Are Mountains In Florida?

Written by Tracy Graham
Published: October 16, 2022
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Are mountains in Florida? Yes, there are 238 names mountains in Florida as well as some tall hills. Most people think that because Florida is mostly known for its beaches and that it doesn’t have any high hills or mountains, but not all of Florida is beaches. Inland areas do have some high hills that have fantastic hiking and camping. Some even offer a unique view of the Florida landscape and the white sand beaches that Florida is famous for.

So, while serious mountain climbers may not head to Florida for the ultimate summit challenge, there is still a lot of Florida to see from tall hills and mountains like these:

Florida mountains

While Florida is largely thought of as a beach destination, there are also some sweeping mountains in Florida too.

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10 Mountains in Florida

The tallest mountains in Florida and some of the best hiking spots include:

Britton Hill

Located in: Walton County
Height: 345 feet
Nearby City:  Lakewood

Known For: Britton Hill is the tallest mountain in Florida at 345 feet. While that might not seem like it’s very tall in a state like Florida that is a high elevation. This mountain in Florida is a popular destination because it’s a very easy hike and it does provide some great views.

Families love to visit Britton Hill because of the easy hiking. There are three trails that lead through nearby Lakewood Park and lead to the summit of Britton Hill. All of the trails are family-friendly and allow families with small kids to get a real hiking experience. There are also some other great places in the area to visit like Strickland’s Christmas Tree Farm which is open in the fall and winter.

Sugarloaf Mountain

Located in: Lake County
Height: 312 feet
Nearby City:  Clermont

Known For: Sugarloaf Mountain isn’t the tallest point in Florida but it’s the most prominent point in Florida. It rises over 240 feet above the surrounding land. From the top of this mountain hikers and cyclists get treated to stunning views of Lake Apopka. And on clear days the edge of the city of Orlando is visible.

While this mountain does have hiking trails and some hikers and trail runners use it Sugarloaf Mountain is a favorite destination for cyclists who use the steep ascent and rocky terrain as training to hone their mountain biking skills and their physical fitness. But the views from the top are worth the climb for hikers that want a unique place to watch the sunrise or the sunset over the green fields and Lake Apopka.

Falling Water Hill

Located in: Washington County
Height: 97 feet
Nearby City: Chipley

Known For: Falling Water Hill isn’t a mountain, but it’s still unforgettable. Located in Falling Water State Park and near the gorgeous Blue Lake there are plenty of opportunities to get in some great hiking in this area. But what makes Falling Water Hill special is that from the top you can look out over the largest waterfall in Florida.

In order to experience the majestic falls you will need to take Sinkhole Trail. Sinkhole Trail meanders through lush forest and is made up of sections of built up boardwalk and dirt paths.

This trail leads to the top of Falling Water Hill where you can look down over the waterfall. The water from the waterfall runs down into a natural massive stone sink hole. It’s an amazing sight to see and something that you won’t forget.

High Hill

Located in: Washington County
Height: 323 feet
Nearby City:  Vernon

Known For: Several of the best mountains in Florida for hiking are located in Washington County. High Hill, Oak Hill, and Falling Water Hill are all in Washington County.

Many families like to plan a camping trip to Falling Water State Park and use that as a base of operations. From Falling Water State Park it’s easy to take short trips to hike up High Hill and Oak Hill.

Even though the hiking trails in Florida are usually easy because the elevations are not high remember that the humidity and heat can be dangerous if you’re hiking in the summer. Always bring lots of water with you when you’re hiking and makes sure to stop and rest frequently. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Chinsegut Hill

Located in: Hernando County
Height: 269 feet
Nearby City:  Tampa Bay

Known For: Chinsegut Hill is one of the gems of Florida’s historical sites. The hill has seen some of the most dramatic moments of Florida’s history. Chinsegut Hill isn’t one of the mountains in Florida but it is one of the most important places in Florida.

It’s a 114 acre nature preserve and historical site that has been witness to most of Florida’s history. There is a large historical house at the top of the hill which visitors can tour, but much of the magic of Chinsegut Hill is in the surrounding nature preserve.

If you’re looking for a fantastic way to get your kids outdoors and having some fun in the sun taking them to Chinsegut Hill to wander the nature paths, see the animals, and enjoy the beauty of this preserved spot is the perfect family outing.

Iron Mountain

Located in: Polk County
Height: 295 feet
Nearby City:  Lake Wales

Known For: Iron Mountain is a mountain in Florida that sits on Florida’s Peninsula. It’s one of the tallest mountains in Florida. But that’s not really the biggest draw. What makes Iron Mountain special is that at the summit sits the amazing Bok Tower Gardens.

The Bok Tower Gardens are carefully curated and maintained lush green gardens with water features, flowers, trees, and lots of places where you can sit and just enjoy the stunning beauty of nature. These gardens are a great destination for people who want a quiet place to meditate in nature, read, or just sit in the stillness and listen to the sounds of nature.

If you want peace and serenity go to Bok Tower Gardens early in the morning before it gets crowded with people.

Nursery Hill

Located in: Pasco County
Height: 243 feet
Nearby City:  Dade City

Known For: Nursery Hill is a very easy to hike hill in Florida. That makes it perfect for families that want to take small kids out for a day of play in the outdoors but don’t want to take them on a serious hike. It’s also a great hike for people that are new to hiking or just starting a fitness journey who want a hike that isn’t going to be too much for their abilities.

Anytime you’re hiking in Florida you need to be sure that you have lots of cool water with you. While some mountains in Florida have water available if you need it not all of them do. It’s smart to bring water with you just in case you need it. And if you’re new to hiking make sure that you build up your stamina slowly. Short hikes will help your body acclimate to hiking in the extreme heat and humidity of Florida.

Munden Hill

Located in: Hernando County
Height: 262 feet
Nearby City:  Brooksville

Known For: Munden Hill is a fun hill to hike in Florida. It’s part of the Florida Scenic Trail network and it’s accessible for cyclists from the Suncoast Parkway Trail and the Good Neighbor Trail.

There’s also a new trail that is currently being built in Brooksville called the Coast To Coast Trail which will also include Munden Hill. Whether you are a trail runner, hiker, or cyclist you will enjoy Munden Hill. Cyclists in particular use Munden Hill for training.

When you’re not hiking or cycling on Munden Hill be sure to check out Brooksville. It’s a dynamic little city with some fantastic shops and restaurants as well as historical sites that you can tour.

If you’re looking for a fun family day trip head to Brooksville where you can hike in the morning before it gets warm and spend the day exploring Brooksville.

Pleasant Ridge

Located in: Holmes County
Height: 299 feet
Nearby City:  Piedmont

Known For: Pleasant Ridge is one of the tallest mountains in Florida. If you are looking for a hike that will challenge you and you are a relatively experienced hiker then you should give Pleasant Ridge a try. The views from the top are gorgeous even though this hill is only about 300 feet in elevation. But the ascent makes it a relatively tough climb for a beginner hiker or for small children.

If you’ve done smaller hikes and you feel like you can handle something a little more difficult then hiking up Pleasant Ridge is a great way to start pushing yourself to the next level of hiking. Since there aren’t a lot of tall mountains in Florida hiking all of the highest mountains in Florida is a good way to get more physically fit. Then you can take on higher mountains in other states.

Sandy Mountain

Located in: Washington County
Height: 295 feet
Nearby City:  Wausau

Known For: Like many of the other mountains in Florida Sandy Mountain is really more of a hill. But, it’s one of the largest mountains in Florida and one of the tallest elevations in the state. And in a state like Florida that is pretty flat and just about at sea level any elevation will give you stunning views.

From the top of Sandy Mountain you can look out through Washington County and see some of the other tall points in Florida and the beautiful green grass and trees that do exist in Florida, even though most people only think of beaches when they think of Florida.

10 Tallest Points In Florida

  • Britton Hill
  • High Hill
  • Falling Water Hill
  • Sugarloaf Mountain
  • Danley Hill
  • Pleasant Ridge
  • Iron Mountain
  • Hudson Hill
  • Sandy Mountain
  • Orange Hill

Highest Point In Florida

Britton Hill – 344 feet

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