Dreaming of Bats: Discover the Spiritual Meaning and Interpretation


Written by Aaron Webber

Updated: November 14, 2023

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Dreaming of bats is often associated with overwhelming feelings, positive life changes, and the natural order of things. It can also mean rebirth and new beginnings.

Did you just wake up from a terrifying dream about bats?

You’re not alone. These types of dreams are seldom associated with positive events or symbolism. You might be anxious after a particularly vivid bat dream, especially if you have several over a period of days. That’s why we made this guide on the spiritual meaning and interpretation of bat dreams.

First things first. The meaning of your dreams is not set in stone. While the symbols and objects in your dreams might have generic interpretations, you can find anywhere online, the deeper meaning of those symbols is heavily influenced by your personal background, history, beliefs, and your relationship with the people and culture that surround you. Two people can have the exact same dream with wildly different interpretations due to their backgrounds and personal beliefs.

These beliefs even extend to the conception of consciousness and the role of your mind and/or spirit in your life. Dream interpretation is not simple, so we give you the tools you need to begin to find the deeper meaning of your nightly revelations.

General Symbolism of Bat Dreams

Peters dwarf epauletted fruit bat hanging in fruit tree

Contrary to popular Western assumptions, bats are usually associated with rebirth and new beginnings.

©Dave Montreuil/Shutterstock.com

As with dreams about any other animal, the traits and behaviors of the bat are a good starting place to find meaning in your dreams. As always, keep in mind that no dream is inherently good or bad. You must rely on your interpretation to determine what your subconscious or your spirit is trying to tell you or process during the night.

In Western society, bats are often associated with uncleanness, fear, ghosts, witches, annoyances, and demons. These associations are superficial. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t important. If your subconscious is deeply troubled by something associated with fear, uncleanness, or the occult, it might find meaningful symbolism in the bat to alert you to what it perceives as a dangerous or scary situation.

However, the more accurate symbolism of bats has far more ancient roots. In dreams and spirituality, bats represent rebirth, potential, awakening, and feminine energy.

Other associations with the bat and bat dreams include: the moon and moonlight, Earth, caves, feminine energy and personifications, death, rebirth, and darkness and shadow. The association with vampires is a relatively new development in Western society. Anything to do with vampires is probably not a strong interpretation of your dreams.

Because bats often spend their days in caves, their connection to Mother Earth, or Gaia, is powerful. Ancient people noticed this connection and viewed bats as a messenger or representative of the Earth. This is particularly true in dreams. If you have a dream about bats, even if a cave is not present, consider the Earth as an important part of your interpretation. This interpretation can mean a calling to connect more with the Earth or to end habits and practices that actively hurt Her.

Bat Dream Interpretations as a Response

Big Brown Bat

Seeing a bat in your dreams can be a welcome invitation to make positive changes in your life.

©Jay Ondreicka/Shutterstock.com

If something happened in your life to make you feel uncertain about the future or you are about to start a new phase of your life, you might dream about a bat.

A bat dream can come as a confirmation that things are changing in your life. Even if you don’t want them to. Your dreams might be telling you that it is time to let go of the past and embrace your new rebirth.

Are you ignoring or repressing your feminine side? A dream about bats can be an invitation to make a change in your life.

You might be feeling overwhelmed by the people or environment that surround you. If this is the case, then a dream about bats could be a very strong invitation that you need to remove yourself from these influences and take some time for yourself. The tendency of bats to find refuge in caves was common knowledge in the past as it is today. Following a bat into their cave is a cordial invitation to work on yourself in seclusion for a time.

Interpretations Based on Your Reaction to The Bat

Mexican Free-tailed bats emerging from a cave in central Texas.

Pay attention to your reaction to the bats in your dreams. It is common to feel overwhelmed yet excited.

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The symbolism of bats can change depending on your behavior within the dream. Are you scared in your dream, or at peace? Were you happy or sad? As with all dreams, the observer and the object are not separate, but part of the whole message of the dream. Don’t remove yourself as a part of the dream when reviewing it in the morning.

If you are uneasy or anxious in your dream, and a bat is present, it could be a sign that you are suppressing your uncertainty about a future event, or a person you recently met. Maybe you received mixed signals during a recent romantic encounter? Perhaps you are nervous about an upcoming decision you need to make.

Regardless of the spiritual or deeper meaning of the bat, if you have a deep fear or phobia of bats, then your subconscious can manifest a bat in your dream to communicate fear about a situation or object in your dream. This can be true even if you don’t consciously fear that person, place, or object in real life.

If you are happy or peaceful in your dream, it could be a sign that you are in the midst of change, or emerging into more feminine energy. Maybe you are finding peace with the death of a loved one.

A feeling of being guided or instructed can be a common feeling in bat dreams. If you feel this way, the bat can be telling you that you need to make a change to be born into a better version of yourself. This can include grounding yourself, spiritual work, or breaking bad habits.

Interpretations Based on The Bat’s Behavior

Group of Bats

Dreams about bats guiding the dreamer to a particular place are very common.

©Sarun T/Shutterstock.com

Similar to your reaction to the dream, the bat’s behavior is just as important.

Are you being attacked by multiple bats or is there just one watching you? Being attacked by bats can indicate that you are living your life out of balance with the Earth. Or, it can mean that your uncertainty or indecisiveness is harming your life or relationships and you need to make a decision.

If you have a recurring bat dream, but the bat is stoic or reassuring, this can be a message that your inner work (like meditation or spiritual work) is working. If you are not actively doing this work, it can be an invitation to start.

Interpretations as Predictions

Animals That Use Sonar-bat

Typically, it doesn’t matter what bat you dream of. Most interpretations will be the same.


If you believe that dreams have the ability to predict the future or warn against future events, a bat dream can be reassuring or unnerving.

If you are comfortable and satisfied with your life, a dream about bats can presage a death (either of a loved one or of something you care about). Additionally, it can mean that something will happen that will shake your certainty in your life and relationships.

On the other hand, if life has been difficult or you feel lost, a bat dream can be a welcome sign. It means that good changes are coming that will rebirth you into a better life. In your dream, if you follow a bat into their cave, you can interpret this as a sign that you will soon find a new community or home in which you will feel safe and welcome.

Spiritual Interpretations of Bat Dreams

Animal migration - fruit bat

A typical bat appearance in your dreams might look like this.


The Native Americans of North America recognized that bats were extremely social animals. They knew bats had strong family bonds and associated these animals with resilience, diligence, and wisdom. They recognized the sign of the bat as a time of new beginnings, regrowth, and regeneration.

In Aztec spirituality, bats are the incarnation of death, destruction, and decay. However, this is not a negative association, as we might assume. Death and decay are a part of life, so bats symbolize the continuation of life in its natural order.

In Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, the bat has almost exclusively negative attributes. In Islam, a bat means you are hiding from others because you did something evil, or something sneaky of which you are ashamed. Judaism and Christianity traditions say bats are associated with unclean things, dark places, and desolate lands. In ancient Hebrew and Christian scripture, they are always mentioned in connection with darkness, death, and filthiness.

Your relationship to your spiritual beliefs, or past religious practices, will influence the meaning of the bat in your dream. Your mind will use the tools available to communicate to you. This includes tools you might not believe in anymore.

If you have had recurring dreams about bats, you might be looking forward to positive changes. Even if those changes are difficult. Continue to work on yourself. Face the future with confidence and your bat dreams can become a happy memory of the start of something wonderful!

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