Green Aura Meaning: Personality, Energy, and Symbolism

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: November 1, 2023
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There’s something about people with green auras — there is an inexplicable peace about them. They seem to have uncovered a secret to life that they are happy to share with anyone interested in learning. They’ve tapped into abundance but it’s not accidental. Discover the meaning of a green aura, including the personality traits of this person, and how they operate when it comes to their career and relationships!

What Is an Aura?

For those who are not acquainted with the concept of auras, it can be difficult to picture exactly what they are. But put in simple terms, an aura is like a colorful bubble that emanates from your body. This bubble may be a mix of different colors, or it may have a dominant color. These colors that radiate match your natural state and your shifts in mood.

For example, someone with a vibrant personality who is cheerful and always has a smile on their face may have an equally vibrant yellow aura. However, someone who might be feeling sad or pensive may start to emanate a different colored aura that reflects cooler hues like blues or purples.

Auras emanate from a person’s being and the colors are closely linked to their chakras.

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Not everyone can immediately perceive auras as some have a more refined intuition and have practiced being able to perceive them. This is a concept contained within spiritual belief systems that allows those who can perceive them the ability to intuit how a person may be feeling both physically and emotionally. This allows them to be of service to that person, particularly if they are feeling unwell.

Who Can See an Aura?

Though not everyone can initially perceive auras, the practice is available for anyone to explore. Simple exercises like letting your gaze soften while you look at a still-living organism (a plant works just fine for this!) can help you start to pick up on these subtle colors that outline the shapes of the living thing.

This also happens with pets and people. Those who can see auras are intuitive and sometimes psychics. With the information they receive, they can gain emotional insight. They can help those struggling to get a better idea of what it is they’re dealing with. They can also pick up on physical ailments, which can help somebody recognize an issue that they may not have been aware of.

Additionally, those who can perceive auras may offer spiritual guidance so that they can assist someone on their spiritual path. Not all but some people who perceive auras can also practice energy healing like Reiki. This helps someone clear out any old, stale energies so that they can feel revitalized and focus more on the present moment.

Green Aura Personality Characteristics


A person with a green aura tends to be focused on growth. This is not just related to a certain aspect of their lives. Rather, they are constantly seeking to evolve. This can show up in personal, professional, and physical aspects. These people recognize that change is a part of life and they’re excited to keep turning the page, sometimes adding to a chapter, and sometimes writing a new one altogether.

Kind and Empathetic

Those with a green aura also have a kind and empathetic nature. Because they know the pain of change and transformation, they are very compassionate with others. The color green is closely associated with the heart chakra, which is also represented by the color green. Those with a green aura operate from the heart, which is why they come off so gentle and nurturing.

Geared Toward Healing

Not only does green also correlate with the heart chakra, but it’s also connected to the vibrant greens observed in nature. Nature has a naturally healing drive. No matter how much it’s been decimated, it always returns and thrives. People with green auras are very well-connected to nature and feel both protected by it and protectors of it. It’s no wonder these people are drawn to holistic healing modalities.

Young woman doing YOGA on a SUP board in the lake at sunrise

People with green auras are well-connected to nature.

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Harmonious and Balanced

People who have green auras are also very well-balanced just the way nature is. When ecosystems are left undisturbed, they operate in such a way that points to divine orchestration. These people display admirable emotional stability and it’s not just an inherent personality trait. Rather, those with this color aura have worked through managing their emotions and have learned how to navigate even tough situations with a sense of ease and calm.

Green Aura Energy Meaning


The energy of green auras is focused on heart-centeredness. The energy of people with green auras is focused on conducting with an open heart. Those with green auras prioritize love, empathy, and compassion. These people don’t think twice when it comes to helping others. They are focused on being loving toward others and nurturing other people on their own spiritual paths.

Emotional Balance

While some people tend to navigate between extremes when it comes to their emotions, people with green auras have a different energy about them. They are able to maintain stability, even when situations might call for extreme emotion. This is a balanced energy that helps people around them remain grounded as well.

Holistic Healing

The energy of those with green auras is very healing for others. These people often become confidants of their friends and family members because they’re trustworthy. Just as they have worked on their own healing journey, they are also present for the healing journeys of others. Holistic healing is a standard concept in their vocabulary because they recognize that not only is their spirit connected to their body, mind, and heart, but they also recognize that everything is interconnected. So, they function with this depth of understanding.

Love and Compassion

The energy of a person with a green aura is welcoming. They exude love and compassion directly from the heart without even having to use words. These are the kind of people that you feel safe and secure around without having to say much. They’re unique in this ability and it’s why so many people admire them from afar and turn to them if they’re close.

Symbolism of the Color Green

Health and Healing

The color green on its own has its symbolism. For instance, it points to healing and a healthy balance. This color represents well-being and since it’s closely associated with the vibrant greens found in nature, it also highlights how restorative and powerful nature is. Not just the environment but also humans as a part of nature. People are resilient.

Growth and Prosperity

The color green is also closely associated with growth. The cycle of life requires rebirth at different stages. Sometimes that points to a spiritual rebirth and on other occasions, it requires starting over with physical health after dealing with an ailment. This color is also associated with prosperity. This doesn’t mean just in terms of money but also in every other aspect of your life. Green points to abundance.

Life and Fertility

Green is a color that represents life. For life to happen, there must be fertility. Whether you’re talking about fertile soil for the growth of fruits and vegetables (which are life-giving in and of themselves) or you’re talking about the fertility of a person who can conceive and create life within their bodies. This color is heavily associated with the concept of renewal.

The color green correlates to nature and fertility.

©Jonathon Mauer/iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

Envy and Jealousy

Although green has many positive meanings, it’s also important to note that sometimes, this color does have a negative connotation. Green may also represent jealousy or envy.

Green Aura in Money and Career


When asked about what a green aura means pertaining to money and career, Kim Somers Egelsee, Author, Speaker, Life Coach, and Intuitive told A-Z-Animals, “A green aura means someone with abundant and prosperous energy toward money and career. A very heart-centered person who loves harmony and growth in career and life.”

Natural Skill

Those who have a green aura experience abundance because they are tapped into their natural skillset. Instead of ignoring what they are inherently good at and choosing a career path that they struggle with and stumble through, people with green auras double down on what they are already naturally talented at. This ability to tune in to their gifts allows them to create a path to financial success. They encounter obstacles on their paths, of course. But they’re not dissuaded because they are inherently skilled enough to overcome those obstacles without second-guessing themselves.

Balance and Growth

Just as a person with a green aura displays emotional balance, this sense of balance also floods into their money and career. These people approach their careers with that same quest for harmony and look at financial matters objectively, remaining even-keeled even during moments when they’re not doing so well. This ability to remain even-keeled is especially important during the moments when they are thriving because it keeps them grounded.

Green Aura in Love and Relationships

Nurturing and Healing Love

Those with green auras look through the lens of their heart. This means that they are focused on nurturing relationships that contribute to mutual healing. This is not someone interested in flippant love. They’re interested in the kind of deep connection that helps them heal. They know how to resolve conflicts, they are empathetic when it comes to past emotional wounds, and they aim to constantly repair their relationship after rupture. They are the true harbingers of secure love.

Harmonious Relationships

Relationships can be tumultuous when there is confusion, a lack of grounding, and an inclination toward chaos. For those who have green auras, this is of no interest. They are looking for harmony in their relationships, whether they be romantic or friendly. They also look for harmony in their professional relationships! They’re not interested in a lack of balance and instead, they work hard to create a peaceful interaction, no matter who they are dealing with.

Call to Nature

For people who have green auras, there’s always a call to nature. Those with this color aura need to partner up with others who also appreciate nature in the same way. It’s a restorative environment that they need to remain grounded so that they can return to their day-to-day life remembering how well-connected they are to nature. This is one of the most important values of a person with a green aura. Anyone who wants to be close to someone with a green aura needs to both understand and respect that.

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