See a Bald Eagle Soar Down and Slap a Massive Grizzly Bear Directly In The Face

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Written by Zeek Lepakko

Updated: November 10, 2023

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bald eagle in flight

Few Predators Attempt a Battle With a Grizzly

Mother grizzly bear ever vigilant monitoring the whereabouts of her cub.

Grizzlies and eagles rarely cross paths.

©Kelp Grizzly Photography/

Alaska’s wilderness is vast and beautiful and is home to many iconic creatures. You may be familiar with the mighty grizzly bear and the majestic bald eagle.

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Found in many different biospheres, the grizzly bear often reigns supreme. With its imposing physique and silver-tipped fur that ripples like a mountain range, the grizzly is a hot contender for king of the American wilderness. Whether it’s fishing for salmon in a rushing river or roaming lush forests, the grizzly bear is a testament to the raw, untamed spirit of the land.

Bear staring into camera

Grizzlies usually reign supreme in their habitats.

©Lubos Chlubny/

Keep your eyes on the sky as the bald eagle soars overhead! This raptor is renowned for its impressive wingspan and bold white-feathered head. This bird is the embodiment of freedom and power. As it swoops over rivers and mountains, the bald eagle is a master of the air, a symbol of the wild blue yonder.

Did you know these exemplary warriors of nature sometimes cross paths? As we can see in the below clip, even grizzly bears need to watch out for surprise attacks from above! Let’s find out more about these species we so often hear about, but perhaps don’t fully understand yet.

Is it Normal for Bald Eagles to Hunt Bears?

While once endangered, conservation efforts helped recover bald eagle populations to healthy levels.

While once endangered, conservation efforts helped recover bald eagle populations to healthy levels.


Although we do see an eagle swooping down on an unsuspecting grizzly in the video below, it’s not likely this was a hunting trip! The bald eagle is a ferocious hunter and extremely territorial to boot but does not hunt prey generally larger than small deer. Aggressive encounters between these forest denizens could be for reasons like scarce food in the region, or if a bear were to wander too close to the eagle’s nest.

Even if an eagle may not be predating bears, their hook-like talons and adaptive beaks are more than enough to make an impression. These versatile natural weapons are excellent for an array of offensive and defensive strikes, and bald eagles use them well!

What Does the Bald Eagle Symbolize?

Phoenix - Arizona, Bird, Zoo, American Culture, Animal Wildlife

The majestic bald eagle has a significant history of symbolism that befits its noble position.

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The great bald eagle has a rich history of symbolism fitting its noble stature. Often held in high regard as a strong-spirited and courageous icon, these dignified creatures have been cherished by a variety of cultures for years. Native Americans treasure the bald eagle as a gifted spiritual messenger, and eagle feathers are a sign of honor.

The people of the United States chose this regal bird as their symbol due to the many awe-inspiring characteristics it sports. As President John F. Kennedy captured this beautifully by calling out their “fierce beauty” and “proud independence.”

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