Rare Close Up View of a Bitter Battle Between Two Grizzlies Captured

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: March 6, 2024
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This is the sort of fight that you would much rather watch than be involved in! It shows two huge grizzly bears locked in a deadly confrontation. The footage shows two males, one is older than the other. For much of the fight, neither of them has the upper hand. However, eventually, it is the younger and more resilient male that ends up as the victor.  

Watch the Bitter Battle Now

Where Do Grizzly Bears Normally Live?

Grizzly bears are a subspecies of brown bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) and are named after the ‘grizzled’ or silver-tipped appearance of their fur. They are large bears with a distinctive shoulder hump and a dish-shaped profile. Males can weigh up to 800 pounds so this is a heavy-weight clash!

Grizzlies can be spotted in Alaska, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and southern Colorado. They may also be seen in southern Canada. When it comes to habitat, they are highly adaptable but favor high mountain forests and subalpine meadows. You will also spot them in arctic tundra and wetlands as well as grasslands and mixed-conifer forests. They live both inland and on the coast.

Why Do Grizzly Bears Fight?

grizzly bear fight

Grizzly bears risk serious injury in fights.

©Alexandra Giese/Shutterstock.com

Fighting is a high-risk activity for grizzly bears – they could easily get injured, or even worse. Therefore, they only do it when they really have to. You’re most likely to see male bears fighting, and this takes place most often when there is competition for resources. This could be for food but is more likely to be for the mating rights to females. The most powerful bears get to mate with a female and therefore produce the next generation. This ensures the survival of the species.

They have thick skin and coats, and muscular bodies which allow them to withstand an attack. However, their opponent has strong limbs to deliver punishing blows, as well as sharp teeth and claws. Both can cause very nasty injuries.  Grizzly bears have been known to fight to the death.

When Do Grizzly Bears Reproduce?

Grizzly bears begin to look for mates in the spring and early summer. It is not unusual for females to mate with more than one male. She is also able to delay the implantation of the embryo to make sure that it has the best chance of survival. If she cannot gain enough weight during the summer, the pregnancy will not proceed, and she will absorb the embryo.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Erik Mandre/Shutterstock.com

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