See the Heart-Stopping Moment When a Powerful Rhino Rams Jeep Off the Road

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: April 28, 2023
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Key Points

  • When we come into contact with wild animals, especially massive, endangered forces of nature such as the rhinoceros, it is incredibly important to exercise extreme caution and maintain a respectful, safe distance.
  • The following video is a chilling reminder of what can go wrong if the proper precautions are not exercised when interacting with dangerous animals in their natural habitat.
  • A group of tourists taking part in a safari leans out of their vehicle in an area inhabited by rhinos that features no visible barriers, leading the rhinos to attack the car in a state of territorial agitation that causes it to violently fall from the road.

Seven tourists recently had a magnificent safari at Jaldapara National Park that ended up being a nightmare when two rhinoceroses struck their car. The seven passengers boarded the safari jeep and drove into the woods, eager to begin their safari excursion. They wished to see the renowned one-horned rhinoceros of the region.

The way these vehicles work is you simply stand in the open-top vehicle as it drives throughout the land, making it easy to see wildlife from every angle. They observed motion in the nearby bushes as they were traveling down the road. 

Rhino looking at camera
Rhino horns are prized items in some cultures


The tourists hurriedly took their cameras out to record the scene as two rhinoceroses got into a furious fight. They had no idea how terrible this choice would turn out for them. Rhinos can defend their territory, however, they are rarely violent until provoked. 

Rhinos love to forage in peace and solitude. They may, however, charge in self-defense if they sense a threat. Rhino females frequently show extreme care towards their young. A tweet with a video of the incident says:

“I think it’s about time guidelines for safety and rescue in adventure sports are implemented in wildlife safaris across the country. Safaris are becoming more of adventure sports now!”

The rhinoceroses’ focus moved to the jeep as the passengers were preoccupied with taking pictures and recording videos. The two animals charged toward the safari jeep before anyone could react. As the driver attempted to drive blindly in reverse, things took a turn for the worst.

The vehicle went off the road and plunged into a tunnel next to the road as the driver, Kamal Gazi, attempted to get the engine going and flee. A response to the tweet states that everyone on board made it out alive.

A Safari Wake-Up Call

According to IANS, all of the tourists were hurt as a result of the fall’s devastating impact. Some had scratches and bruises, while others had shattered bones. Although the driver, Kamal Gazi, only sustained minor wounds, his disbelief at the incident was visible on his face. 

The nearby Madarihat health center was hurried to treat the injured visitors as soon as the forest department officers got to the location. Two of them were transferred to the Alipurduar district hospital because they were in serious condition. 

Since rhinoceros charging toward tourist vehicles in the Jaldapara national park had never before been documented, the officials were taken aback by the incident. Everyone was startled by the occurrence, and the park administration has since posted warning signs advising visitors to keep a safe distance from wildlife. 

Kamal Gazi, who has been working in this field for a while, expressed disbelief and stated he had never encountered such a circumstance before. He thinks the fact that nobody was murdered was lucky and things could have been far worse. Take a look at the heart-stopping video below.


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