Hear the Roar of the True Kings as 4 Proud Lions Make Their Presence Known in This Amazing Video

Roaring male lion
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Written by Zeek Lepakko

Updated: October 23, 2023

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Meet the lion (you surely may already have), the quintessential symbol of power and dominance in the animal kingdom. With their majestic manes and intimidating presence, they’ve more than earned their title as the “king of beasts.”

Hear the Symphony of Roars for Yourself

In the less common moments when male lions get along, exerting dominance is still the priority.

Lions are apex predators, proudly sitting at the top of the food chain in the African savanna. Their strength and hunting prowess, combined with their unique social structure, more than set them apart. Unlike most big cats, these dignified rulers live in prides, a social system that allows them to control vast territories and dominate other predators.

But it’s not just their physical strength that asserts their dominance. As we can see in the video below, the lion’s powerful roar is well utilized to further embolden its already daunting reputation. Let’s find out more about the powerhouse that is the lion to better understand why they are truly kings.

Why Do Lions Roar?

lion roaring

If their fearsome roar wasn’t enough, lions have a set of 30 teeth.


The lion’s roar, one of the most iconic sounds in the animal kingdom, is a powerful tool for communication and control. This thunderous call actually serves multiple purposes. Not only is it a declaration of power, as we see in the below clip, but it’s a warning to any who might oppose them and also a means of rallying scattered pride members. The king of beasts clearly has special advantages at his disposal, and makes brilliant use of it!

Did you know the incredible volume of the lion’s roar can reach up to nearly 114 decibels? That’s the kind of loudness that live music concerts can make and is beyond the level of hurting human hearing. Due to this shattering cry, the roar of the lion can be heard upwards to 5 miles away.

Do Lions Purr?

Although lions definitely own one of the most impressive calls in nature, this actually prevents them from purring. How? Thanks to the specially adapted physiology of big cats, lions of course included, their vocal structures are made for loud sounds instead of quieter ones. For the same reasons but in reverse, this is why smaller felines aren’t caught making ferocious roars themselves!

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