the city and the surroundings, including Magalia, Canyon, Concow, and Butte Creek communities. This may point to the fact that there are few to no parks in the region, not to mention dog parks. We’ll prove that, even if, nowadays, Paradise is not as rich in dog parks as other cities in the United States, your furry companion will still have lots of fun in the area!

What happened after the 2018 wildfire?

If you live in Paradise or the surroundings, you might know the story, but if you’re just visiting, you might be wondering what happened.

After the wildfire, the residents didn’t give up and worked hard to transform the town into a better fire-adapted community. The Paradise Recreation and Parks District, together with the Nature Conservancy, developed a greenbelt defensible buffer zone that would eventually protect the city center from wildfires. 

This project is not finished yet. People are doing their best to reconstruct and preserve their homes. The parks and natural areas are also of utmost importance to the residents, as these are the places where they can take a break, enjoy an evening outdoors, and have some fun with their pets.

Are there any dog parks in Paradise?

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The only recreational area that features a dog park in Paradise is Moore Road Park.


Despite the 2018 wildfire, Paradise is rich in serene and beautiful natural places. There are various natural recreational areas in and outside the city. However, the only one that features a dog park is Moore Road Park. 

Moore Road Dog Park is also called Lezlie Morrow Memorial Dog Park. It is located in Upper Paradise. The multiple recreational facilities at Moore Road Park make it one of the most popular destinations in the area.

Moore Road Dog Park

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Moore Road Dog Park is also called Lezlie Morrow Memorial Dog Park.


Moore Road Dog Park
Location6705 Moore Rd, Paradise, CA 95969
Hours7 AM – 9 PM

If you spend your day off with your furry companion at Moore Road Dog Park, we’re sure you’ll both return home happy with your choice! 

Your dog can run and exercise off-leash in the park. If your pet is still a puppy or a small, shy pup not accustomed to socializing with other dogs, it can have fun in the small dog area. There are two separate fenced dog areas. One important thing to consider is that both sites are mostly covered in dirt. If you visit after rainfall, you might want to bring some “tools” to clean your pup up afterward. 

The fact that tall pine trees surround the park is both a plus and a minus. The plus: Moore Road Dog Park instantly becomes the best place to cool off during a hot afternoon. The minus: the park may be full of pine needles that can stick to your dog’s fur. However, removing them should not be too difficult unless your pup’s fur is extremely long. 

Moore Road Dog Park rules

You don’t need to bring water or waste bags because you’ll find these on-site. Since the residents of Paradise have worked so hard to keep their town alive, we strongly advise paying great attention to maintaining the park clean. 

If you have more than two dogs, consider inviting another adult with you since the park only allows two dogs per person. 

People state that this dog park’s community is friendly and sociable, so if your dog becomes aggressive, you may be asked to remove it from the area.

Parking is available nearby, so even if the park gets crowded, you should still be able to find a parking spot. And then, all that’s left is for you and your dog to enjoy an amazing evening outdoors! To make it even more pleasant, don’t forget to bring some of your pup’s favorite toys and treats.

Moore Road Park amenities

If you’re planning to invite some family members or friends, they’ll undoubtedly enjoy the park’s amenities. These include two ballparks, a riding arena, and a playground area. Even more, you can rent a whole ballpark for your private use! Check the conditions with the park administration, and you’ll all be set for a fun day!

5 other recreational areas in Paradise

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Paradise features other recreational areas like Terry Ashe Recreation Center, Aquatic Park, Billie Park, Coutolenc Park, and Crain Memorial Park.


Even though there’s only one designated dog park in Paradise, there are several other recreational places that might be dog friendly. To avoid any inconveniences and to be able to enjoy your time with your dog as planned, we recommend checking the administrative details beforehand. 

Here are five other recreational areas in Paradise:

  1. Terry Ashe Recreation Center – this center hosts most of the social meetings and events in the city, including the Chocolate Festival and the Gold Nugget Craft Faire; it features a basketball court, a pre-school, a playground, BBQ amenities, and other indoor facilities.
  2. Aquatic Park – it is located in Lower Paradise and has a public swimming pool, a duck pond, a nature trail, picnic tables, an outdoor arbor, and a group site with a capacity of 150 people. 
  3. Billie Park – the park includes a group area, nature trails, a playground, picnic tables, and benches; Billie Park Expansion has a pavilion that can host 120 people.
  4. Coutolenc Park – this park measures 340 acres and is an excellent destination for any nature or hiking enthusiast; it features an archery range with 43 targets.
  5. Crain Memorial Park – it is located near Concow Lake and is equipped with picnic tables, drinking fountains, and a playground.

Even though there’s no official information regarding how dog-friendly these parks are, we highly recommend checking this by phone or in person. You never know – they may allow you to take your dog with you on a leash. Even if it isn’t able to run around freely, your pup will appreciate an evening in your company, taking full advantage of your attention!

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