Smaller Adult Grizzly Bear Fights Enormous Male And Wins

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: July 14, 2022
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This video of a smaller grizzly bear fighter against a larger bear demonstrates how size doesn’t matter when you have the heart of a warrior.

As the video starts, you can see a huge Alaskan brown grizzly bear taking up almost the entire camera frame. Off to the right is another Alaskan brown bear resting.

The larger grizzly of the two is ready to pick a fight. He walks over to the resting brown bear, and they begin growling at one another.

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The larger grizzly bear comes in running and the smaller bear stands up just in time to meet his opponent.

The larger bear comes in with a lot of aggression, but the smaller bear stands up to confront his bully. They smack each other’s arms away, pushing the other to create distance.

Grizzly bear
They are called “grizzly” due to their nature and fur.

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Each grizzly bear falls back on all fours as they continue to growl at one another. The smaller bear is letting the larger bear know that he will not put up with the bullying behavior.

The larger bear seems to be retreating as the smaller bear keeps growling into his face. Just as he takes one last step backward, the larger bear gets up again to attack the smaller bear.

Their jaws are hooked on to one another and their huge grizzly bear claws begin to tear fur from each other’s bodies. The larger bear tries thrashing his head around, but the smaller bear continues with his jaw locked onto the larger bear’s face.

The scene intensifies as they keep their bites steady on one another and wrestle with each other. When they separate for a bit, the smaller grizzly bear can be heard roaring and as he does, you can see patches of fur fly into the wind.

The larger grizzly bear continues as the aggressor, pushing against the smaller bear as he retreats a bit. Once again, the larger bear comes in for the attack and manages to wrestle the smaller bear down to the ground.

Grizzly bears usually communicate their dominance through a fight

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He pins him down and the smaller grizzly bear keeps his bite on the larger bear’s head. As the larger bear strains to keep the smaller grizzly down, he defecates mid-fight.

The smaller grizzly remains calm, even as he is being dominated. He bites the larger bear’s ear and waits for an opportunity to stand up again. It seems as though the larger bear is winning but the smaller bear is patient and determined.

Back on his feet, the smaller grizzly bear uses his stamina to keep the fight going. The larger bear realizes that although the bear is smaller than him, he’s a worthy opponent.

Exhausted, they separate and breathe heavily, still facing each other but unwilling to keep the fight going. The larger grizzly bear retreats with his head down as the smaller bear keeps walking toward it. Then the video cuts.

Incredible footage of a grizzly fight.

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