Explore the Best 200+ Flower Dog Names

St. Valentine's Day concept. Funny portrait cute puppy dog border collie holding red rose flower in mouth isolated on white background. Lovely dog in love on valentines day gives gift
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Written by Kellianne Matthews

Published: December 19, 2023

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From delicate bluebells to vibrant poppies and wild thorns, the world of flowers offers an endless supply of enchanting dog names. Not only are flower names beautiful and unique, but each holds its own hidden meaning, providing a glimpse into the personality of your favorite furry friend. Let’s dive into the vibrant world of flower dog names and find the perfect one for your beautiful pup!

Cute Flower Dog Names

A closeup of a cavapoo puppy sitting in the grass with beautiful flowers and looking into the camera

Each type of flower has its own symbolic meaning.

©Wirestock Creators/Shutterstock.com

  • Tansy: Meaning “immortality”, Tansy is a flower in the aster family”. 
  • Pansy: Inspired by the tiny colorful blossoms, this name comes from Old French and means “thought”. 
  • Maya: This Spanish word means “daisy”. 
  • Petunia: This name comes from the colorful, trumpet-shaped flowers. 
  • Bluebell: This charming name evokes images of delicate blue flowers.
  • Tulip: This cute name comes from the colorful spring bulb flowers
  • Winika: This unique name comes from the Christmas orchid in New Zealand.  
  • Willow: This cute name comes from the willow tree. 
  • Buttercup: This name exudes warmth and playfulness, just like the cute yellow flowers. 
  • Daisy: This name means “day’s eye” because daisies open their petals when the day begins.
  • Malti: Originating from Sanskrit, this name means “small fragrant flower” or “moonlight”. 
  • Posy, Posey, or Posie: An English name, Posy refers to a small bouquet of flowers. 
  • Holly: This Irish and English name is cute and festive, taken from the holiday flowering plants. 
  • Pupen: This Czech word means “bud”.
  • Clover: This cute name comes from the sweet green plant
  • Disa: This unique name comes from the scientific genus name for orchid flowers.  
  • Lily: This sweet name symbolizes new beginnings, innocence, and purity. 
  • Lupin: These flowers come in many different bright colors. Lupin also means “wolf”. 
  • Moonflower: These sweet flowers only bloom at night. 
  • Lilac: Inspired by light purple blossoms, Lilac is a sweet name for your precious pup. 
  • Cherry: This name comes from the cheerful blossoms of the cherry tree. 
  • Spruce: This cute name comes from the evergreen tree. 
  • Miki: This Japanese name means “beautiful tree”. 
  • Zinnia: Zinnias are colorful, cheerful flowers native to North and South America. 
  • Susannah: This is an ancient name that means “iris” or “lily”. 

Beautiful Flower Dog Names

Dachshund sitting in front of purple flowers

The ancient Egyptians often chose dog names from fragrant flowers like Jasmine and Lotus.


  • Ambretta: These yellow flowers bloom on a lovely evergreen tree. 
  • Camellia: This beautiful name comes from the flowering evergreen shrub, which produces large and luxurious multi-petalled blossoms.
  • Belladonna: Italian for “beautiful lady”, Belladonna flowers come from the alluring but toxic nightshade plant.
  • Danica: A Slavic name, Danica means “morning star” or “venus”. 
  • Blanchefleur: This sophisticated name is French for “white flower”.
  • Elestren: This is a Cornish name meaning “iris”. 
  • Celandine: A delicate yellow flower, Celandine means “swallow”. According to the ancient Greeks, these flowers bloomed when swallows returned each year. 
  • Diantha: Originating from Greek, this name means “divine flower”. 
  • Acacia: This name comes from a beautiful Greek flower and means “thorny”. 
  • Madelief: This Dutch name means “Daisy”. 
  • Delphine: This name is derived from the beautiful blue delphinium flower and is associated with the ancient Greek city of Delphi. 
  • Marguerite: This beautiful French name means “pearl” or “daisy”. 
  • Hortensia: This Spanish word means “hydrangea”. 
  • Girasol: This Spanish word means “sunflower”. 
  • Vivendel: This is a Norwegian name that means “honeysuckle”. 
  • Amaryllis: This name means “too sparkle” and comes from the stunning Christmas flowers. 
  • Chrysanthe or Chrysanthos: This name finds its roots in Greek and means “golden flower”. Chrysanthe is the feminine form, while Chrysanthos is the masculine form.
  • Edelweiss: This cute German name comes from the delicate alpine flower. 
  • Elowen: Another lovely Cornish name, Elowen means “elm”. 
  • Calla: Like the Calla lily, this name means “beautiful”. 
  • Magnolia: Like the sweet-smelling blossoms, Magnolia is a lovely name for a beautiful pup. 
  • Hawthorn: Growing on thorny plants, Hawthorn blossoms are small, white flowers. 
  • Yasmina: This is an elegant variation of Jasmine. 
  • Laelia: This name comes from a group of orchids in Central and South America. 

Flower Dog Names Inspired by Springtime

Pug (Canis familiaris) - puppy laying in flowers

A springtime flower name is a great choice for a playful and energetic pup.


  • Flora: The Roman goddess of flowers, Flora is a lovely name associated with spring and youth. 
  • Bryony: Derived from Latin, Bryony means “to sprout”.
  • Daffodil: These beautiful yellow flowers are some of the first to bloom in the spring. 
  • Azalea: These delicate flowers are elegant and colorful. 
  • Chamomile: This elegant name means “ground apple”.
  • Eliza: This is a whimsical name inspired by Eliza Doolittle who sells flowers in My Fair Lady. 
  • Clematis: In Greek, Clematis means “vine” or “climbing branch”. 
  • Fern: Simple yet sophisticated, Fern comes from a lovely, feathery green plant.
  • Thallo: This cute Greek name means “bringer of blossoms”. 
  • Filbert: Meaning “very bright”, this name comes from the hazelnut plant. 
  • Anemone: A name of Greek origin, Anemone means “daughter of the wind” and refers to the colorful flowers. 
  • Columbine: This beautiful name means “dove” and refers to the beautiful trumpet-like flower. 
  • Comfrey: This fun name comes from the cute bell-shaped flowers. 
  • Forsythia: Meaning “Forsyth’s flower”, this name comes from the lovely yellow spring flowers.
  • Dandelion: This fun name evokes images of warm summer flowers and making wishes on fluffy seeds. 
  • Erigeron: This name comes from Ancient Greek and means “early in the morning”. 
  • Haruka: This popular Japanese name means “distant spring”, “faraway place”, and “clear weather”. 
  • Holland: This fun name evokes images of acres filled with colorful tulips. 
  • Papallona: This elegant name means “butterfly” in Catalan. 

Sunny Summer Flower Dog Names

Golden Retriever in a Field of Yellow Flowers

You could choose a flower that matches the color of your dog.

©Tanya Consaul Photography/Shutterstock.com

  • Honeysuckle: A popular flower for hummingbirds, Honeysuckles have a sweet scent. 
  • Liana: This name means “to climb like a vine”. 
  • Lady Slipper: This unique name comes from the delicate orchid flower. 
  • Laurel: This name is associated with victory and honor, as seen by the laurel crowns worn in Ancient Greece and Rome. 
  • Meadow: This sweet name conjures up images of fields filled with colorful wildflowers. 
  • Hosta: These white and puprple flowers are often grown for their lush leaves. 
  • Nectar: This name comes from the sweet and surgery liquid flowers produce to attract pollinators like butterflies and bees. 
  • Lillian: This name comes from the Latin word for “lily”. 
  • Mariposa: This Spanish name means “butterfly”. 
  • Jonquil: This fun name means “reed” and is an alternative name for the vibrant rush daffodil. 
  • Oleander: These stunning flowers grow on small trees or shrubs. 
  • Iris: Like the many beautiful colors of this flower, Iris means “rainbow”. 
  • Ivy: This simple and sophisticated name comes from the climbing plant. 
  • Lotus: This name refers to the water-living lotus flower
  • Jacinta: This beautiful name is the Spanish word for “hyacinth”. 
  • Linnea: Originating from Swedish, this lovely name means “twinflower, lime tree”. 
  • Myrtle: Derived from the flowering plants, Myrtle is a cute and classy name. 
  • Narcissa: Originating from Greek, this name means “daffodil”. 
  • Liliosa: Liliosa is the Spanish name for “Lily”. 
  • Orchid: This unique name comes from the exotic orchid blossom. 
  • Peony: This name means “healing” and comes from the gorgeous lush blossoms.
  • Sunrose: Also known as helianthemum, Sunrose is a bright and sunny flower. 
  • Prunella: This fun name means “small plum”. 
  • Venus: This name comes from the unusual Venus fly trap.

Dog Names That Mean “Flower”

Jack Russell terrier sniffing flowers

Many wonderful dog names actually mean “flower”.

©Elena Sherengovskaya/Shutterstock.com

  • Sisa: This is a Quechua name that means “flower”. 
  • Tiare: This Tahitian name means “flower”. 
  • Xochi: This name means “flower”. 
  • Florentina: This lovely Italian name means “blooming” or “flowering”. 
  • Hyacinth: This lovely name means “flower”. 
  • Dahlia: This name means “flower of the valley”. 
  • Aster: Like the star-shaped flowers, Aster means “star” or “flower”. 
  • Freesia: This name means “Freese’s flower” and comes from the colorful freesia flower. 
  • Hana: This cute name means “flower” in Japanese.
  • Rayen: A Chilean name that means “flower”. 
  • Flower: Why not keep it simple and name your dog Flower? This is also the name of the sweet skunk in Disney’s Bambi. 
  • Fiorello: This cute Italian name means “little flower”. 
  • Hanako: In Japanese, this name means “child of the flower”. 
  • Azami: This unique name means “greatest” or “thistle flower”. 
  • Evanthe: This elegant Greek name means “fair flower”. 
  • Fleur: Sweet and simple, Fleur means “flower” in French. 
  • Blossom: This lovely name evokes images of lively flower blossoms.
  • Hana: This sweet Persian name means “flower”. 
  • Bloom: Simple yet beautiful, Bloom is a super cute name for a dog.
  • Erica: This name comes from a group of heather flowers and means “fragrance” and “eternal ruler”. 
  • Nizana: Originating from Hebrew, this cute name means “flower bud” or “blossom”. 
  • Jasmine: Derived from the Persian word “yasmin”, this name means “fragrant flower”. 
  • Jessamine: This is another beautiful form of Jasmine, inspired by the flowering plants. 

Rose Flower Dog Names

Funny portrait cute puppy dog border collie holding red rose flower in mouth isolated on white background.

If you love roses but want something a bit less conventional, check out the many possible variations!

©Iuliia Zavalishina/iStock via Getty Images

  • Rose: Simple and elegant, this name comes from the classic romantic flower. 
  • Rosa: This beautiful variation also means “rose”. 
  • Rada: Stemming from Yiddish origin, this name means “rose”, “happy”, or “willing”. 
  • Raisa or Raissa: Popular in Hebrew, Yiddish, and Slavic cultures, this name means “rose”. 
  • Rosalina: This beautiful name is Spanish for “rose”. 
  • Rosita: This is another Spanish name meaning “rose”. 
  • Rosamund: Rose
  • Rosalind: Rose
  • Rosina: Rose
  • Rosemary: This combination of Rose and Mary is a lovely name for your dog. 
  • Rosette: Rose
  • Rhoda: Originating in Greek and Latin, this name means “rose”. 
  • Roisin: This is a lovely Irish name that means “little rose”. 
  • Rosanna: This beautiful name is a combination of Rose and Anna.
  • Rhoswen: Originating from Welsh, this name means “white rose”. 
  • Sharon: This name comes from the beautiful “rose of Sharon” plant. It is also referred to in the Song of Solomon. 
  • Luna Rose: This name comes from a hybrid tea rose and means “moon rose”. 
  • Primrose: This cute name means “first rose”. 
  • Sea Rose: This unique name comes from the Orphium plant group in South Africa
  • Varda: Originating in Hebrew, Varda means “rose” and “pink”. 
  • Bellerose: This name is a combination of Belle, which means “beautiful”, combined with the elegance of a rose.
  • Zaria: Beautiful and unique, Zaria means “princess”, “radiance”, and “rose”. 
  • Shoshanna: This is a Hebrew name that means “rose”. 

Hawaiian Flower Dog Names

funny chihuahua dog posing on a beach in sunglasses

For an extra unique name, allow the beautiful flowers of Hawaii to inspire you.


  • Hokona: This name means “wild and untamed” in Hawaiian. 
  • Kapua: “The child” or “the flower”.  
  • Kiele: “Fragrant blossom” or “gardenia”. 
  • Alani: This is a precious name that means “fragrant” and “orange tree”.
  • Nanala: This beautiful name is Hawaiian for “sunflower”. 
  • Lokelani: “Heavenly rose” in Hawaiian. 
  • Naupaka: A unique flower in Hawaii that looks like half of its petals are missing. 
  • Pikake: This beautiful Hawaiian flower was a common offering to the goddess Pele. 
  • Lehua: Meaning “Ohia flower”, Lehua is a flowering evergreen tree in Hawaiʻi. 
  • Liko: “Leaf bud”. 
  • Plumeria: A fragrant flower that is very popular in Hawaii. 
  • Hibiscus: This name comes from the popular flowers often seen in Hawaii. 
  • Koki’o: This fun name comes from the native red hibiscus flowers in Hawaii. 
  • Laylani or Leilani: “Heavenly flower” 
  • Ilima: This cute name means “the flower of Oahu” and comes from the island’s native yellow blossom

Violet Flower Dog Names

collie dog laying in front of purple flowers

Violets symbolize faithfulness, royalty, humility, spiritual wisdom, and intuition.


  • Ione: Stemming from ancient Greek, this cute name means “violet flower”. 
  • Iolanthe: Another form of “violet flower” that stems from Ancient Greek. 
  • Viorica: This name is derived from the sweet violet flower. 
  • Sigal: In Hebrew, Sigal means “violet flower”. 
  • Violet: This lovely name refers to purple or violet flowers. 
  • Violetta: This beautiful name is a variation of Violet. 
  • Yolanda: This beautiful name comes from medieval French and means “violet”.
  • Fialka: This Czech name means “violet flower”.
  • Viola: This is another delightful variation of “violet”.  
  • Iola: Meaning “violet” and “beautiful lady”, Iola would be a sweet name for a female dog.
  • Yoli: Originating from Spanish, this adorable name means “violet flower”.

Colorful Flower Dog Names

American Staffordshire Terrier sitting in flowers, smiling

If you have a favorite flower, consider if it will make an excellent name for your new dog!

©iStock.com/Marina Vedernikova

  • Lavender: This cute name is inspired by the beautiful and fragrant purple flowers. 
  • Chrisoula: This unique name means “golden”. 
  • Fuchsia: Like the vibrant pink color, Fuchsia is a bright and stunningly colored blossom. 
  • Chrysanthemum: This lovely name means “gold flower”. 
  • Juniper: This name is cute and playful, just like the tree’s dainty blueberries. 
  • Hazel: Whether referring to the color, the tree, or the flowering witch hazel plants, this is a beautiful flower name for your dog. 
  • Bluebell: This cute name comes from the sweet little blue flowers. 
  • Florian: This fun name means “yellow flower”. 
  • Periwinkle: This adorable name comes from a small blue or purple flower that grows as a groundcover. 
  • Heather: Heather flowers are typically pink or purple. 
  • Crossandra: Crossandra plants produce vibrant and brightly colored flowers. 
  • Embelia: This beautiful name comes from the tropical pink and white flowers. 
  • Firethorn: Firethorn plants produce small white flowers and bright red fruit. 
  • Indigo: Like their name, Indigo flowers produce deep blue and purple blossoms.  
  • Jacaranda: Native to South America, Jacarandas are beautiful purple flowers. 
  • Nasturtium: These cheerful flowers come in bright colors like orange, yellow, and red. 
  • Forsythia: These beautiful yellow flowers provide a unique name for your sweet pup. 
  • Poppy: Referring to the delicate poppy flowers, this name means “red flower”. 
  • Thistle: Reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands, this name is inspired by the prickly purple flowers.
  • Saffron: This fun name comes from the colorful spice harvested from a crocus flower. 
  • Wisteria: This whimsical name comes from the purple blossoms of the wisteria vine. 
  • Hadley: This cute name means “heather field”.
  • Bruc: Pronounced like “Bruce” but with a hard “K” sound, this name means “heather”.

Unique Flower Dog Names

Shiba Inu puppy smelling a flower

Unique flower dog names are a great conversation starter.

©iStock.com/Kurt Pas

  • Soma: Stemming from Sanskrit and Indian, Soma means “lunar nectar” or  “nectar of immortality”. 
  • Verbena: Meaning “sacred foliage”, this name comes from the beautiful pink and purple flowers. 
  • Zahara: This gorgeous name means “to shine” and “flower”. 
  • Cosmos: Meaning “order” and “harmony” in Greek, Cosmos are spunky little flowers reminiscent of daisies.
  • Celosia: This name comes from the unique pointed flowers and means “burning”. 
  • Datura: These trumpet-shaped flowers are also known as moonflowers and hell’s bells. 
  • Gladiola: Known for their bright and vibrant blooms, Gladiola comes from the Latin word for “sword”. 
  • Kataleya: This beautiful name comes from an orchid flower. 
  • Orquidea: This name comes from Spanish and Portuguese and means “orchid”. 
  • Cleome: This unique name means “spider flower”. 
  • Zenobia: Derived from Greek, Zenobia means “life of Zeus” and comes from the tiny white flowers of Zenobia shrubs. 
  • Lantana: This name comes from a group of tropical flowering plants. 
  • Melantha: This alluring name comes from Greek and means “dark flower”. 
  • Kalina: This name means “viburnum” and refers to a group of beautiful flowering plants. 
  • Melati: This sweet name means “Jasmine flower”. 
  • Pemma: A Tibetan name, Pemma means “lotus flower”. 
  • Ixora: Ixora is a tropical flowering plant that is common in Hindu worship. 
  • Kantuta: In the Aymara language, this name means “cantua flower”. 
  • Galanthus: This sophisticated name comes from the sweet little white snowdrop flowers. 
  • Nemesia: Symbolizing good luck, positive energy, and happiness, these beautiful flowers are colorful and cheerful. 
  • Kassia: This cute name means “cinnamon”. 
  • Kassiani: This is another beautiful name that means “cinnamon”. 
  • Manuka: Stemming from the Maori in New Zealand, Manuka’s small white flowers produce honey. 
  • Neeja: Originating from Hindi, Neeja means “lily”. 
  • Ornella: Originating in Italian, Ornella means “flowering ash tree”. 

Fun Flower Dog Names

Miniature schnauzer dog posed with bright yellow and orange sunflowers. Pup is wearing coordinated orange scarf.

Flower dog names are fun and unique, just like your canine companion!

©Debra Anderson/Shutterstock.com

  • Amarantha: This fun flower name means “unfading” and “immortal”.
  • Ambrosia: Known as the nectar of the gods in Greek mythology, Ambrosia is a floral name that means “immortal”.
  • Maple: This would be an adorable name for a golden-colored pup, reminiscent of beautiful maple trees.
  • Pixie: This fun name evokes images of fairies flitting from flower to flower.
  • Aspen: Like the tree, Aspen is a beautiful name for a graceful pup.
  • Sprite: Like the magical nature spirits, this cute name is perfect for a playful pup.
  • Linden: This shady tree-inspired name would be perfect for a laid-back dog. 
  • Hadden: A lovely name for a male dog, Hadden means “heathery hill”. 
  • Senna: Meaning “brightness”, this flowering bush produces beautiful bright yellow flowers. 
  • Summer: This sweet name evokes images of colorful summer blossoms.
  • Avivi or Aviva: This beautiful name means “springlike”, “dewy”, and “fresh”. 
  • Rue: This cute name comes from a medicinal herb. 
  • Sumomo: This fun name means “plum” in Japanese.
  • Mulberry: This adorable nature-inspired name is a great choice for a lively dog.

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