Sebago Lake Fishing, Size, Depth, And More

Sebago Lake in the winter time.
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Written by Nixza Gonzalez

Published: July 13, 2023

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Did you know that the state of Maine has one of the deepest lakes in the country? In some spots, it’s over 300 feet deep! Sebago Lake is a unique and beautiful lake that brings visitors from all over the world. The water is clear, cool, and filled with things to do. Follow along to learn more about this unique lake!

Sebago Lake Location

Sebago Lake is located in Cumberland County, Maine. Portions of this beautiful body of water are within theĀ Sebago Lake State Park. Within the lake is also Frye Island, a town accessible by Ferry. Close to the lake are multiple ponds and nature reserves like the Steep Falls Wildlife Management Area, Tiger Hill Community Forest, Trickey Pond, Peabody Pond, and Panther Pond. It’s about 50 miles southeast of the White Mountains and 20 miles northwest of Portland.

Sebago Lake in Maine New England

Sebago Lake is the second-largest and also the deepest lake in Maine and offers a huge variety of activities from fishing and camping to float-plane rides and mini-golf.

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History and Geology

Sebago Lake was home to Native Americans long before European settlement. Sebago originates from an Abenaki word meaning “it resembles the sea,” likely because of the vastness of the lake. It’s old and formed over 14,000 years ago when ice melted into a large basin created by erosion and steam, which is now modern-day Sebago Lake.

Fall foliage along Sebago Lake in Maine

Sebago Lake has 105 miles of shoreline.

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One of the most impressive parts of this lake is its size! Sebago Lake is the second largest lake in Maine and the deepest. Its catchment area is about 440 square miles. The surface area of the lake is 30,513 acres. It’s also about 12 miles long and sits at an elevation of 267 feet. Sebago Lake has 105 miles of shoreline, filled with beaches and great fishing points. The average depth of this lake is 107 feet, and the maximum recorded depth is 317 feet.

Sebago Lake Fishng

You won’t run out of room to fish on Sebago Lake. It’s one of the most popular activities on the lake. Here, you can find landlocked salmon, brook trout, lake trout, largemouth bass, and brown trout. Although northern pike is abundant in the lake, state officials encourage anglers to fish, kill and notify them as this species isn’t native and disrupts the lake’s ecosystem.

Sebago Lake is also known as one of the best Maine lakes for ice fishing. Panfish and lake trout are some of the most commonly caught fish while ice fishing on the lake. Every year, you can also participate in and view the Annual Sebago Lake Ice Fishing Derby.

Boating, Kayaking, and More

Boating is a popular activity on the lake. You don’t have to own a boat though to enjoy sailing on the water. You can rent a boat, bring your own, or join a boat tour. Some marinas and boat rentals on the lake are the Kettle Cove Marina, Sebago Lake Station Landing, Panter Run Marina, and the Long Beach Marina. You can also rent or bring your own kayak and paddle board.


If you don’t want to spend all your day in the water or sailing on boats, you can also hike walking trails within the state park and nearby. One of the closest walking trails is the Sebago to the Sea Trailhead. It’s a calm and easy walk, perfect for families with small children. You can also hike the Sebago Lake Land Reserve trails. They are hidden gems that range in difficulty and give visitors beautiful views of the mountain and surrounding wildlife.

Sebago Lake Camping

You don’t have to shell out a lot of money to stay in a hotel or rental near Sebago Lake, instead, you can camp in one of the many camping grounds nearby. One of the most popular camping grounds here is the Sebago Lake Family Campground. It’s close to the sandy beach and provides cabins, tent campsites, and more. A little farther away is Nason’s Beach & Campground. This camping site offers Wi-Fi in each spot and access to the beach and a boat ramp. However, there are limitations. No pets, jet skis, or fireworks are allowed.

If you want to be close to the hiking trails, you can camp at the Sebago Lake State Park Campground. It’s in the towns of Naples and Casco. Last but not least is the Naples KOA Holiday. You can choose from RV Sites, Deluxe Cabins, and tent sites. Wi-Fi, snacks, and a dog park are available.

Cropped image of man and woman sitting in chairs outside the tent. Couple camping in forest.
Camping is a great activity on and near Sebago Lake.

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