Saturn Retrograde 2024: What Is It and What It Means for You This Year

Written by Dayva Segal
Published: February 27, 2024
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Saturn, the astrological planet of restriction, structure, karmic lessons, and boundaries, goes into retrograde once every 12 months. This retrograde lasts about 4.5 months each time. While all retrogrades are a time of reflection and integration, they are not all as disruptive as Mercury retrograde which happens a few times each year. The ones that happen for longer each year, such as Saturn retrograde, are periods of reflection that allow us to integrate everything we’ve learned and gathered during the rest of the year.

What Does a “Retrograde” Mean in Astrology?

solar system

Retrogrades are a result of planets moving at different speeds.

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In both astrology and astronomy retrogrades occur when a planet seems to move backward. It’s not actually going in reverse. It just looks that way because the two planets are moving at different speeds. It is the same principle as two trains traveling next to each other. To the people in the faster train, the slow one appears to move in reverse even though it is still traveling forward. So, whenever Earth passes another planet, the slower-moving planet seems to move in reverse.

Traditionally, astrologers who were observing ancient skies believed that planets in retrograde were visiting the world of the dead. It was seen as a time to reflect on the lessons of life and absorb learnings from spirits who already knew about the afterlife. So, it makes sense that today, we still see retrogrades as a time to slow down and integrate what we have been learning. Retrogrades are not a time for action, though there are so many throughout the year that we do often have to take action during a retrograde.

2024 Saturn Retrograde Dates and Meaning

Saturn and Jupiter.

2024’s Saturn retrograde will have some crossover with Jupiter’s retrograde.

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This year, Saturn will go into retrograde from June 29 to November 15. It has some crossover with:

  • Pluto retrograde – May 2 to October 11, 2024
  • Neptune retrograde – July 2 to December 7, 2024
  • Mercury retrograde – August 5 to August 28, 2024
  • Uranus Retrograde – September 1, 2024 to January 30, 2025
  • Jupiter Retrograde – October 9, 2024 to February 6, 2025

Each month from July to October is sure to be incredibly potent with multiple planets in retrograde to add to the lessons of Saturn retrograde.

In general, a Saturn retrograde is the perfect time to evaluate our boundaries and think about obstacles we have encountered. Saturn is like a strict parent who makes you adhere to the rules, get your work done, and stick with projects until the end. Saturn seeks to teach us life lessons, and sometimes it does that by forcing us to act by enforcing boundaries or putting more structure into our lives. However, if we are just constantly creating boundaries and learning lessons without taking the time to integrate them, we might never have the chance to become aware of all the hard work we are doing or bring these lessons to the forefront of our consciousness so we can do better next time.

The 2024 Saturn retrograde will take place in Pisces, which is an emotional water sign that tends to lack boundaries, so this retrograde may pack a punch. You can expect reflections or reminders of your boundaries relating to the subconscious or spiritual topics. Additionally, you may be reminded of boundaries around giving service. Saturn may teach you that you have to take care of yourself in order to fully care for others. How this retrograde shows up for you may also be affected by which house it transits in your natal chart. You may find your lessons relate to that house’s life areas.

Who Will Be Most Affected By the 2024 Saturn Retrograde?

Astrology sign Pisces against starry sky

This year’s Saturn retrograde will occur in Pisces.


People with multiple Piscean placements in their “big three” (Sun, Moon, or Rising sign) or “personal planets” (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) may feel this Saturn retrograde more than others. People with charts ruled by Neptune may also feel this retrograde, because Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. Additionally, people who have Saturn in Pisces or who have strong aspects between another planet in Pisces and Saturn may find themselves feeling it particularly forcefully.

What to Avoid During Saturn Retrograde

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You may feel more tempted than usual to argue with authority figures.


It’s not usually possible to fully avoid the following things but do your best not to take things personally and to reflect and notice, especially when it comes to restriction and boundaries. Try to think about what lessons you can learn rather than getting frustrated. During Saturn retrograde you should:

  • Avoid overworking yourself. Retrogrades are a time of rest and reflection. Work hard but make sure to give yourself the time you need to regenerate your energy.
  • Avoid overly risky behavior. Normally Saturn is the planet that keeps us responsible. When it is retrograde we may feel more adventurous and feel like letting down our hair more. Have fun but be careful not to get into any permanent trouble.
  • Avoid disrespecting mentors and authority figures. Saturn is also a planet that determines how we interact with authority in our lives. During Saturn retrograde you may have a stronger desire to burn all your bridges and swear off your micromanaging boss. Make sure that what you say and do with authority is ultimately going to serve you.

What To Focus on During Saturn Retrograde

Middle aged couple reading paper bills calculating pension using laptop at home.

Saturn retrograde is a good time to evaluate the structures of your life.

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Saturn retrograde is a great time to take stock of your life and determine what structures and routines are working for you and which ones you want to toss aside. You should also:

  • Tend to interpersonal issues immediately – don’t let them fester.
  • Reflect on the people around you – do they respect your boundaries? Do you feel comfortable with your current relationship agreements?
  • Persevere through hard projects and deadlines. Many of Saturn’s lessons come through hard work and dedication.

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