Meet The 5 Cutest Border Collies In The World

Written by Jennifer Gaeng
Updated: May 13, 2023
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Perhaps you’ve heard that border collies are one of the smartest breeds of dogs. But it’s not just their intelligence that makes them desirable; their coat colors are also gorgeous! Almost everyone thinks of border collies in terms of the stereotypical black-and-white color scheme. However, many color varieties of these canines exist.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes 17 different acceptable border collie coat colors: black, blue merle, blue, brindle, gold, lilac, red merle, red, sable merle, sable, saddleback sable, white and black, white and blue merle, white and blue, white and red merle, white and red, and white ticked.

In this article, you will meet the five cutest border collies in the world by color. We will also deliver some fun and interesting facts about border collies along the way. Let’s go!

1. Blue Merle Border Collie

In general, merle-patterned border collies are the rarest. It is one of the cutest border collies. The cost of a blue merle border collie can reach $5000. The price of a puppy from a champion line would be significantly higher than the average.

merle border collie sitting in field in fall

Blue merle is one of the rarest colors of a Border Collier.

©Medenka Nera/

Border Collie Appearance

Border collies look the part because that’s what they were bred to do. The average weight for a herding dog of this size range is between 35 and 45 pounds, and its lean build gives it strength and agility. Their coats can be either short and coarsely smooth or long and rough. Both have two layers of fur to keep them warm in winter and can be found in a rainbow of patterns and colors, however, the most frequent ones are black and white or a black, white, and tan tricolor. Border collies can have any number of coat colors and patterns, including the more uncommon merle and brindle.

Border collies are constantly on guard, as evidenced by their perked ears and occasional ear-pinning. Their tails are kept long and bushy, unlike those of certain working breeds, and they are constantly wagging. The eyes of this breed are well-known for being striking. The border collie’s eyes, which are oval and can be brown or light blue, never stop looking around. The breed’s acute vision aids them on the field so that fierce stare isn’t simply for show. Border collies are notorious for fixing their gaze on one animal, seemingly utilizing mind tricks to keep the herd in line.

2. Red Border Collie

A purebred border collie, the red merle has distinctive red and white splotchy patterns. Historically, red border collies have not been all that common. Actually, until recently, they were exceedingly rare.

red border collie

Red border collie in the




Border Collie Temperament

A border collie is a bright and active dog with a strong instinct to herd whatever it can get its paws on. They’d do best on a ranch or farm, where they have plenty of space to run around and could be put to good use. If you’re an energetic person who can devote time and energy to exercising your dog every day, this popular breed can indeed make a wonderful family pet.

These days, border collies are most often recognized for their athleticism and responsiveness in competitive canine sports. Among the most trainable dog breeds, the eager border collie picks up new skills quickly. Border collies are smart and eager to please, but they also have a strong will of their own. They are intelligent and loyal, but only to owners who are patient and persistent.

3. Gold Border Collie

Gold is a recessive hue found only in a small percentage of border collies. It is one of the cutest border collies. These dogs’ gold coats can be anywhere from pale cream to a deep golden brown.

gold border collie- cutest border collies

Golden border collie in the setting sun.

©Salyaeva Natalia/

Border Collie Personality

Border collies are high-energy dogs who need vigorous exercise and intellectual stimulation every single day or they will become destructive. Although border collies are most suited to the wide-open spaces of a ranch or farm, where they’re able to run and herd all day long, a border collie with an energetic owner may learn to live in the city. This dog breed needs a minimum of an hour of vigorous daily playtime to remain happy and healthy. If your border collie is bored and unattended, he or she may express their displeasure by ripping the stuffing out of your cushions.

Border collies may be self-sufficient in the field. However, they still want love and attention from their human family members just as much as any other dog. This is why it’s not a good idea to let a dog of this breed alone for extended periods of time. Border collies are the best running companions, and they also enjoy lengthy bike rides and hikes. Afterward, they are happy to relax on the couch. Border collies can be challenging for inexperienced dog owners due to their intelligence and high energy levels.

4. Sable Border Collie

The coats of sable border collies are typically tan with black tips. Their coat color can range from very light to very dark depending on the proportions of the two primary colors, although in most cases, they are not particularly dark. Occasionally, they’ll have white spots or accents. The sable coloration of these herding dogs is seen in a number of 19th-century British artworks.

sable border collie- cutest border collies

Sable border collie dog.

©Annabell Gsoedl/

Border Collie Physical Characteristics

The border collie’s double coat requires minor maintenance because it was developed to endure long working hours in all kinds of weather. There are two lengths and two textures available for the top coat, but they both have similar levels of self-cleaning efficiency. The average border collie only needs to be brushed once a week (or more often if its fur is longer) with a slicker brush. This is enough to keep the skin healthy, stop too much shedding and matting, and get rid of dirt and other debris. If you have one of these dogs, you should brush it at least once a day all year round and more frequently when it goes through its heavy shedding periods.

Coat sheen, nail length, ear, and dental health should all be checked during routine brushing sessions. If you can hear their nails clicking against the ground, it’s time to get a manicure. Gently scrub its outer ear canals till they’re a pale pink. If you and your dog enjoy spending time outside or have previously been in tall grasses, it is especially important to keep an eye out for foreign objects and signs of movement (which could indicate mites) in the ear canal.

5. Black and White Border Collie

Black and white border collies are one of the cutest border collies. The most common border collie color, many people refer to this dog as a “black and white” border collie, although the white coloring is actually a marking. Its body is black, but it has white markings on its head, neck, breast, foot, and tail. The existence of solid black border collies is disputed by the majority of dog experts, although some breeders insist, they do exist.

black and white border collie cutest border collies

Black and white border collie.


Border Collie Intelligence

Border collies are thought to be one of the smartest dog breeds, so it helps them a lot when their minds are challenged on a regular basis. Dogs of this breed have a natural propensity to learn, and they show great promise from the very first obedience classes they attend. Border collies can do a lot of different jobs, like work on farms, take part in search-and-rescue missions, or even play Frisbee professionally.

Intelligent, high-energy, and eager to please their human masters, border collies thrive on labor. Though manageable in stature (often only reaching 45 pounds), this working breed’s potent punch in a small body does not necessarily make it a good choice for city life.

Border collies, with their high IQs and boundless amounts of activity, are best suited for lives on farms, ranches, or in dog sports like agility. The border collie could be the perfect dog for you if you’re searching for a hard worker that is also friendly and outgoing.

Summary Of The 5 Cutest Border Collies In The World

#Border Collie
1Blue Merle Border Collie
2Red Border Collie
3Gold Border Collie
4Sable Border Collie
5Black and White Border Collie

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Tepepa79/

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