Larkspur Flowers: Meaning, Symbolism, and Proper Occasions

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: September 9, 2023
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They have tall spires in a multitude of colors, adding height to traditional arrangements. They’re voluminous with a unique texture that makes them eye-catching. But they’re more than a feast for the eyes. Discover the meaning, symbolism, and proper occasions for larkspur flowers!

Larkspur Flowers History

Larkspur flowers are originally from the Mediterranean and were highly regarded in Greek Mythology. They were known to have grown from the blood of Ajax (a Greek hero) whose death occurred during the Trojan War. The flowers were introduced to Britain in the mid-1500s and shortly after went to other parts of the world. Due to the larkspur flower’s shape, the name in Greek was Delphinium (which means dolphin). However, once it was introduced to Britain it became larkspur. So, a new name for this flower was born.

Meaning and Symbolism of Larkspur Flowers

The larkspur flower is the July birth flower, and colors range from red to purple to pink, yellow, and white. The purple color symbolizes first love. It is also associated with an open heart, a strong bond of affection and love. These flowers have protective qualities known to ward off negative energies, which is how they ended up in cottage gardens during the Victorian era. They are said to bring good luck or good vibes to the space they are in or wherever they are displayed. More on their meanings below:                                                                                

Carolina Larkspur

Larkspur is July’s birth flower.


Strong Love Bond

Larkspur flowers represent the resilience that is very much needed against the challenges that are usually encountered in a solid long-term relationship. They also represent the deep emotions and the strong love bond shared between two individuals. These are popular when it is time to celebrate anniversaries or commitments.

Open Heartedness

These flowers convey the message of open-heartedness in such a beautiful way. They express the willingness to love, the welcoming of vulnerability, and the acceptance of one another for who they are. Larkspur suggests the capacity for compassion, forgiveness, empathy, and understanding. It is also a reminder to be able to express emotions freely and cultivate a connection with others.


Larkspur flowers bring an immense sense of joy. They can bring a touch of elegance with their graceful appearance to any setting. They remind you to stay focused and have the right attitude. Plus, these flowers bring positivity to others as well. They are like little floral messengers, reminding you of all the good fortune in your life — the little things you sometimes take for granted are represented by this flower, which has an exclusive appearance all its own.


These flowers symbolize genuine emotions and invite others to open up their heart and express what they feel in a way without pretense. They encourage transparency and trustworthiness. There’s an innocence to these flowers, representing untainted perceptions and hopeful intentions.

Proper Occasions for Larkspur Flowers

Delphinium ajacis close up background. Multicolored Larkspur flowers. Delphinium putple, blue, pink flowers grows in the garden, Flowering field with Rocket Larkspur (Consolida ambigua). orientalis

July birthdays are just one of the occasions when larkspur flowers make the perfect gift.

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July Birthdays

The individuals born in July bring love, care, and tenderness into the world. These flowers’ vibrant appearance points to the ability to love deeply and express warm feelings. The innocence of those born in July is exemplified by these flowers. Not only that but the exceptional way in which they emanate joy is displayed via the distinctive shape of the flowers and the way they rise, unbothered with other floral displays. Instead, they exist beautifully on their own.


Though these flowers are not as common as roses in these types of celebrations, they can still be incorporated into bouquets for this purpose. Their colors are white, blue, purple, and pink. You could pick the most meaningful colors for your relationship, add these whimsical flowers to a bouquet, and make it all your own.


Larkspur flowers have a unique flair, adding a joyful touch to bouquets. Someone in a new home has had to display open-heartedness, turn their attention to a new environment, trust the process, and embrace change. Larkspur flowers symbolize the leap you take when you open your heart to a new home, a new place to rest your head, a new place to imbue with your essence. They make a distinctive addition to a new home environment, sharing joy with the receiver.


Larkspur flowers add a touch of hope while denoting the strength of the love bond between two people who choose to spend their lives together. They can be used in decorations or bouquets, complementing the color scheme of the unifying affair while representing the intensity of the love that exists between two people.

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