15 Plants You Can Use to Make a Gorgeous Autumn Wreath

Written by Sam Hindman
Updated: October 6, 2023
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There are so many things to love about the fall season! Excitement for all of the approaching holidays, cozy evenings indoors with your loved ones, and cool, enjoyable weather, to name a few. What’s the best way to represent this fantastic season within your home? By creating a beautiful autumn wreath, of course!

Having your own autumn wreath is an excellent way to harness some creative energy and impress your family and friends. It can also be an activity that you do with your loved ones together, an excellent way to spend some quality time. The only trouble with wreath making, though, is the tough choice of what exactly to use!

With so many plants looking their best in fall, there are seemingly endless options. This article will help you meander through all of your possible choices and narrow them down to the best and most qualified options. Plus, if you stick around until the end, you’ll get some extra helpful tips and tricks to make your wreath the best it can be!

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Plants to Use For Your Autumn Wreath

Thanksgiving wreath on a blue door

Although we’re giving you some great suggestions, remember that the best additions to any autumn wreath are ones that hold significance to you!

©GJS/iStock via Getty Images

As we already mentioned, there is certainly an abundance of choices for your autumn wreath additions. Keep in mind that, though we might mention specific plants in this article, the sky is the limit. Use your own creative judgment to determine what works best for your wreath, as projects like these turn out the best when they are charged with love and sincerity instead of the mere act of following instructions. Besides, depending on where you live, not all of the plants listed below may be accessible. Listen to your intuition and use these suggestions as a loose guideline instead of hard and fast rules!


The first essential element you should consider when making your autumn wreath is the inclusion of leaves. After all, they’re the best visual indicator of the changing of the seasons! There are plenty of beautiful trees to choose from, but here are a few suggestions for ones that make the most impact.

Oak: Oak leaves are always a solid choice because of the way they transform during the autumn season into a gorgeous warm hue. Sturdy and classic, these distinctive leaves are a great addition to any wreath.

Maple: These leaves are known to turn a beautiful crimson or gold shade during fall. Besides being a visual standout, maple is a well-known symbol of the autumn season.

Sweetgum: If you’re looking to stand out from other wreaths, sweetgum is a perfect choice. The color palette of these leaves is quite unique, with a mixture of purple, red, and orange.

Birch: Birch leaves are fantastic for those going with a bit of a lighter and more delicate tone for their wreath. They have a delicate, almost golden-yellow tone.


The next element is flowers, which undoubtedly add vibrance to any autumn wreath. These can be used as a way to keep the earth tones consistent or as a way to sneak in that little pop of color. There are numerous viable flower options, but here are a few standouts.

Chrysanthemums: A classic fall flower, chrysanthemums come in many signature autumn shades. They also signify longevity and joy, which are definitely the feelings you’ll get when looking at their gorgeous amber and burgundy tones.

Sunflowers: These radiant yellow flowers can introduce a strong feeling of cheer, representing the summertime fun that is barely in the rearview mirror this time of year.

Marigolds: Marigolds symbolize both the sun as well as the celebration of life. That’s exactly what they’ll do with your wreath, too- make it much more lively.

Hydrangeas: Hydrangeas, especially when dried, have a very vintage charm to them. They add a muted hue to wreaths that can make them feel much more rustic, and they come in clusters that are very visually intricate.

Berries/Seed Pods

Though they might not be the first addition that comes to mind, berries and seed pods are a great way to add some texture and 3-D elements to your wreath. These can also make your wreath stand out among others because not everyone chooses to include this element! Here are a few we suggest.

Rose Hips: Rose hips add a gorgeous bright red-orange color to autumn wreaths, but they add something else, too- a symbol of hope and abundance. These feelings are perfect for representing what you want to spread into your fall season.

Bittersweet: These berries have a very distinctive orange and yellow look to them. Nestled in their little pods, they add a texture and visual interest that will certainly make your wreath stand out.

Juniper Berries: The small and blue juniper berries add some subtle color, especially if you want a wreath with a rustic and woodsy feel.

Pinecones: An autumn wreath staple, pinecones represent resilience and longevity. Plus, their earthy texture works quite well in contrast to the softness of your flowers.


Herbs are fantastic for a number of reasons because they not only add more color and texture to the wreath but also have their own signature aromas. Dried herbs are an excellent way to spread fantastic smells around your home, and they also all have their own spiritual meanings. Here are some of the most popular choices.

Sage: The silver-green shade of sage leaves adds a strong visual interest to your wreath. Not to mention, the smell is fantastic and often associated with the comfort of fall meals.

Rosemary: The needle-like leaves of rosemary are excellent in adding texture to a wreath. They also symbolize remembrance and love, two things that are essential to the fall season!

Lavender: If you’re looking to contrast some of the other, more common fall shades, lavender is a great choice. The gentle purple hue of this plant can add a relaxing note. Speaking of relaxing, the scent certainly helps too!

Steps For Assembling Your Autumn Wreath

Beautiful holiday door wreath with wild red, black rose fruits and firethorn berries.

By just following a few steps, you can create a stunning autumn wreath.

©Oksana_Schmidt/iStock via Getty Images

Once you’ve decided what kind of beautiful foliage you’re going to include on your autumn wreath, it’s time to actually begin assembling it. Everyone likely has variations in their wreath-making process, but here are some basic steps to help guide you along the way. And don’t worry- it’s actually much easier than it looks!

Things You’ll Need

  • The plants that you’ve selected
  • Scissors
  • A wreath ring
  • Some kind of ribbon or twine


  1. Gather your plants, deciding which you’re going to use. Hopefully, this article helped you with this step if you were previously a bit stumped!
  2. Then, you’re going to want to trim your stems. Try to get the stems to around a 9-15 centimeter range. For foliage, you’ll want the length to end up around 15-20 centimeters.
  3. Next, you’ll want to prepare your wreath ring. Using one made of wicker or vine provides the most natural appearance.
  4. The best part is next- arranging the groups of trimmed-down flowers in whatever manner and design you choose! You’ll then want to work clockwise around the wreath, tightly wrapping it as you move along. Work in a bit of a zig-zag formation, and fill any gaps with leftover pieces of the trimmed stems.
  5. Now, you’ll just want to add some finishing touches! If you’re including any kind of hanging materials, attach those to the back of the wreath. Then, hang it up for all to enjoy! (And maybe snap some photos of that gorgeous autumn wreath for your social media while you’re at it!)

Tips For Preserving the Wreath

Decorative design window on the terrace. autumn wreath and pumpkins vintage old chest of drawers on wooden rustic background.

Once your wreath is made, you’ll definitely want to keep it preserved as long as you can!

©Shangarey/iStock via Getty Images

You should be quite proud of your autumn wreath when all is said and done. Creating one is an artistic feat that represents just how dedicated you are to this incredible season! But plants can be fickle, and you’ll want to work to preserve this wreath for as long as you can once it has been made. Here are some quick tips to help you do exactly that:

  • Try to avoid direct sunlight hitting your wreath, as it will contribute to quickly fading colors.
  • A little-known tip is that a quick spritz of hairspray can help preserve the flowers and leaves! Or, of course, you can use a more traditional sealant spray.
  • Make sure that wherever you hang your autumn wreath, it’s somewhere that it won’t get wet. Rain and heavy humidity might ruin your precious work!
  • If you’re storing the wreath for later use, keep it flat and cover it with tissue paper to help with preservation.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Shangarey/iStock via Getty Images

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