Pisces Birthstones: Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Written by Aaron Webber
Published: November 4, 2023
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Pisces is the final sign of the astrological zodiac, and whether or not you believe in astrology or the power of the zodiac, it still holds an important place in many cultures around the world. If you are a Pisces, or someone in your life is, it can mean a lot to include their birthstone as part of a gift or relationship symbol. But what are the Pisces birthstones? What are their meanings? And how can you use them properly?

Pisces Symbology and Meaning

Astrology sign Pisces against starry sky

Pisceans are intuitive, creative, kind-hearted people. Two fish symbolize their creative, unfocused nature.


Pisces means fish in Greek and Latin, and their zodiac sign is appropriately two fish. It is a mutable, negative sign associated with all things water, oceans, and fluidity. Pisces covers the dates between February 18 and March 20 every year and is ruled by Neptune. It is one of the oldest zodiac signs in the world, dating back as far as 2300 BCE when the two fish were decorated onto an Egyptian coffin lid.

Those born under the Pisces sign are usually friendly, open, and welcoming. They are ruled by Neptune, which is named for the god of the seas, earthquakes, and horses. Pisces tend to be people-pleasers and are always going the extra mile to make sure those around them are taken care of and happy.

Because they are a water sign, they have deep emotional capacity and rich empathy. They have strong feelings yet can be laid back and extremely agreeable. Because Neptune is associated with music, dreams, and creativity, these people are intrinsically artistic and creative themselves. They love to explore illusion and escapism above all other forms of art.

Like water, and especially the oceans, Pisces people can easily adapt to any situation. They are flexible and moldable. But just like the ocean, they can be mysterious, magical, much deeper than you realize, and conceal hidden dangers under a seemingly calm surface. It may take a lot to get a Pisces angry, but once they get going, their passions can take hold of them.

Religious Symbology of Pisces

Pisces is a particularly important sign today because we live in the age of Pisces. This age began around the year 1 CE and will end around 2150 CE. Because the year of the age of Pisces coincides with what Christians consider the beginning of the story of Christ, the age of Pisces and its symbology have been tied very closely to the story of Christianity. In fact, early Christians wove many aspects and symbols of Pisces into early history. This includes Jesus calling himself a fisher of men and early followers called themselves little fishes. Saint Peter is regarded as the Pisces apostle.

Pisces Birthstones and Symbolism

polished aquamarine (blue beryl) gemstone cutout on white background

Aquamarine. The traditional gem associated with Pisces.


Because each zodiac sign covers two months, they will have two stones associated with them. For Pisces, these stones are Amethyst for the month of February, and Aquamarine for the month of March. Additionally, other crystals and gems can be associated with Pisces based on their attributes, or their close ties to Neptune, the ruler of Pisces.

Aquamarine (March)

Astrologists consider aquamarine the primary birthstone of Pisces. Ancient people long associated its deep color with the ocean. Its name literally means seawater in Latin. So, you can see why it’s tied so closely to Pisces. Ancient Romans believed the aquamarine gem would protect them while traveling across the seas and ward off illnesses.

Aquamarines invoke feelings of hope, calmness, clarity, and peace. This is especially true of the kind of peace you feel after a brutal storm at sea. It embodies the energies of tranquility and harmony, and all the emotions of a deep ocean. One of its greatest strengths is helping with emotional healing.

When a Pisces is feeling overwhelmed by their creative energies, or the pressures of other people, they might be tempted to turn to escapism or fantasy. The aquamarine gem, therefore, is a useful tool in helping them calm their mind and channel their peaceful nature to more fruitful endeavors.

Many people believe that aquamarine gems hold an incredibly high amount of positive energy and that they can help those who struggle to communicate their ideas or feelings. People seek out this positive energy to increase the effectiveness of their meditation or spiritual work. It can promote stronger family bonds when included in home decoration and encourage positive habits when incorporated into a workspace.

Aquamarine has a strong connection with the throat chakra. It is particularly useful in channeling and strengthening any work done with the throat, thyroid, and other activities related to the fifth chakra.

This captivating gem also has lines and structures that are almost absolutely perfect. This reflects the nature of Pisces to be calm and unmovable in their creative work. Some call aquamarine the mermaid stone because of its close tie to the ocean and the ability to ward away storms and dangers at sea.

Those who use aquamarine in spiritual practices say it can help with communicating with other-dimensional beings. Additionally, it can aid with connecting with your inner child, meditation, and protecting your spirit.

Amethyst (February)

The amethyst gem is closely associated with spirituality, healing, and peace. Those who use it believe in its ability to bring a clear mind and soothing dreams. It can help free the mind from unnecessary worries and burdens, allowing it to express itself more honestly.

Many people believe that amethysts can protect the wearer from physical harm and help the body heal physical wounds. In the metaphysical realm, the amethyst can protect the wearer from insomnia and nightmares. In fact, another name for amethyst is the dream stone, because of its ability to protect and influence the dreams of those who use it.

While today it is a semi-precious gem, it was highly valuable in ancient times. Kings, priests, and wealthy nobles often used it in decoration and protective jewelry. The Catholic Church even made it their official gem.

There are many benefits to using and wearing amethyst, according to different cultures and belief systems. These benefits can include protection against psychic influences, a stronger immune system, improved immune system, improved recovery from alcohol consumption, spiritual awareness, and stress and pain relief.

Those who use amethyst in spiritual practices say it has some specific uses. Allegedly, it can help with astral projection, connecting with a higher self, improving cosmic awareness, and even help with telekinesis.

Other Pisces Birthstones

Amethyst gemstone and healing herbs on white wooden table, closeup

The traits of amethyst amplify and strengthen the energy of the Pisces sign.

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There are additional Pisces birthstones. Some people tie these gems to Pisces based on their attributes, colors, or uses. These include bloodstone, jade, ruby, jasper, fluorite, and lapis lazuli. We encourage you to research which stones might serve you better than others. Do some inner work to determine what problems and obstacles you face, incorporate the symbology of your own zodiac, and then make use of the stones that will have the biggest impact. Or just pick the ones you like the most!

Whether you or someone in your life is a Pisces, you can’t go wrong with aquamarine or amethyst. These are powerful stones full of energy, history, culture, and symbolism. They will aid you in your spiritual work, or simply look beautiful in jewelry or in your home. We have just barely scratched the surface of the significance of these stones. There is a wealth of knowledge and information waiting for you about each of them.

If you want more help finding the perfect gift for your significant other, or simply want to dive into the history of these gems, we recommend you start with the fascinating world of the zodiac along with its gems and symbolism.

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