Moon Sextile Aspects for Each Planet in the Natal Astrology Chart

Written by Dayva Segal
Published: December 6, 2023
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Astrological aspects are angles that form between planets and points in an astrology chart. The chart is pictured on a 360° circle. A sextile occurs when two objects are 60° apart. It is generally considered a positive and easeful aspect. It is similar to a trine, which occurs when objects are 120° apart. However, trines tend to lead to more subconscious ease. Sextiles are more like skills and traits that someone has had to hone.

Sextiles don’t have to be 100% exact. In astrology, most aspects have an allowable “orb” of 10°. This means two objects that are between 50° and 70° apart would still be considered a sextile. The more exact the sextile, the stronger it is.

In your natal astrology chart, the Moon represents how you deal with your emotions, where your intuition lies, and how you prefer to nurture others and receive nurturing. According to some astrologers, the Moon also represents your relationship with your mother.

Natal Moon Sextile Aspects in Astrology

Aspects that touch your Moon affect how your emotions and intuition show up in your daily life. They show your tendencies of where your sensitivities lie, how you express your emotional side, and whether or not it is easy for you to trust your gut. They also affect how you give and receive care. Sextiles to your Moon combine the energies of both bodies in a way that is generally easeful for you.

Natal Moon Sextile Natal Sun

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Your inner world helps you reach your outer goals with this aspect.

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With your natal Moon and your natal Sun sextiling each other, you are probably pretty self-aware. You’re aware of your emotions but you don’t let them control you. You strike a balance between logic and emotional desire. Your emotions generally support your desires for your life, rather than hindering them. You don’t often get in your way. If you do, you find it easy to come to a quick resolution to the issue.

Natal Moon Sextile Natal Mercury

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Journaling is a good emotional outlet for those with natal Moon sextile natal Mercury.

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Your mind and your expression are at ease with each other when your natal Moon textiles your natal Mercury. You probably have a way with words, or at least you find it easy to express yourself. When you are going through a hard time, you probably turn to journaling or talking things out with a trusted friend. The way your mind works supports your emotional well-being. You find it easy to learn skills and think of ideas that support your big ideas in life.

Natal Moon Sextile Natal Venus

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You make connections easily if you have this aspect in your natal chart.

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Dealing with people comes naturally to you with the Moon sextiling Venus in your natal astrology chart. You often find yourself mediating conflict, making new friends in unexpected places, and helping people to feel great about themselves. You are likely a social connector who brings people together from different areas of your life. One of the dangers is getting in the middle of issues that don’t involve you. It’s easy for you to be a referee, but sometimes people need to work things out on their own.

Natal Moon Sextile Natal Mars

Electronics Development Engineer Professionals

You’ll easily focus on whatever you’re passionate about when your natal Moon sextiles your natal Mars.


When your natal Moon is sextile your natal Mars, your emotions support the things you need to get done. You prefer to be passionate about most things that you take on. If you don’t have at least one genuinely interesting project at any time, you’ll probably be bored or depressed. You are resilient and your emotions support you in moving through obstacles. However, you’re not so tenacious that you don’t know when to shift gears.

Natal Moon Sextile Natal Jupiter

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You are good at setting realistic goals with natal Moon sextile natal Jupiter.


You are a generous person, and you don’t stress about much. It’s easy for you to reach your goals, mainly because you have a pretty realistic idea of what is possible and what is not. However, sometimes this realistic outlook holds you back from going for some big crazy dream that is not a sure thing. You probably have a generally optimistic outlook and it’s easy for you to intuit which people are here to help you or harm you.

Natal Moon Sextile Natal Saturn

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You might come across as a serious yet thoughtful person with natal Moon sextile natal Saturn.

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While the Moon represents our relationship to our emotions, Saturn represents our relationship to restrictions, delays, and boundaries. When the two combine in a sextile, you probably take some time to think about your feelings before you express them. You want to be honest, but you don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings. You probably come off as an earnest, somewhat shy person.

Natal Moon Sextile Natal Uranus

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This aspect means you’d probably do well participating in a humanitarian or social justice group.

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When your natal Moon is sextile your natal Uranus, you are emotionally satisfied when you’re doing offbeat things. You don’t want to be seen or accepted as a normal person. In fact, you’re probably happier on the edges of society, but you still want to be part of a group. You enjoy participating in group activities related to your beliefs or morals. As you get older, you may become a social connection point for people with similar beliefs to you.

Natal Moon Sextile Natal Neptune

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You may express your emotions in a poetic, truthful way with your natal Moon sextile your natal Neptune.

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Stronger and more direct Moon-Neptune aspects like a conjunction and a trine have such a profound effect that it can be a little overwhelming to the moon. The sextile is usually a bit easier and allows the energies to combine in a fully complementary way. You dream, but you are still grounded in reality. You’re able to combine your emotions and express them without too much of Neptune‘s murkiness. Your intuition is realistic and helps you with your discernment but doesn’t have an edge of suspicion or paranoia.

Natal Moon Sextile Natal Pluto

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You are great at offering people support with your natal Moon sextile your natal Pluto.

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Your emotions support your life’s desires with this placement. You’re able to direct your feelings in a constructive way that helps you to get things done. You have a stunning intuition about people and their emotions. Even if they don’t tell you how they are feeling, you can probably guess from what they are saying. You are probably a very independent person. Even when you are in a relationship with someone else you want a lot of space.

Natal Moon Sextile Natal Chiron

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You are skilled at helping people with their core wounds with this aspect in your natal chart.

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With the natal Moon sextile your natal Chiron, you have a strong ability to soothe your deepest emotional wounds. You are able to nurture yourself and find healing more easily than other people. It’s not necessarily that it comes naturally to you, it’s simply that you are willing and able to find the resources you need to be okay. You are also quite intuitive when it comes to helping other people with their own emotional wounds.

Natal Moon Sextile Natal Black Moon Lilith

Pensive sad boy teenager in a blue shirt and jeans sitting at the window and closes his face with his hands.

You may have been shamed for your emotions in your youth with natal Moon sextile Black Moon Lilith.

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Natal Moon sextile your natal Black Moon Lilith means that you may have been shamed for having emotions as a child, but with resilience you have (or will) overcome that shame and fully embrace your emotional side. You will also find a community of people and partners who will accept everything about you, emotions and all. If you haven’t gotten there yet, don’t worry. You will. Despite the shame you can feel around your emotions, your quite resilient.

Natal Moon Sextile Natal Ascendant

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You are happiest when doing something you love if your natal Moon sextiles your natal Ascendant.

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When your Moon sextiles your ascendant in your natal astrology chart, your emotions guide your way, but they don’t rule your life. There is an alignment and ease between your outward persona and your emotional balance. This makes it easy for people to trust you and listen to your advice. However, having to do something that doesn’t feel fully aligned for you is more distressing than it is for most other people.

Natal Moon Sextile Natal North Node

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You need plenty of alone time with this aspect in your natal chart.

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This dynamic is typically similar to the natal Moon trine the natal South Node because the North Node and South Node are always 180° apart on the zodiac wheel. With this aspect in your chart, you must work to heal your childhood wounds around where you did not feel nurtured before you can fully embark on your life’s journey. This aspect means you are probably an empath; you absorb the emotions of other people. It’s important to you to find peace and quiet so you can correctly identify what your emotions actually are.

Natal Moon Sextile Natal South Node

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Moving through your emotions is part of your journey with natal Moon sextile natal South Node.

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With this aspect, you need to find a balance between honoring your emotional power and following your life’s path. Similarly to having the natal Moon trine the natal North Node, you have to go through some difficult emotions in order to access your life’s path and work. You’re an emotional person but you have to move through these emotions instead of holding onto them to find your purpose in this lifetime.

Natal Moon Sextile Natal Midheaven

Smiling woman talking to customer on headphones

When you’re doing work you care about, you will feel more emotionally and financially abundant.

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For you, with your natal Moon sextile your natal Midheaven, your work will not create abundance in your life unless it’s something you’re truly passionate about. When you are in the flow of your career and purpose, the abundance will flow both emotionally and financially. Because your work is so important to you, you can be emotionally sensitive around criticism, especially in the workplace. Instead of allowing it to penetrate your being, see it as an opportunity to create stronger relationships in your career.

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