11 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Termites Naturally

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: November 12, 2023
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Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you already think you have termites. These little pests can ruin furniture and severely damage the foundations and the structure of your home. While some homeowners opt for harsh chemicals to remove them, we have found the best natural ways to get rid of termites. 

These are great remedies for people with kids, or pets, or who just want to avoid harmful chemicals in their homes. Let’s take a look at what you can do to kick termites to the curb before their colonies overrule your house. 

1. Take Advantage of Natural Sunlight 

sunlight​ very​ hot​. summer​ season

The warmer the weather is outdoors, the more quickly the sunshine will kill termites.

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Have you noticed termites gnawing at your furniture? If you can, bring the furniture outside when it’s sunny and warm. You’ll want to do this on a day when you can keep the piece outdoors for at least three days. 

Bring the piece of furniture outside in the morning for it to receive at least eight hours of sunlight. Termites like to live in dark, moist regions. Sunlight not only dries out any moisture in the furniture, it can kill the termites inside the wood. 

2. Use a Chest Freezer

Deep freezer

Make sure your deep freezer is emptied completely before adding in furniture.

©Supersmario/iStock via Getty Images

Termites can’t survive in extremely cold temperatures. If you have access to a chest freezer, you can get rid of termites naturally in small pieces of furniture. Be sure to wrap the furniture in plastic before putting it in the freezer. 

The plastic protects the wood from potential water stains. You will need to keep it fully inside the freezer for a minimum of two weeks. When it comes time to take it out, leave the plastic wrap on for 24 hours before unwrapping it. 

3. Apply Aloe to Wood 

Three green , long, slender aloe vera leaves are visible in the right 1/2 of the frame. The leaves are being propped up by slices on Aloe Vera. The Aloe Vera slices are rimmed with bright green. Their centers are slightly opaque clear gel. The left 1/2 of the frame is empty, devoid of anything beyond the white isolate background of the photo.

You can use aloe from the plant or bottled aloe from the supermarket.


An affordable way to get rid of termites naturally is by using aloe vera gel! Termites aren’t physically able to cross aloe because of how thick it is! Because this gel dries out eventually, you’ll need to apply it regularly. 

The termites will become stuck and eventually die off. Simply take a warm wet towel and wipe it over the gel to remove it. 

4. Mix Oil and Vinegar 

Glass bottle olive oil

Oil and vinegar make it hard for termites to move and they’ll avoid the smell.

©daphnusia/iStock via Getty Images

Very few animals, and people for that matter, enjoy the smell of vinegar. Termites dislike it to the point that they’ll avoid it completely. Grab an empty spray bottle and mix four parts olive oil to one part white vinegar.

Shake the mixture up and start spraying on any damaged furniture, baseboards, or wherever you find termites. Continue to shake the mixture once in a while and apply liberally. Reapply the concoction each day until the termites are gone completely. 

5. Salt Water 

Three wooden scoops showing different forms of sugar

The more salt you can use for this method, the better.

©MamaMiaPL/iStock via Getty Images

Another natural way to get rid of termites is by causing them to become so dehydrated that they die. Combining a lot of salt and warm water in a small jaw will get the job done! Take a syringe and fill it with salt water. 

Apply this mixture to all entry points where you believe termites are coming from. You can continue doing this to prevent any future infestations as well. While this may not help with a major infestation, it can surely take care of smaller populations of termites. 

6. Use Natural Insecticides

Does Boric Acid Kill Cockroaches - Boric Acid

Boric acid can kill a wide variety of household pests.


Boric acid prevents termites, regardless of quantity consumed, from obtaining nutrition from anything they consume when they taste and absorb it. This acid can be sprinkled straight onto wood areas of your home. 

You can also dilute it with water in a spray bottle. We suggest wearing gloves and eye protection anytime you use this natural insecticide. If you’ve been looking for a way to get rid of termites naturally outdoors, boric acid is a must!

You can also keep a spray bottle mixture on hand for future use. Simply shake the contents up until the boric acid is dissolved and start spraying! It typically takes a week for this method to work. 

7. Neem Oil

neem oil

Neem oil can also be used on burns.


People in India have been using neem oil for hundreds of years to get rid of termites naturally. 

This oil breaks the cycle of the insect reproductive system. As a result, the oil changes the termites’ hormonal balance and makes them forget about feeding and reproducing.

In the end, this stops termites from producing eggs and from procreating at all. In addition, termites are repulsed from the places you place neem oil. To make your own combination, start with some raw or unrefined neem oil. 

After you have it, you must combine the oil with a mild liquid soap. Mix dish soap and water together, then add the neem oil last. After preparing this mixture, use it right away as the components start to lose their quality after approximately eight hours.  

If you are pregnant, please avoid using this method entirely. 

8. Diatomaceous Earth for Ultimate Dehydration 

Termites are pests that destroy wooden materials by gnawing at them and causing the entire house to collapse.

Pinholes in your walls are a sign that you have termites in your walls.


If you don’t have pets around your house, diatomaceous earth is a great product that kills all sorts of household pests. This powder is made of organic materials and includes the fossilized remains of microscopic aquatic animals known as diatoms.

You can find diatomaceous earth at just about any hardware store. You can sprinkle it into any cracks or crevices that termites have created on wood surfaces or furniture. As the termites start to consume it, they will eventually die from dehydration. 

9. Create a Trap with Cardboard

Packing, Box - Container, Equipment, Adhesive Tape, Mover

Take an old box and reuse it as a termite trap.

©iStock.com/Andrey Deryabin

One of the most straightforward ways to get rid of termites naturally is by using cardboard traps. This method works best by getting the cardboard damp first, as termites prefer moist areas. 

Stack a few pieces of wet cardboard on top of each other and place them around your home where you know termites are inhabiting. Every day check the traps to see if there are termites. Once there are, take the cardboard outside and burn it. 

You may have to do this method several times until all of the termites are eliminated. 

10. Roundworms to the Rescue

Toxocara canis (roundworm infection) second stage larvae hatch from eggs

Avoid using roundworms if you have pets.


If you’re looking for a way to get rid of termites naturally, consider using roundworms. Also known as Nematodes, these microscopic creatures are so small that you can’t see them! This doesn’t stop them from attacking and killing termites and other household pests. 

They use a lethal injection of germs that paralyze their target before eating them. Roundworms won’t harm the wood in your home. They’re also harmless to people and pets. In a strange turn of events, the roundworms die after eating the termites. 

You can buy nematodes at a variety of online retailers. Simply put them into a big container of water and mix them into a solution. Take a spray bottle and squirt the mixture anywhere there are termites. 

The water and nematodes will sink into the wood and get to work immediately. It’s advised to repeat this method at least once per day. 

11. Orange Oil

Orange fruit with green leaves on the white wood. Home gardening. Mandarine oranges. Tangerine oranges. Orange color. Fresh orange juice.

This method will make your home smell refreshing, all while killing termites!


D-limonene, an ingredient in orange oil made from orange peels, is non-toxic to people and animals yet can destroy termites. If you’re at the beginning of an infestation, orange oil is a great way to get rid of termites naturally. 

Make holes and pour oil into mud tubes or damaged areas to get rid of termites. For this to work properly, you might need to do this more than once and in several places. Although using this natural method to get rid of an infestation is a terrific idea if it exists above ground, you will probably need to use other methods if it is below ground.

Summary of How to Naturally Get Rid of Termites

1. Use sunlight to “bake” termites.
2. Freeze furniture to kill termites. 
3. Use aloe gel on wood to trap termites.
4. Oil and vinegar will scare and kill off termites. 
5. This can drive out small infestations. 
6. Boric acid acts as a natural insecticide
7. Neem oil and dish soap mixed can eliminate termites
8. Diatomaceous earth dehydrates all insects 
9.Use cardboard to make a crafty trap.
10.Roundworms will kill termites.
11.Citrus smells drive out termites 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Oasishifi/Shutterstock.com

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