National Ferret Day 2024: Date, Origin, and Ways to Celebrate

Written by Alanna Davis
Published: November 29, 2023
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Are you the proud owner of a ferret, or just a huge fan of these little creatures? No matter what your relationship to this wonderful animal, National Ferret Day is a time when passionate ferret-lovers can celebrate them! Let’s dive into the history of this holiday and explore some exciting ways you can join in on the fun.

Origins of National Ferret Day

Albino ferret

Ferrets typically live between five and 10 years.


National Ferret Day was first created out of a need to restore the reputation of these small and loving animals. Ferrets have been widely loved and appreciated throughout history. Even so, many people harbor a negative opinion of these animals due to their odor or similarity to pests. Some states have even banned the ownership of ferrets outright, and this holiday seeks to correct this grave error.

According to Days of the Year, “National Ferret Day was officially recognized in 2014, although it had in fact been created several years before that by Carol Roche, a New Yorker enchanted by her new pet, which she said was “as affectionate and social as a puppy and independent and playful as a kitten.” National Ferret Day lands on April 2nd every year. All are welcome to celebrate National Ferret Day and join in on the festivities! Let’s discuss some ways you can spend the day.

Fun Facts About Ferrets


Although we typically think of ferrets as domesticated animals, some are still in the wild today.

© Consaul

Ferrets are incredible little animals. They were originally domesticated to hunt other animals, such as rabbits or rodents. They became invaluable to humans, and their skill at performing this task was unmatched. As time progressed, hunting became less of a necessity, and today ferrets are simple house pets. Another surprising fact is that overbathing your ferret may lead to increased odor. This may lend to the negative stereotype that these animals are dirty, as increased bathing leads to increased smell. However, experienced owners know the truth!

Ferrets are big softies, and they love to socialize with their owners. Although they may not be affectionate in the same way that dogs are, they do enjoy spending time with their humans. In addition, they’re highly intelligent, and many can learn simple commands in due time. They make great pets for those who tend to work a lot. However, if this is the case, invest in a pair.

1. Adopt a Ferret

For those of you who have been dying to add one of these mischievous and adorable creatures to your family, why not go all-in on National Ferret Day? There are many ferrets out there who are looking for their forever home. This day provides a great opportunity to make a difference in a ferret’s life.

2. Spend Time Volunteering at a Ferret Rescue

silver mitted blaze ferret

Ferrets, much like cats, love to nap several times a day.


Yes, you read that right. Ferret rescues do exist, although they are much less common than dog and cat rescues. If you have one in your area, call to see if you can spend some time volunteering. This is a great way to give back to the community and help ease the burden of the rescue staff. If you can’t adopt one but still want to spend some time around ferrets, there’s no better way to spend your day!

3. Spread Awareness on Social Media

Male ferret (panda color) in a forest

California and Hawaii have outlawed owning ferrets as pets.


One place you can guarantee all ferret lovers will gather is on the internet. On National Ferret Day, many owners take to social media to share pictures of their beloved pets. In addition, enthusiasts are present as well. Although not everyone who partakes in this holiday owns a ferret, it has helped to create a booming online community of those passionate about this animal. No matter how you choose to spend this holiday, it’s a great idea to raise awareness online. Use the hashtag #NationalFerretDay to join the community and share your love!

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