Shiloh Shepherd

Canis lupus familiaris

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Shiloh Shepherd Scientific Classification

Scientific Name
Canis lupus familiaris

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Shiloh Shepherd Locations

Shiloh Shepherd Locations

Shiloh Shepherd Facts


Shiloh Shepherd Physical Characteristics

  • Brown
  • Red
  • Black
  • White
  • Gold
  • Silver

Shiloh Shepherd as a Pet:

General Health
Energy Level
Tendency to Chew
Family and kid friendliness
Yappiness / Barking
Separation Anxiety
Preferred Temperature
Average climate
Exercise Needs
Friendly With Other Dogs
Pure bred cost to own
The initial purchase price of a puppy is $800-$1,000. Annual upkeep averages $650.
Dog group
Male weight
100-130 lbs
Female weight
80-100 lbs

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“This breed was developed to create a more family-friendly version of the German shepherd.”

Shiloh Shepherd Introduction

The shiloh shepherd is a relatively new breed of dog, developed in the 1970s in the United States by combining several herding and working breeds. This gorgeous large breed looks similar to the German shepherd but is about 30% larger and heavier with a more wolf-like appearance. They have instincts to herd and guard but have been specifically developed to have a calm and kind temperament. In this way, they are more of a companion dog than a working breed. They are sociable, affectionate, and non-aggressive. Reinforcing these positive personality traits requires patient, consistent, and loving training from caring owners. Fortunately, shiloh shepherds are intelligent and easily trained and are excellent with children and other pets.

3 Pros and Cons of Owning Shiloh Shepherds

Great family dog – They have a gentle, loving disposition and get along well with children and other pets. They are highly social and enjoy play that stimulates their minds.They shed Though they come in long-haired and short-haired varieties, they all shed and are not hypoallergenic. Owners should brush them at least once a week to remove loose fur.
Medium to low energy – shiloh shepherds are generally calm, even-tempered, and not overly energetic. They do still require daily mental and physical stimulation and socializing with their owners.Rare and expensive – As a relatively new breed, shiloh shepherds are uncommon and can be expensive. You may have to travel some distance to find a puppy from a good breeder.
Fewer hip issues – Because of intentional selective breeding, they are less prone to hip dysplasia than similar breeds.Needs attention – Although not excessively energetic, they are a herding breed that enjoys having a job to do and they are highly social. If left alone for long periods of time they can become anxious.

The Best Dog Food for Shiloh Shepherds

Food choices for shiloh shepherds should not be based solely on cost but on providing your pet with a high-quality diet appropriate to their developmental level. Good food can help prevent health issues that may be expensive to treat and shorten the lifespan of your companion.

Younger dogs can eat wet or dry food as well as meat scraps or meat broth in moderation. As dogs age and become less active, they need a diet specially formulated for adult or senior dogs that will help them maintain a healthy weight and provide vitamins and minerals to keep their systems as strong as possible.

At A-Z Animals we recommend Instinct Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. This brand has a 40% protein level sourced from cage-free chicken. It has no grain products, artificial colors, or preservatives. It is responsibly manufactured and minimally processed in the United States. If your dog is allergic to chicken, you can buy it in four other flavors as well.

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  • Limited ingredient recipe includes just one animal protein and one vegetable for pets with food sensitivities.
  • Made with cage-free turkey, a healthy, easily-digestible protein that provides all the essential amino acids.
  • Guaranteed levels of natural omegas and antioxidants promote healthy skin and coat, plus immune health.
  • Made in the USA using premium ingredients from around the world, with the pure nutrition of raw in every piece.
  • Never contains any grain, dairy, eggs, chicken, beef, fish, sweet potato, potato, chickpeas, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors or preservatives.

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Shiloh Shepherd Size and Weight

Shiloh shepherds are large dogs, with full-grown males ranging from 28-30” tall and weighing 100-130 lbs and females 26-28” tall and weighing 80-100 lbs. Their large size is visually enhanced by their blocky heads and heavy, powerfully built bone structure. Those with plush coats appear even larger. Their appearance can be intimidating to strangers, which helps them protect their family without any aggressive behavior.

Male28-30” Tall, 100-130 lbs, fully grown
Female26” – 28” Tall, 80-100 lbs, fully grown

Shiloh Shepherd Common Health Issues

Shilohs may have similar health problems as other larger breeds. Careful breeding to create a heavier, squarer bone structure has reduced the problem of hip dysplasia, but has not completely eliminated it. This is a painful issue that can cause lameness in dogs and may require expensive surgery to correct.

Some owners are tempted to overfeed large breeds. However, feeding should be carefully regulated, especially as the animal reaches old age, to prevent obesity-related health problems.

Shiloh shepherds may also experience degenerative myelopathy, which can lead to paralysis; bloat, a gastrointestinal syndrome; allergies that may cause itchy skin, scratching, and bacterial infections; heart disease, including an irregular heartbeat, or pannus, an eye disease that can cause blindness. However, these are issues that can affect any large breed, not only shiloh shepherds. Ask your veterinarian to check for signs of any of these diseases and disorders.

Shiloh Shepherd Temperament and Behavior

These dogs are part of the herding dog group and still retain herding and protective instincts. However, they are calmer, softer, and easier to handle than German shepherds and others of this group. They are a better active companion dog, while the German shepherd is a better working dog. This breed is confident, energetic, outgoing, and friendly. They are gentle, loving, and loyal to their owners, and they get along well with children and pets. Additionally, these dogs are highly social and do not like being alone for long periods of time. They do bark, but not excessively.

How To Take Care of Shiloh Shepherds

Shiloh Shepherd Maintenance and Grooming

Shiloh shepherds can have plush or short, smooth coats. They come in various colors, including all white, all black, dark brown, red, golden, silver, and many other variations. They shed and require a moderate amount of grooming to keep their coats neat and healthy. However, regular brushing will help control shedding.

Shiloh Shepherd Training

Shiloh shepherds are easier to train than similar breeds, having been developed specifically as calm companion dogs through selective breeding. Owners can successfully train them for search and rescue, herding, or as therapy or service dogs. Properly socialized as puppies, they do well with children and other pets. They are highly social and intelligent, so they enjoy play, training, and various tasks.

Puppy Shiloh Shepherd

Puppy shiloh shepherds need plenty of socialization to learn how to interact well with children.

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Shiloh Shepherd Exercise

This breed needs mental stimulation, attention, and exercise. They should have a 60-minute walk or similar level of activity every day, and they enjoy puzzle toys and training sessions that keep them alert. If they are not given enough stimulation, they may try to entertain themselves by barking and chewing. However, it is also important not to give them too much exercise, especially in their first two years. Over-exercise can damage their growing joints and bones.

Shiloh Shepherds and Children

Shiloh shepherds are gentle, affectionate, and protective of children and they get along well with other pets. However, as with any breed, they need training and adult supervision as they learn the rules and their place in the “pack.”

Dogs Similar to Shiloh Shepherds

Other similar dog breeds include the German shepherd, Alaskan malamute, and the Siberian husky.

  • German shepherd – This breed is similar in appearance to the shiloh shepherd. However, it is smaller, more excitable, and better equipped to be a working dog.
  • Alaskan malamute – This is a large-breed working dog native to Alaska bred for strength, endurance, and hauling heavy loads on sleds.
  • Siberian husky – A medium-sized working dog related to the spitz, this breed has a beautiful thick coat and is intelligent, friendly, and known for being dramatic and funny family pets.

Popular Names for Shiloh Shepherds

Names for males include:

  • Ace
  • Bruno
  • Atlas
  • Pierce
  • Ranger

Names for females include:

  • Nikita
  • Annie
  • Petra
  • Ada
  • Jasmine

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Shiloh Shepherd FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How much does the shiloh shepherd cost to own?

The initial purchase price of a shiloh shepherd puppy is $800-$1,000. Annual upkeep in the form of food, veterinary care, medication, pet insurance, toys and supplies is about $650.

Is the shiloh shepherd good with kids?

Shiloh shepherds get along very well with children and other pets. The breed has been specifically developed to be more family-friendly and calmer than the German shepherd.

How long does the shiloh shepherd live?

The average lifespan of a shiloh shepherd dog is 12-14 years.

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