Kangaroo vs Gorilla: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Written by Kyle Glatz
Updated: March 4, 2023
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Kangaroos are known for boxing each other and even boxing foolish human beings from time to time. Although kangaroos can throw hands (and feet) with the best of them, that doesn’t mean they can take all comers. For example, what would happen if they faced a wild human relative like the gorilla?  A kangaroo vs gorilla fight would be an interesting matchup between a unique marsupial and a powerful mammal.

We’ll break down the matchup and show you which of these creatures has what it takes to win the battle against the other.

Comparing a Kangaroo and a Gorilla

Kangaroos and gorillas differ in morphology and size.
SizeWeight: 100lbs-200lbs
Height: 4.9ft-6.6ft tall
Weight: 220lbs – 440lbs
Height: 4.4ft- 5.1ft
Length: 4ft-5ft
Speed and Movement Type– 12 mph while hopping regularly
– 35-44 mph maximum speed
-25 mph
– Can move quickly with knucklewalking
Defenses– Size will scare off some predators
– Speed allows them to escape
– Can lead animals to advantageous areas
– Thick skin on stomachs to protect against attacks
– Threat display and bluff charging
– Speed
– Gorillas live in troops of between 5 and 50 gorillas to stay safe  
Offensive Capabilities– Uses forelegs to grasp or strike enemies
– Has claws on their forelegs
– Uses the longest of the three claws on their hind legs to severely cut or disembowel enemies.
–  Thumping blows (they can’t make true fists)
– Biting
– Intelligence to identify weak spots in enemies
– 1,300 PSI bite – Immense strength, capable of lifting over 1,000lbs
Predatory Behavior– Kangaroos are herbivorous, so they lack predatory instincts
– They will still fight back when cornered by prey
– Opportunistic predator as an omnivore    

What Are Key Differences Between a Kangaroo and a Gorilla?

Gorilla staring at the camera

Gorillas are powerful, intelligent animals that can easily kill smaller creatures.

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The most notable differences between kangaroos and gorillas are morphology and size. Gorillas are large semi-bipedal primates that can weigh up to 440lbs and stand 5ft tall, but kangaroos are bipedal marsupials that can grow upwards of 6.6ft tall and weigh 200lbs.

Understanding the unique qualities of these animals gives us better insight into how they would handle being in a violent confrontation. We need to go further, though, if we are going to have a complete look at which animal will win this battle.

What Are the Key Factors in a Fight Between a Kangaroo and a Gorilla?

Kangaroo males boxing on the shore of a lake

Kangaroos can disembowel animals with their long claws.


The deciding factors in a fight between a kangaroo and gorilla are related to their size, speed, and ability to inflict damage on others. Looking at these factors and showing which animal is superior in that respect will help us figure out which animal has a better shot at winning the bout.

Kangaroo vs Gorilla: Size

Gorillas are larger than kangaroos overall, even though they are shorter than the marsupials. Kangaroos weigh about 200lbs at maximum and stand up to 6.6ft tall. While they are taller than gorillas, the primates have a lot more muscles and weight to them. Gorillas weigh between 220lbs and 440lbs and stand just over 5ft tall at their utmost.

Gorillas have a size advantage since they can weigh over twice as much as kangaroos.

Kangaroo vs Gorilla: Speed and Movement

Kangaroos are faster than gorillas. Using their strong legs and hopping motion, kangaroos can hit speeds of 12 mph regularly and move upwards of 44 mph when they are in a hurry. However, gorillas will move slowly by knucklewalking, just a few miles per hour. When they need to move swiftly, they can move at 25 mph.

Kangaroos have the speed advantage in this fight.

Kangaroo vs Gorilla: Defenses

Kangaroos have well-developed defenses that keep them safe from predation. Their size will scare off some predators, and they can outrun most other animals in their area. They are also smart enough to lose their potential predators in the water and turn the tables on them if needed. If all else fails, they have some stronger-than-normal skin on their stomachs to prevent damage.

Gorillas use their threat display and speed to keep foes away. The gorilla threat display is complete with screaming noises, beating their chest, and thumping the ground to show they are angry. These massive primates demonstrate enough ferocity to scare away a lot of creatures. They are particularly tough to confront since they live in groups.

In all, gorillas have better defenses than kangaroos.

Kangaroo vs Gorilla: Offensive Capabilities

Gorillas are fierce animals despite not being carnivorous. They are very strong, and many of them can lift 1,000lbs. That strength makes their open-handed thumps capable of staggering foes. Moreover, they can simply grab and tear at an enemy’s body parts to break bones or cause dismemberment.

Gorillas are intelligent, so they know when and where to strike. They can also bite very hard with a force of 1,300 PSI and very sharp fangs. These animals can bite through skulls with ease. Angry gorillas are a vicious whirlwind of violence.

Kangaroos are adept fighters. They will use their forelegs to grasp or strike foes. However, their killing strike comes when they either jump or lean back on their tails and kick their foes. A powerful kick is painful, but the claws on their feet can disembowel an enemy.

In all, gorillas are stronger, deadlier foes in terms of offensive power.

Kangaroo vs Gorilla: Predatory Behavior

Neither kangaroos nor gorillas are true predators since they are primarily herbivorous. Gorillas are mere opportunists when it comes to eating anything living. Still, both have enough instincts to fight back against enemies.

Neither animal is superior in terms of predatory behaviors.

Who Would Win in a Fight Between a Kangaroo and a Gorilla?

Gorilla Bite Force - Gorilla Sneering

Gorillas are overwhelmingly powerful, fast, and violent when they need to be.

©Jeff W. Jarrett/Shutterstock.com

A gorilla would win a fight against a kangaroo. The gorilla has the weight and power to overwhelm the lighter creature completely. It would use all its weight and power to topple the kangaroo in a bout of extreme violence.

The kangaroo, without access to its powerful leg kicks, would be helpless to stop the assault of the gorilla as it lands powerful bites, strong thumps, and bone-breaking thrashings on the marsupial.

Unless the kangaroo timed a kick when the gorilla charged in at the beginning of the fight and sliced deeply into the gorilla, it stands little chance of surviving, especially in a prolonged bout.

Animals That Could Take Down a Gorilla

Being a strong, intelligent primate that can weigh up to 440 pounds and stand 5 feet tall, a gorilla can present a challenge to other animals who might consider taking one on.

The gorilla’s sole natural predator is the leopard. While leopards don’t typically hunt gorillas and instead go after smaller and less dangerous prey, in a battle of leopard vs gorilla the leopard would be able to take down the gorilla. Leopards prefer to ambush gorillas in their nests, so the element of surprise is an added advantage to their superior speed, stealth, and sense of hearing and smell. Despite having the upper hand when it comes to size (a gorilla is larger than a leopard in every measure but length), muscular build, and strength, a gorilla would be overpowered by a leopard, which could jump onto it, dig its claws in, and bite its head or neck.

Another animal that poses a threat to gorillas is the human. As we share 98% of our DNA with these primates, many of the diseases we suffer also affect gorillas. This exposure to diseases, in addition to the deforestation of their habitats and death through trophy hunting, has taken down gorilla populations.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © A Life Beneath Stars/Shutterstock.com

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