Moon Trine Aspects for Each Planet in the Natal Astrology Chart

Written by Dayva Segal
Published: December 4, 2023
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In Western astrology, the moon is considered one of three important points in the natal astrology chart. The “big three” are Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Rising Sign. The sun represents your personality and motivations. Your rising sign represents how other people see you.

The Moon Sign represents your emotional depths. It reflects your relationship to intuition, creativity, and your subconscious. When other planets form aspects to your Moon in your natal astrology chart, it can affect how and where the qualities of your Moon sign show up in your life.

A trine is one of five major aspects in astrology. It is typically an easeful aspect where the energy flows nicely between two bodies. Trines occur in natal astrology charts when two objects are 120° apart. Because trines are four signs apart, they generally occur in signs of the same element. This is part of what makes the energy flow between the two bodies.

Trines can be up to 10° off and still be considered a trine. The difference in degrees is called an orb. For example, a trine with an orb of 5.4° would be 5.4° off from being an exact trine.

Natal Moon Trine Aspects in Astrology

When the moon trines other aspects in a natal astrology chart, the moon and the other object are supporting each other. These moon aspects can increase intuition in certain areas of life, and can speak to which emotions are easy for you to express.

Natal Moon Trine Natal Sun

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Those with natal Moon trine natal Sun may find contentment more easily than others.

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With your natal Moon trine your natal Sun, there is a balance between your overall life motivations and what makes you feel emotionally secure. You feel inner peace most of the time. Of course, things happen that can set you off balance but your default setting is a content equilibrium. You are probably a somewhat open-minded person because your intuition is trustworthy. Because you have such an easeful way with your emotions, when difficult or negative things happen, you may feel ill-equipped to deal with them.

Natal Moon Trine Natal Mercury

When two people come to an agreement over a specific topic, they shake hands on it. In regard to the topic of recruitment, when one has decided who they want to recruit, they may shake hands on it.

You may be particularly good at negotiations with your natal Moon trine your natal Mercury.

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With this aspect in your natal chart you have a way with words. Your intuition informs what you say and you might be a very good writer or orator. Regardless, you give great advice and are probably a good listener. You could also make a great salesperson as there is a connection between your intuition nd your communication. However, you are typically a giver of advice. You may have a harder time opening up and accepting advice from others.

Natal Moon Trine Natal Venus

Man carries daughter on his back

You are a naturally nurturing person with this aspect in your natal chart.


If you have natal Moon trine natal Venus you are a caring, attuned, and attentive partner in relationships. You know how to give yourself what you need in general. Being a nurturer comes naturally to you. Even if you don’t consider yourself conventionally attractive, you have a certain type of beauty that makes those around you feel comfortable. You probably enjoy some type of creative art and enjoy beautifying yourself or your environment.

Natal Moon Trine Natal Mars

Young professionals company employees diverse staff members gather together sit on chairs brainstorming solving working moments having dispute express opinion point of view. Teamwork briefing activity

Your Moon trine Mars in your natal chart gives you the power to use your anger to get things done more positively.


Mars is the planet of anger and passion. When it combines with your Moon in this way natally, you have the power to use your anger to energize you towards your goals, rather than express it in harmful ways. That’s not to say you will never get angry at people, but the Moon trine Mars gives you the power to use your anger intuitively to lead to a good outcome for everyone. Your passions and you emotions support each other. You are also probably an attentive and intuitive lover.

Natal Moon Trine Natal Jupiter

Couple of young men talking on the stairs

You enjoy helping your friends with useful advice with your natal Moon trine Jupiter.

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Those with Moon trine Jupiter in their natal charts are stable, generous people. If you have this placement, you are generous with your time and emotional support. You never feel put out when you take the time to give a friend advice. Your intuition is abundant and people often feel better after talking to you. You have an infectious (but not overwhelming) positivity. On the rare occasions that you feel down, you’re able to reason yourself out of your funk.

Natal Moon Trine Natal Saturn

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Plenty of alone time allows you to feel and process your emotions with natal Moon trine natal Saturn.

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With your Moon trine Saturn natally, you are an emotional person, but you don’t show that side of yourself to everyone. You feel most emotionally satisfied when you have structure. Your alone time and boundaries make you feel emotionally safe. You don’t love rapid change, but that is not a problem. You are stable and people generally know what to expect from you. This allows you to put down solid roots in life and build long-lasting relationships.

Natal Moon Trine Natal Uranus

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You will likely surround yourself with people who share your morals with natal Moon trine natal Uranus.

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The Moon trine Uranus in the natal chart makes you an idealistic person. You are drawn to people who have similar values to you. With this placement, you can be closed-minded to people who think differently than you, but you are open-minded to new, forward-thinking ideas. You feel emotional satisfaction when you bring innovation into the world, and when people recognize you for your unique ideas.

Natal Moon Trine Natal Neptune

Painting with watercolors

With your natal Moon trine natal Neptune, you may be artistic and creative.


Both the Moon and Neptune affect creativity. With your Moon and Neptune trining each other in the natal chart, you’re probably drawn towards the arts in some way. Or, you may simply be a creative thinker. Your emotions are in line with your inner dreams and imaginings. This helps you to dream big and actually make incredible things happen. You have a special ability to relate to people and what they are going through, so you probably give wonderful advice and are a great friend.

Natal Moon Trine Natal Pluto

Businesswoman, planning and writing idea in meeting, calendar or agenda, sticky note or innovation. Idea, brainstorming and black woman leader with goal or problem solving, teamwork or solution

You don’t let things keep you from your goals with natal Moon trine natal Pluto.

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With this aspect in your natal chart fulfilling your ambitions gives you more emotional satisfaction than other people. You are tenacious and have the emotional satisfaction to deal with difficulties that come your way. Roadblocks never stop you from reaching your goals. You are intuitive and know what people want. You use this intuition for good and to help you complete projects. However, you must be careful not to veer into “manipulative” territory due to your stunning insight into the human psyche.

Natal Moon Trine Natal Chiron

Mental Health Professional, Mental Health, Psychotherapy, Patient, Talking

You might make a great therapist with natal Moon trine natal Chiron.


Because the Moon can represent the mother or nurturing and Chiron represents our greatest wound, having these two trine in the natal astrology chart can ease your wounding. You have the power not only to nurture yourself but also to reflect healing onto other people. Others will learn from the work you do on yourself whether by simple observation or formal education or information sharing on your part.

Natal Moon Trine Natal Black Moon Lilith

Those with natal Moon trine natal Black Moon Lilith are comfortable with things others avoid.

© Kubeš

With your Moon trine your Black Moon Lilith, you feel emotionally comfortable with heavy and occult topics. Things that would make other people feel ashamed are what you’re attracted to. You refuse to let anyone make you feel shame for these interests and persuasions. This can lead to difficulties in your life. People are jealous of your internal freedom, so they may retaliate against you and exclude you. As you age, you’ll find people who accept you fully.

Natal Moon Trine Natal Ascendant

Psychology, mental health and support group with a woman in counseling for help with depression and anxiety with a psychologist she can trust. Communication, community or counselor with a sad patient

You’d probably make a great group facilitator with your natal Moon trine your natal Ascendant.

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If you have Moon trine Ascendant natally, your outer presentation is at ease with your inner emotions. People are drawn to this calm consistency. You speak about your feelings from a non-judgemental and non-threatening place. People feel safe to tell you their true inner thoughts. You may be emotional, but your ability to communicate your feelings eases difficulties during painful moments.

Natal Moon Trine Natal North Node

A young blonde sad woman is sitting behind the wheel of a car and holding her head in despair, covering her eyes with her hand. Side view. Stress while driving a right-hand drive car.

Working through your emotions is part of your life’s work with natal Moon trine natal North Node.

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With the Moon trine the North Node in the natal chart, your emotions are important to you and you’re likely an emotional person. Sorting through your emotional challenges will get you closer to your life’s path. Nurturing others, and allowing yourself to be nurtured is another thing that will set you up to find and achieve your life’s purpose.

Natal Moon Trine Natal South Node

Middle aged asia people old mom holding hands trust comfort help young woman talk crying stress relief at home. Mum as friend love care hold hand adult child feel pain sad worry of life crisis issues.

Allowing someone to care for you can help you overcome any stuck emotional states caused by the Moon trine your South Node in your natal chart.

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With this Moon-South Node position, your emotions are a bit stuck in the past. You may be quite nostalgic or stuck on a traumatic even that happened in your youth. You crave nurturing to overcome this, but you have a complicated relationship with both giving and receiving care. The key to your healing and being able to move forward in life is to allow yourself to receive nurturing from others, learn how to nurture yourself, and then be able to give nurturing to others.

Natal Moon Trine Natal Midheaven


With your natal Moon trine your natal Midheaven you are great at making people feel comfortable at work.


Having your Moon trine your Midheaven in your natal astrology chart makes you very intuitive at work. You have a way of working with people that makes them feel at ease and you are probably great at resolving workplace conflicts. However, you can easily prioritize work above all else leading to emotional burn out. It’s important to take some time off for self care so you can remain involved in your work, which is what will make you happiest in life.

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