National English Bulldog Day April 21st: Date, Origin, and Ways to Celebrate

Written by Keyana Beamon
Published: December 2, 2023
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National English Bulldog Day is celebrated on April 21st each year, so you can prepare to celebrate on April 21st, 2024! English bulldogs are super affectionate and loyal. Let’s not overlook the wrinkles, snores, and stockiness this breed brings. This breed is rated number four in the United States as the most popular dog breed! Working in the veterinary field, I can attest that this is true! English bulldogs have a life span of 8 to 10 years; however, they can live as long as possible with proper care.

Adorable  English bulldog poses in the autumn in the park

These majestic creatures make for the perfect dog model!

©Vera Reva/

History of National English Bulldog Day

There is a specific day to celebrate these adorable creatures because of the history of English bulldogs. English bulldogs were recognized by dog breeders in 1886. This dog breed is associated with the Asiatic Mastiff of Mesopotamia of 4,000 BC. English bulldogs were bred to assist butchers in controlling livestock and bullbaiting. Unfortunately, this caused this breed to have an aggressive temperament and bad rap similar to Pit bulls. Eventually, bullbaiting was banned in 1835. With the hopes of bullbaiting being banned, England had hoped the breed would go extinct; however, that was not the case. Germany wanted English bulldogs to crossbreed with Boxers, and the United States wanted them for herding cattle. England then decided to try breeding English bulldogs with other breeds with a better temperament, hoping to eliminate the aggressive behavior. It seems like this trick worked.

Famous English Bulldogs

What better way to celebrate these creatures than acknowledging the famous English Bulldogs throughout history? Universities and colleges have made this breed an iconic mascot for years. Many famous English bulldogs exist, but I wanted to name a few in this section.

  • Tillman: Famous for his excellent skateboarding skills. He holds the Guinness World Record for being the fastest dog on a skateboard. He also was on the Greatest American Dog Show. What’s cuter than a skateboarding English bulldog?
  • Uga: Uga is the current Mascot of the University of Georgia Bulldogs. Uga has been in the role since 2015.
  • Old Boy: Old Boy is the only English bulldog that has lived in the White House. His owner was former president Warren G. Harding.
Joyful English bulldog riding a skateboard on the street

I am unsure about you, but seeing an English Bulldog on a skateboard is cool!


How Can You Celebrate National English Bulldog Day?

If you own an English bulldog, this national day is perfect for celebrating with your best companion. Many English bulldog owners celebrate by giving their furry companion treats or dressing them in their best costume. Use social media to show off your short and stocky friend by using “#NationalBulldogsAreBeautifulDay.” The hashtag allows bulldog owners to connect and comment on how unique this breed is. Drake University hosts the annual competition of the most beautiful bulldogs. English bulldogs can show off their vibrant personalities during this competition on pageant walks. You can also dance around your living room with your wrinkly friend to several classic songs explicitly made for English bulldogs. The Beatles, Jim Stafford, and Sawyer Brown are music artists who have made a song regarding these furry creatures.

working dog - bulldog dressed up like construction worker on white background

Dress up your furry friend and use #NationalBulldogsAreBeautifulDay!

©WilleeCole Photography/


In conclusion, whether you are an English Bulldog owner or love this breed, mark your calendars to celebrate this unique breed. This breed had a bad history to start but is now a well-known and lovable breed to honor. English bulldogs are the top breed featured in art or television ads, like other breeds. So why not celebrate and enjoy this lovable breed?!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © WilleeCole Photography/

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