Don’t Miss the Most Adorable Baby Alligator In the World

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: December 27, 2023

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alligator eggs

When we see fierce predators in the wild, such as lions, sharks, crocodiles, alligators, leopards, and hyenas, it’s easy to fear what they are. After all, predators like these are some of the fastest, strongest, and scariest hunters alive. 

However, like every human and animal, we all have a beginning. And once upon a time, each of these vicious predators was once an adorable cub, hatchling, or baby. Don’t miss this adorable baby alligator in the video above. 

Baby Alligator Cuteness Overload

This YouTube video clip at the top of this article shares footage of the most adorable baby alligator in the world. The Brian Barczyk YouTube page filmed and shared this educational video with over five million subscribers on his platform. Brian is dedicated to educating people about who animals are at their core. And not just what we see on television. 

As the video starts, we see Brian holding the egg of this alligator that is still slowly emerging from the shell. As the video zooms out, we see two small bins filled with eggs where some small alligators have already come out, and some are still in incubation. In the wild, the mother remains with her eggs for about 65 days before they hatch and take them to the water. 

We notice the soft coos this alligator is making in Brian’s hand. According to the Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries, “It begins to chirp even before it has emerged from the egg. Soon, the whole clutch is chirping to signal to the mother alligator that it’s time to leave the nest.” 

Brian shares that this little alligator will be sent to another location after a few months. It needs time to gather its strength and go before it will be rehomed. 

What Other Sounds Do Baby Alligators Make?

newborn baby alligator

Raccoons eat baby alligator eggs.


Sounds are a way that animals communicate with each other, just as we as humans use our words. When our babies are first born, we can tell by their cries if they are hungry, need to be fed, or are in pain. Well, this is how baby alligators communicate as well. The soft coos or chirps heard above tell their mother they are ready to emerge. And the second sound is more of a harsh grunt. 

The Texas Parks and Wildlife states, “Baby alligators grunt when separated from the female,

when hungry, when the temperature changes, or when they are afraid.” 

In the wild, whether they are a 250-pound baby elephant or a two-ounce alligator hatchling, they have so much to fear about the wild. They don’t know how to survive independently, let alone look out for predators hoping to prey on them. And this is why we will see mothers extremely protective over their young.  

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