National Rottweiler Day 2024: Date, Origin, and Ways to Celebrate

Rottweiler standing in field with tongue out

Written by Sarah Barkley

Published: November 20, 2023

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If you have a Rottweiler or want to get one, you likely don’t need a reason to celebrate their existence. However, National Rottweiler Day is an entire day dedicated to them.  

National Rottweiler Day is June 28, 2024, and despite being celebrated for years, the exact details of its origin are unknown. Not only does the day celebrate Rottweilers, but it also teaches people about and provides a positive view of them.  

Rottweilers are one of the most popular breeds in America, being the third most registered in 2020 with the American Kennel Club. People love them for their intelligence, loyalty, and courageousness

How to Celebrate National Rottweiler Day 

young rottweiler running on the beach in spring

You can come up with creative ideas for celebrating your Rottweiler and making unforgettable memories.

Since National Rottweiler Day is a relatively new celebration without many planned public events, there will likely be many new traditions over the next few years. You can even start your own to make the day special for your family.  

Throw a Party 

One of the fun ways to celebrate National Rottweiler Day includes throwing a party. You can invite friends and family with dogs so your pets can play together. If you use this idea, don’t forget to have dog-friendly desserts and foods, plus things for humans to eat.   

Adopt a Dog 

You can celebrate National Rottweiler Day by adopting a dog, whether it be a Rottweiler or another breed. Visit your local shelter to choose a new addition for your family. If you can’t adopt a dog, consider volunteering instead. Shelters often need volunteers to play with or walk dogs, clean cages, and more.  

Give Donations 

You can also celebrate by donating toys, blankets, food, and other necessities to Rottweiler organizations. If you can’t find an organization specific to Rottweilers in your area, you can donate to a shelter instead. 

Have a Photo Shoot 

Celebrating your dog’s beauty is a fun way to celebrate National Rottweiler Day. Set up a photo shoot with your pet and spend some time getting shots of them doing things they enjoy. You can enter the perfect photo into a contest to see if your Rottweiler can win you both a prize. 

Spoil Your Pet 

A simple but exciting celebration option is buying your pet a few new toys. Or, you can take them to a doggy play resort for a fun experience.  

Celebrate Their History 

Rottweilers have an incredible history that highlights their strength. Consider planning a celebration of their history, including Rottweilers’ days as cattle herders, butcher and farmer cart pullers, German Police Dogs, and more. Don’t forget to recognize their most important role as pets, friends, and protectors.   

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