King Shepherd vs Shiloh Shepherd

Written by Jennifer Gaeng
Updated: May 14, 2023
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The German Shepherd is not only an impressive breed in and of itself but also the progenitor of a number of other great dogs. Several hybrid dog breeds have been created by crossing a German Shepherd with another breed, such as King Shepherd and Shiloh Shepherd.

The discovery of these breeds was motivated by a desire to increase access to canine species that are less likely to display violent behavior. They’ve built up a lot of admiration and fans over the years. Here’s the lowdown on their similarities and differences as their star begins to rise in the canine fandom:

King Shepherd vs Shiloh Shepherd: A Comparison 

Key DifferencesKing ShepherdShiloh Shepherd
Height25 – 27 inches26 – 28 inches
Weight80 – 145 lbs.80 – 130 lbs.
Coat typeThick, Double-CoatPlush or Smooth; Dense Undercoat
ColorsRed, Black, Brown, Fawn, SableBlack, White, Dual, Sable
TemperamentWarm, Affectionate, LoyalCalm, Sociable, Faithful
TrainabilityHighly TrainableHighly Trainable but Headstrong
Life Expectancy11 Years13 – 14 Years
Health ProblemsJoint Dysplasia, Von Willebrand’s Disease, HypothyroidismHip Dysplasia, GDV, EPI, SIBO
King Shepherd vs Shiloh Shepherd Table

Key Differences between King Shepherd and Shiloh Shepherd

Shiloh Shepherd
A Shiloh Shepherd looks like an enlarged German Shepherd.

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King Shepherd vs Shiloh Shepherd: Height

King Shepherd males must be at least 27 inches tall at the shoulders and King Shepherd females should be 25 inches tall at the shoulders. The Shiloh Shepherd minimal height at the withers for females is 26 inches and for males, it is 28 inches.

King Shepherd vs Shiloh Shepherd: Weight

King Shepherd males are 110 to 145 pounds, while King Shepherd females are between 80 and 110 pounds. Similar to King Shepherd in appearance is the Shiloh Shepherd. The average Shiloh Shepherd is between 80 and 130 pounds.

King Shepherd vs Shiloh Shepherd: Coat Type

A lot of hair is shed from a King Shepherd’s thick, double coat. You can keep your dog’s coat healthy, clean, and tangle-free by brushing it several times a week (or even daily). King Shepherd just needs a regular bath around once every three to four months.

Shiloh Shepherds can be found with either plush or smooth coats. The lengthy, dense undercoat of plush-coated dogs is softer and closer fitting than the outer coat. In males, the longer hair on the back of the neck and chest stands out as a mane. Similarly, there are longer hairy fringes on both the front and back legs.

King Shepherd vs Shiloh Shepherd: Colors

Many King Shepherd’s coat colors can be any one of several possible shades, including red, black, brown, fawn, and sable. The coat color of the King Shepherd parent usually is passed down to the offspring.

Shiloh Shepherds can be black, white, dual, or sable. Dual dogs have black hair that is consistent from tips to roots. Sable hair, often called agouti hair, has black ends and contrasting color origins. Foundational shades include brown, silver, cream, red, and gray. The muzzle, nose, eyelids, and lips should be black.


King Shepherd on a snowshoe trail.
King Shepherds are known for their warm and welcoming nature.

©Northern Exposure by JR/

King Shepherd vs Shiloh Shepherd: Temperament

Despite their massive size and intimidating looks, King Shepherds are known for their warm and welcoming nature. Commonly, these canines are very subdued and affectionate when they’re with their masters. King Shepherds are the ideal companion for the appropriate people since they are loyal and protective of their families without being violent.

Because of its calm demeanor, the Shiloh is a great choice for households. The sociable nature of Shilohs makes them great family pets. They enjoy working alongside their people, as well as playing with and being around their people. Nonetheless, they are a very sociable breed that does not fare well when left alone for extended periods.

King Shepherd vs Shiloh Shepherd: Trainability

Because of their intelligence, King Shepherds require owners that are consistent and interesting in order to successfully complete training. Obedience training can begin when the puppy is eight to 16 weeks old, and more advanced techniques should be practiced all through the dog’s life.

Shiloh Shepherds, for all their brains, have a tendency to be headstrong. You need to be strict and consistent with your dog’s training, especially when they are young. With this breed, it is best to use positive reinforcement.

Health Factors

Puppy Shiloh Shepherd
Shiloh Shepherd breeders have been working to reduce the prevalence of heritable disorders by using selective breeding.

©Michael 1123/

King Shepherd vs Shiloh Shepherd: Life Expectancy

The typical lifespan of a healthy King Shepherd is 11 years. King Shepherds are prone to a few health issues, despite breeders’ best efforts to eradicate them. The average lifespan of a Shiloh Shepherd is from nine to eleven years. Despite this, we have witnessed Shilohs living to be between the ages of 13 and 14.

King Shepherd vs Shiloh Shepherd: Health Problems

Although King Shepherds tend to be healthier than the average dog, they are nevertheless susceptible to the same canine diseases that affect other breeds. Nonetheless, this breed’s genetic variety does give further protection against genetic abnormalities, therefore responsible breeders will test parent dogs to prevent passing on problems to their puppies.

Joint dysplasia, Von Willebrand’s disease, and hypothyroidism are but a few of the diseases that large breed dogs like King Shepherds may be predisposed to. Allergies, eye illnesses, degenerative myelopathy, pancreatic issues, and thrombopenia are some of the other conditions that could be passed on to them.

Hip dysplasia, gastric dilation volvulus (GDV), small intestine bacterial overgrowth syndrome (SIBO), exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI), and panosteitis are all conditions that can affect Shiloh Shepherds. One of the biggest ones is hip dysplasia, and this can require rapid and pricey surgery. The dog may also suffer from bloat, a potentially fatal gastrointestinal condition. However, Shiloh Shepherd breeders have been working to reduce the prevalence of heritable disorders by using selective breeding.

Wrapping up King Shepherd vs Shiloh Shepherd

Both of these types of shepherd dogs are very new to the dog world, but due to their similarities with the German Shepherd, they are often misidentified. Our look into Shiloh Shepherds and King Shepherds comes to a close here.

Two huge dog breeds, each with its own unique characteristics and some commonalities. The Shiloh Shepherd, the earliest of these unusual breeds, appeared in the 1970s, long before King Shepherd did the same.

Although neither the AKC nor the UKC recognizes these breeds, the American Rare Breed Association has recognized them as distinct. Readers interested in learning more about Shiloh Shepherds can check out the International Shiloh Shepherd Alliance, while those interested in learning more about American King Shepherds should consult the American King Shepherd Club.

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King shepherd lying on a sofa.
King shepherd lying on a sofa.
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