Dreaming of Lizards: Discover the Spiritual Meaning and Interpretation

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: November 14, 2023
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Dreaming of Lizards are often signs of growth, grounding, a need to express yourself, and letting go.

Some are bright and multi-colored while others are earth-colored, which allows them to camouflage in the wild. They move quickly and have developed mind-boggling adaptations. They represent resilience in the face of change. Have you been dreaming of lizards? Discover the spiritual meaning and interpretation of your dreams!

Lizard Symbolism

There are multiple aspects of lizards that point to growth. For example, lizards shed their skin as they grow, clearing their bodies of parasites as they do. This points to growth in your own life, be it emotional and intellectual or related to your physical body. You leave a past version of yourself behind as you evolve.

Another aspect of the lizard is its ability to self-amputate. Although this sounds gruesome, this is a natural adaptation of the lizard, which engages in this behavior when defending itself. It allows a lizard to escape danger and live another day. Although it leaves behind a piece of itself (its tail), the lizard grows a new one back in its place!

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Uromastyx ornata

A spiny-tailed lizard uses its tail for defense but it will also drop it if necessary to get away!


These unique adaptations and striving for survival point to the human ability to let what isn’t necessary go. The lizard reminds you that you’re adaptable, that you can release what appears to be a pivotal part of who you are and emerge even stronger than before.

Type of Lizard

The type of lizard that appears to you has its own significance. For example, if a brown lizard appears unexpectedly on your path (whether on a trail or in a dream), it’s a message of grounding. You may be feeling like you’re flailing like a kite and the brown lizard arrives to remind you of your need to anchor yourself back into the earth.

Green lizards have a similar association with the earth, but the color also serves as a message that your recent decisions have been positive. It appears like a green flag, letting you know that good things are underway, and you’ve made the best choices for this next phase of your life. Or, if you’ve been on the fence about an important decision, a green lizard arrives to give you the go-ahead.  

You might also spot a red lizard. In this case, it’s not exactly a stop sign. But it is a sign that you need to pause and ask yourself about your next steps. Are you making a safe, monotonous choice or are you aligning your decisions with your purpose? Follow the path that ignites your soul.

Blue lizards are associated with the throat chakra, which is the chakra that governs expression. Kim Somers Egelsee, Author, Speaker, Life Coach, and Intuitive, told A-Z-Animals, “The throat chakra represents self-expression, creativity, speaking up for yourself, speaking your truth, and feeling the freedom of speech. Our throat chakra can become blocked at times.

For example, when you get into an argument and hold back in communication; when you repress truth; or when you feel as if your creative project is being shamed or criticized. The color blue can activate the opening of your throat chakra.

Wearing blue, eating blueberries, or even staring at blue lights can open up the throat chakra.” In the case of dreaming with lizards, a blue lizard arrives to remind you that it’s time to speak up.

Dreaming of Lizards

Since lizards represent adaptability, change, and letting go, a lizard dream may bring up your inner fears about change. It can be challenging to accept the unknown with open arms. A bit of anxiety about upcoming or current changes may show up in your dreams in the form of a lizard. Pay attention to how the lizard appears in your dream to determine what the symbolism is.

The Carolina anole (Anolis carolinensis) is an arboreal anole lizard native to the southeastern United States (west to Texas) and introduced elsewhere.

The way a lizard shows up in your dream along with its color determines its specific symbolic meaning.


If you see that the lizard is attempting to flee or hide, you may be exhibiting those same behaviors yourself. It’s okay to be afraid to face change, but it’s necessary for you to develop the courage and forge ahead. You may have trouble adapting to change, which means you have some work to do. Being that change is an inevitable part of life, learning to move with and make the most of change is your best option.

Common Types of Lizard Dreams

There are a few lizard dreams that are quite common. For example, if a lizard is crawling on you, it’s there to represent the inevitable. It’s reminding you that it’s time to face whatever you’ve been avoiding. It appears to show you that adaptability is an inherent part of your life as a human being and that all will be okay as you face the unknown.

If you have a dream in which you have caught a lizard, this points to your need to reel in your emotions. The fact that you are able to capture a lizard, which runs fast and erratically, means you’re capable of handling the situation that has your emotions scattered. Take a deep breath, reel it all in, and move forward with purpose.

The Biblical Meaning of Lizards in a Dream

Biblically, lizards point to fear, change, and transformation. If you’ve been absent-minded and moving forward without checking in with yourself, the lizard reminds you of your importance. Check in. Acknowledge the fear you feel. Align your choices with your purpose and your values. Then, take that leap of faith! As the saying goes: the net will appear.

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