The Largest City in North Dakota Now and in 30 Years

Written by Patrick MacFarland
Published: February 27, 2024
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The world is growing at an alarming rate. We have eight billion people on this planet and it is projected that the world will grow to 10 billion by 2100. In every single continent, there is population growth. In the United States, some states are growing much more rapidly than others. When it comes to North Dakota, the growth will be steady. Today, the largest city in North Dakota is Fargo but what about in 30 years? Let’s take a look at the largest city in North Dakota now and in 30 years.

Largest City in North Dakota

Sunset over the city. Fargo, North Dakota. Snow storm in town

There is a movie called


, although it hardly features the city and instead, it’s mostly set in Minnesota.

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The largest city in North Dakota is Fargo which is located in Cass County and has a population of about 127,000 people. It is the 216th most populous city in the country and it is well ahead of the second largest city in North Dakota, Bismarck. Currently, Bismarck has a population of 73,000 people.

About Fargo

Established in 1871, Fargo is located on the floodplain called Red River of the North. The city is the epitome of North Dakota. From its restaurants to its museums, Fargo establishes a hub for education, industry, healthcare, and most of all North Dakota culture. The Plains Art Museum is located in Fargo, along with the Fargodome, which is an indoor stadium. The Red River Zoo is also located in Fargo, where you can visit various animals like red pandas, for example. Lastly, North Dakota State University makes its home in the city.

Wildlife in Fargo

The Red River of the North flows to Canada and creates a natural boundary between North Dakota and Minnesota. But with a river nearby, wildlife is abundant in and surrounding Fargo. The wildlife that you may find in the river is catfish, along with northern pike, freshwater drum, walleye, carp, and lake sturgeon. You will also find several birds living in the region like turkeys, partridges, and pheasants. When it comes to mammals, don’t be surprised if you see a white-tailed deer roaming around. You will also see squirrels and rabbits throughout the city.

Largest City in 30 Years

Fargo City Downtown Skyline and Modern and Vintage Historic Buildings in North Dakota

Fargo has three sister cities: Hamar, Norway, Vimmerby, Sweden, and Martin, Slovakia.

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The largest city in North Dakota in 30 years will continue to be Fargo. Bismarck will likely continue being in the second-place spot. There is a population difference of about 50,000 people between the two cities, so it is unlikely that Bismarck will overpass Fargo. 


And there you have it, Fargo is the largest city in North Dakota now and will be the largest city in 30 years. Fargo is the epitome of North Dakota. When you visit the city, you will experience North Dakota culture and history. If you happen to go in the winter, just make sure to bundle up because it gets extremely cold.

5 Largest Cities in North Dakota

3Grand Forks58,935
5West Fargo38,653

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