Innovative Gardener Turns 1 Old Sweet Potato into 100+ Pounds of Sweet Potatoes. Here’s How!

Written by Colby Maxwell

Updated: October 18, 2023

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People the world over have been surprised after what was supposed to be a “small” trip to the grocery store. Prices have been steadily rising amid staggering inflation. This has prompted many to get creative with their cooking, or simply grow their own food! With the information available on the internet, people are learning skills that have been perfected through trial and error since antiquity. This video shows just how easy and cost-effective growing sweet potatoes can be!

Watch the Fascinating Video Below!

The Millenial Gardener is a popular YouTuber specializing in teaching people how to grow their own food. This channel recently released a video that could potentially change your life! The video, titled “Turn ONE Sweet Potato Into 100 LBS Of Sweet Potatoes By Growing SWEET POTATO SLIPS!” already has over 1 million views and isn’t just informative; it’s super interesting!

How to Grow Your Own Source of Sweet Potatoes

In The Millenial Gardener’s opinion, sweet potatoes are some of the best things that people can grow in their backyard. Described as easy to grow and diverse, it makes sense that these starches are the perfect starter crop. For anyone living in hot, humid weather, sweet potatoes may just be right for you.

Planting a sweet potato garden isn’t hard; all you need is a “slip”! As he explains, sweet potatoes aren’t actually potatoes, but the tubers of the Morning Glory vine. Even more, they come in a TON of varieties, each with its own unique flavor profile and appearance. He says the best place to try a variety of sweet potatoes is at Asian markets, since they have a lot more diversity than the standard ones many are used to.

Once you have selected your preferred variety, the next step is to wait for the right weather. As a tropical plant, sweet potatoes can’t tolerate any nights with frost or cold weather. Once the nights are consistently 50 degrees and above, you can start. This is usually three to four weeks after the last frost date.

The Millenial Gardener explains how to get your first “slips” from a sweet potato and what soil to use. He also explains how to plant the slips, care for them, and harvest them (with tips and tricks).

By the end, Millenial Gardener turns one store-bought sweet potato into a food source that can feed a family indefinitely. Whether you want to learn how to grow food, or just looking for soothing content, this video is worth the watch!

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