Security Camera Captures an Epic Showdown Between a Dog and a Bear

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Written by Kirstin Harrington

Updated: November 7, 2023

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The most common reason people use video cameras on their homes is for security purposes. Sometimes, these cameras pick up the most peculiar things. The video we’re looking at today displays an intense showdown between two animals.

As the footage begins, we see a security camera facing a quaint backyard. Suddenly, a massive black bear appears. The wild animal is curious about a hanging bird feeder, undoubtedly looking for seeds to snack on. 

After the bear gets a treat from the feeder, it suddenly turns around to see the neighbor’s dog barged into the backyard. In the short time the bear was in the yard, it managed to knock over a bird feeder, eat the contents, and have a run-in with man’s best friend.

The nine-year-old lab mix named Riley runs straight toward the apex predator with no inkling of fear. As the canine dashes its way, the bear runs for its life. A couple of times, it seems like the bear could attack the dog but instead, heads for the hills! 

The homeowner says this about the footage from his yard: “It was the first time I’d ever seen Riley fight a bear off. He chased a bear up a tree before, but nothing like this.”

Are Black Bears Dangerous? 

Black Bear (Ursus americanus)

A mature male black bear can weigh nearly 700 pounds!

©Holly Kuchera/

Although we know these creatures are incredibly powerful, rarely do black bears pose a threat to humans. Like many other animals, they won’t attack unless provoked or unless their young are nearby. 

Though generally associated with predatory species like grizzly bears, researchers indicate that black bears are actually quite shy animals. Apart from the breeding season, black bears usually live alone. 

Due to their keen sense of smell, they occasionally wander into residential neighborhoods and other areas where unguarded food has been left. For example, a bird feeder stocked with tasty goodies

A black bear is likely to return to a food source if it is unperceived as being threatened. It’s safe to say that a large dog chasing you down is enough to make a bear not return to the area! 

Most Important Thing to Remember 

Knowing how to differentiate between grizzly bear attacks and black bear attacks is crucial since each species’ defense mechanism is unique. Don’t pretend you’re dead when it comes to black bears. 

Make an effort to get away to a safe location, such as a car or house. Note: Don’t climb a tree. These bears are expert climbers and the last thing you want is to be stuck in a tree with no way out. 

Do you want to see what happens when a security camera records a fight between a dog and a giant black bear? Keep on scrolling for the full video!

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