Maltipoo Grooming Guide: 6 Tips for a Healthy and Beautiful Coat

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Written by Joyce Nash

Published: December 21, 2023

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Known for their adorable appearance and friendly natures, Maltipoos have quickly become a popular choice for a family pet despite being a relatively new breed. However, their unique curly coats need special attention to prevent tangles. Keep reading to learn all about the best grooming practices for Maltipoos and six tips for keeping their coats beautiful and healthy.


A Maltipoo is a cross between a Maltese and a poodle.


About Maltipoos

The Maltipoo dog breed is a hybrid that resulted from the mixing of Maltese dogs with either poodles or miniature poodles. Maltipoos are typically small to medium-sized dogs and can reach up to 20 pounds when fully grown. They are known for their friendly, playful dispositions and can be a great choice for families. Maltipoos are also highly trainable and respond well to positive reinforcement in the form of treats.

One of their most distinctive features is their coat. Maltipoos have curly or wavy hair, most commonly seen in white, silver, or cream colors, although Maltipoos can also have black, brown, or grey coats.

Are Maltipoos Hypoallergenic?

Thanks to their poodle genetics that leads to low rates of shedding, Maltipoos are considered hypoallergenic. Most people with dog allergies are triggered by dander, which is composed of dead skin cells. 

Dogs with fur tend to accumulate larger quantities of dander, since fur grows in thick layers and can trap dander. However, Maltipoos have hair instead of fur, which results in a longer, finer coat that does not hold on to accumulated dander. 

In addition, Maltipoos are a low-shedding dog breed. Because their hair grows in a single layer, it takes longer for each hair to grow to its full length before being shed. Maltipoos do not experience seasonal shedding like dogs with double-layer fur coats, making Maltipoos an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.

Maltipoo puppy eating

Maltipoos have hair, which leads to reduced shedding and dander compared to dogs with fur.


Different Maltipoo Coat Types

Maltipoos have three distinct types of coats. If a Maltipoo has more dominant Maltese genes, its hair tends to be mostly straight with a soft and silky coat. Maltipoos with more dominant poodle genes will have hair that forms a thick, curly coat. However, some Maltipoos fall in the middle of the spectrum with hair that creates a wiry, wavy coat.

Maltipoo Grooming Guidelines

Although Maltipoos shed less than other dog breeds, they still require regular grooming. Because their hair is long and fine, it can become easily tangled, leading to painful, matted clumps. To keep your Maltipoo’s coat silky and knot-free, be sure to brush them every day. Maltipoos — especially if they have long, curly hair — should be professionally groomed about every six weeks.

Check your Maltipoos nails on a regular basis, since long nails can be painful and impede a dog’s ability to walk. You can use special clippers to trim your Maltipoo’s nails at home or ask a professional groomer for a trim. In addition to hair and nails, keep an eye on your Maltipoo’s teeth. Regular brushing can help prevent tartar and plaque build-ups that lead to dental diseases.

Brushing a Maltipoo

Maltipoos require regular brushing to keep their hair free from tangles and mats.


Maltipoo Style Options

Because their hair can become quite long, Maltipoos require regular haircuts. Maltipoos’ curly hair can be styled in several different ways that maximize their cuteness and ensure a healthy coat.

  • Summer Cut: This short style will help your Maltipoo stay cool in hot weather and extend the time between grooming visits.
  • Teddy Bear Cut: This iconic Maltipoo style features a rounded coif that gives a distinct teddy bear appearance. This is a medium-length style that will require more frequent trips to the groomer to maintain.
  • Lamb Cut: This style keeps longer hair on the Maltipoo’s legs while the hair on their body is trimmed close. 
  • Puppy Cut: This popular and low-maintenance style features one to two inches of hair all over, with a little extra on top of the head for extra fluffiness.

Maltipoo Grooming Tips

When grooming your Maltipoo, it’s important to stay consistent. Check out these tips for stress-free grooming to help keep your dog happy and healthy with a silky, shiny coat.

1. Brush Their Coat Regularly

Make time for regular brushing to keep your Maltipoo’s hair from getting tangled or matted. If your dog won’t tolerate a full-body brushing session every day, focus on smaller sections of their coat at a time.

2. Check on Their Teeth

Keep an eye on your Maltipoo’s dental health. Aim to brush their teeth a few times a week to prevent plaque and tartar from building up.

3. Trim Their Nails

You can trim your Maltipoo’s nails at home to make sure they stay at a safe and healthy length.

4. Give Regular Baths

You can help your pup get used to bath time by making it a regular event. Most Maltipoos should be bathed once every few weeks, depending on their coat. Make sure to rinse the soap thoroughly from your Maltipoo’s hair to prevent their skin from becoming too dry.

5. Pick a Style

Choose a hairstyle that fits your Maltipoo’s levels of activity and comfort with being groomed. If your pup gets overly anxious at the groomer, then a short, low-maintenance style may be best.

6. Be Patient

Many dogs don’t enjoy being bathed or brushed, so take your time and use positive reinforcement to help your Maltipoo become comfortable with the process. Start with just a few minutes of brushing with plenty of treats and work your way up from there.

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