Pocket Beagle Vs Beagle: Key Differences

Written by Megan Martin
Updated: January 23, 2023
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If you’re familiar with different dog breeds, then you may know about breed variations. The Poodle is the most common to think of, with a teacup, medium, and standard size. However, what about the pocket beagle vs beagle?

If you’ve never heard of a pocket beagle before, don’t worry – they’re actually pretty rare. But how do they compare to their full-sized counterpart? Well, you’ll just have to keep reading to find out!

Comparing the Pocket Beagle and Beagle 

A pocket beagle differs from a beagle in size and lifespan.


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At a glance, there are already quite a few noticeable differences between the pocket beagle vs beagle. We’ve compiled them into this brief comparison chart, which you can find below. 

Pocket BeagleBeagle
Size7 to 13 inches
7 to 15 pounds
13 to 15 inches at the shoulder
20 to 25 pounds
Coat/Hair TypeShort, coarse coat with little to no textureShort, coarse coat with little to no texture
ColorsTricolor, usually brown with black and white markings or dual-colored with white and lemon or fawn markings Tricolor, usually brown with black and white markings or dual-colored with white and lemon or fawn markings 
TemperamentAffectionate, playful, energeticEnergetic, playful, gentle
Life Expectancy10 to 15 years12 to 15 years
Energy LevelsHighHigh

Pocket Beagle Vs Beagle: 6 Key Differences

big ears dogs beagle
Pocket beagles are around the same size as a full-sized puppy!

©iStock.com/Thanawath Seangsuriyapone

Believe it or not, the pocket beagle and the beagle are more similar than you may think. This is because these dogs are technically the same breed, with the pocket beagle occurring from selective breeding of smaller beagles. This results in a tiny dog that is half the size of the regular beagle in both weight and height. The size difference between the pocket beagle vs the beagle is also the source of many of their other differences, such as the pocket beagle’s increased health concerns and lack of international recognition from dog breed and breeder associations.

Interested in learning the nitty-gritty of the pocket beagle vs beagle? Keep reading below as we dive into the top 8 differences between these two domestic dogs. 

Pocket Beagle vs Beagle: Size

The most noticeable difference between the pocket beagle and beagle? That’s right – their size! The pocket beagle is almost exactly half the size of the regular beagle, coming in at as little as 7 inches tall and the same weight.

Pocket Beagle vs Beagle: Appearance

Search and rescue dogs - Beagle
Beagles are an energetic breed that loves to explore no matter their size.


The size difference between the beagle and the pocket beagle has led to a variety of appearance differences as well. 

First, the pocket beagle may not appear as proportional when compared to the appearance of a full-sized beagle. Their legs will be shorter while their body length may not vary greatly, creating an appearance that is slightly similar to the basset hound. The pocket beagle also has a narrower snout to make up for the new shortness in its features. 

Pocket Beagle vs Beagle: Health Concerns

As with many breeds, there comes danger in selective breeding. However, to best understand their health concerns, it’s important to understand what exactly a pocket beagle is.

A pocket beagle is a beagle affected by dwarfism. They are the combination of two parents that were both the runts of their own litters. This helps ensure that the condition is passed from the parents to the pups, but it also introduces the concern of the parents passing one of the man genetic conditions or illnesses found commonly in runts. 

The beagle faces problems common in athletic dogs but doesn’t tend to face the same level of health concerns as the pocket beagle. 

Pocket Beagle vs Beagle: International Recognition

The beagle is a standard breed recognized by nearly every association, including the American Kennel Club. However, due to their size and unethical breeding practices, most associations across the globe don’t recognize the pocket beagle – either as a purebred and standard beagle or as their breed/variation. 

Pocket Beagle vs Beagle: Commonality

Beagle adult standing in a park
Beagles are one of the most popular breeds!

©Przemek Iciak/Shutterstock.com

You’ll also notice a major difference in, well, how much you notice these breeds! No matter where you’re located, beagles are a pretty common occurrence. This is especially true in areas where rabbit hunting is popular.

The pocket beagle, however, is much rarer. In fact, outside special circles or breed shows, you may never see a pocket beagle out in the flesh. This may be another reason that their popularity is lower than their full-sized counterparts, as many people have never even heard of the pocket beagle, much less seen one. 

Pocket Beagle vs Beagle: Personality

It may not seem like the pocket beagle would have a drastically different personality from the full-sized beagle. After all, they’re essentially just variations of the same breed. However, you will notice that the pocket beagle isn’t the exact same as the standard. 

First, they have a slightly lower prey drive. Their size makes it more difficult to catch prey, and while they still have the hunting dog instincts they were bred with, they aren’t as noticeable as in their full-sized counterpart.

Pocket beagles also do better in small homes, such as an apartment, because, while their energy level is the same, they are more flexible with little space due to their size. Their small size has also led to them developing a more yappy personality, with more things appearing threatening. 


Oldest Dog: Butch, the Oldest Beagle
Beagles originated in England as hunting dogs.


The pocket beagle and the beagle are two variations of the same breed: the English beagle. However, these variations share a lot in common. For instance, both are hunting dogs with high energy and noise levels. While there are many similarities, there are also many differences. The pocket beagle, for instance, is half the size of a regular beagle and more prone to certain illnesses as a result of its breeding. The pocket beagle also isn’t recognized by the same associations as the beagle, reducing the amount of certified information available to owners. 

Because of unethical breeding, it is recommended to choose a beagle over a pocket beagle. However, both can offer the right family over a decade of fun and love, especially with proper training. 

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