Sun Sextile Aspects for Each Planet in the Natal Zodiac Chart

Written by Dayva Segal
Published: November 30, 2023
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The Sun is one of the most important aspects of a natal astrology chart. It represents your overall personality, ego, what drives you, and where you shine. What the Sun shines its light on, or how it interacts with the other planets in your chart, can also have a strong bearing on how you show up in the world.

These planet-Sun interactions are called astrological aspects. They occur when angles form between the planets on the zodiac wheel. A sextile is one of the five major aspects. It occurs when two bodies are 60° or two signs apart. Most astrologers think of sextiles as flowing or beneficial because they occur in complementary elements: fire and air, or earth and water.

chalk drawn asterisk on blackboard

The symbol for sextiles resembles a six-pointed asterisk.

©Alexandr Zhenzhirov/iStock via Getty Images

Sextiles are sometimes thought of as a weaker version of a trine, which is a supportive aspect that occurs in signs of the same element. But that’s just not true. Sextiles bring a different flavor because they encompass two different elements working together towards the same goal. For example, air and fire combine to make something great, but some work has to be done to create the fire in a safe manner.

While a sextile is technically two bodies 60° from each other, astrological aspects are rarely exact. Most aspects can have an orb of 10° and still be considered that aspect. An orb is the range of difference between two objects. So, an orb of 10° means the object can be 10° from exactly 60° away and still qualify as a sextile.

Natal Sun Sextile Aspects in Astrology

Natal Sun Sextile Natal Moon

Half moon background / Half Moon refers to the two lunar phases commonly known as first quarter and last quarter

If you have natal Sun sextiling your natal Moon, you are often at ease with your feelings.


The Sun represents our overall personality and drive in the world. The Moon represents our inner world of emotions and the subconscious. To have these in the natal chart with harmonious sextile energy means that your being is in line with your emotions. You are often at ease with what you are feeling, even what you are feeling is difficult. You don’t often resist your emotions. However, you can be extremely emotional at difficult times or places. You will need to learn to find safe places and times to release your deep emotional well.

Natal Sun Sextile Natal Mercury

View of Mercury From NASA 2

Mercury cannot be sextile to the Sun.

©NASA images/

This aspect is not possible because the only possible major aspect between Mercury and the Sun in the natal astrology chart is natal Sun conjunct natal Mercury.

Natal Sun Sextile Natal Venus

Planet Venus isolated on black background. Elements of this image were furnished by NASA. High quality photo

Natal Sun sextile natal Venus is another aspect that is not possible.

©Artsiom P/

Again, this aspect is not possible for the same reasons as natal Sun conjunct natal Mercury.

Natal Sun Sextile Natal Mars

Picture of Mars the Red Planet

Natal Sun sextile natal Mars makes it easy for you to get things done.

©WR Studios/

This aspect gives you a warm and friendly attitude. You work with others easily and have a good sense of drive and passion. You may be quick to anger, but it’s easy for you to put your frustrations to work for you and deal with them in a way that doesn’t affect others too much. With the Sun shining on your “doingness” you might be pretty confident and perhaps braggy about your abilities. Keeping your ego in check will lead to harmonious work relationships.

Natal Sun Sextile Natal Jupiter

Jupiter brings an ease and abundance to everything it touches.


With your natal Sun sextile your natal Jupiter, you are an easygoing and curious person. You love to learn about people and the world, and you tend to have a pretty optimistic outlook, because things generally work out for you. It’s not that bad things don’t happen to you. It’s that you tend to let them roll off your back. More pessimistic people might find your “it’s probably fine” attitude troubling or even annoying, but that’s their issue to deal with.

Natal Sun Sextile Natal Saturn

Saturn - planets of the Solar system in high quality. Science wallpaper. Elements furnished by NASA

You are likely a pretty dependable person with natal sun sextile natal Saturn.

©Vadim Sadovski/

If you have your natal Sun sextile your natal Saturn, it’s easy for you to make things happen. But it is not through pure excitement and passion like natal Sun sextile natal Mars people. It is through organization and determination. People rely on you as someone who knows how to make plans and follow through. You usually do what you say you’re going to do. However, you may want to learn to loosen up and have a bit more fun!

Natal Sun Sextile Natal Uranus

uranus and the sun

You’re probably pretty innovative if you have natal Sun sextile natal Uranus.


Uranus is the planet of innovation, sudden change, and social justice. People with strong Uranus placements are often unconventional visionaries. If you have natal sun sextile natal Uranus, you are quite intelligent and have the power to come up with amazing new ideas. However, your ideas may be too forward-thinking for your time. Even if people don’t accept them now, sticking with your projects and passions can bring amazing change to the world eventually.

Natal Sun Sextile Natal Neptune

People with natal Sun sextile natal Neptune have a rich inner life.


Your imagination and creativity know no bounds with your natal Sun sextile your natal Neptune. Your safe haven is your inner mind where you cook up ideas and dreams. You motivate yourself by dreaming or imagining what you want and then using things outside of yourself to bring them to fruition. You may be a deeply spiritual person, even if you don’t participate in organized religion. Just remember to stay grounded, come out of your head, and visit this earthly plane once in a while!

Natal Sun Sextile Natal Pluto

Those who have natal Sun sextile natal Pluto may have a special talent for resolving conflicts.


If you’ve got your natal Sun sextiling your natal Pluto, you have a special insight into what motivates people. Your intuitive nature when it comes to structure and power allows you to solve interpersonal conflict because you see the threads that need untangling. You may also have a talent for getting people to do what you want, and for playing “devil’s advocate” because you have a unique understanding of what drives those around you. These are skills you must yield with compassion, thoughtfulness, and empathy, to avoid becoming manipulative.

Natal Sun Sextile Natal Chiron

Chiron zodiac horoscope symbol and planet. 3D rendering

Having your natal Sun sextile your natal Chiron gives you a huge amount of compassion for other people.

©fredmantel/iStock via Getty Images

With your natal Sun shining light on your natal Chiron, your wounded healer, from 60° away, you have a unique ability to hold space for other peoples’ pain and wounding. You’re probably a great listener and give intuitive advice to those around you. It also gives you more insight into your own wounds and eases their severity for you a bit. You are a seeker of knowledge around emotional pain. You might feel drawn to study psychology or another healing profession.

Natal Sun Sextile Natal Black Moon Lilith

Astrology Alphabet: LILITH (Black Moon), false fictive moon, apogee point of lunar orbit (empty focus). Hieroglyphics character sign (single symbol).

With a natal Sun sextile natal Black Moon Lilith, you are likely more confident than others.

©Adobest/iStock via Getty Images

If you have your natal Sun sextiling natal Black Moon Lilith, you have a strong idea of who you are and you rarely let anyone make you feel ashamed for it. You accept yourself fully, especially the sexual, feminine, and nurturing parts of yourself. You may feel drawn to work that helps others accept themselves too. Self-acceptance is important to you, and you want everyone to love themselves as much as you do. You are a bit adventurous, and your lack of shame might make you well-suited to a career that involves some type of performing.

Natal Sun Sextile Natal Ascendant

Astrology Alphabet: ASCENDANT (Horoscope / hour observer), point of Horoscope. Hieroglyphics character sign (single symbol).

Those with natal Sun and natal Ascendant sextile are generally easygoing and friendly.

©Adobest/iStock via Getty Images

When the natal Sun is sextile with the natal Ascendant, you are someone who easily attracts friends. Where you shine and how you show up in the world are in alignment. People feel at ease around you and because your motivations are aligned, you come across as trustworthy and dependable. So, people find it easy to be around you. This aspect also gives you a lot of energy. A variety of things hold your interest, and you may jump from hobby to hobby.

Natal Sun Sextile Natal North Node


When you have natal Sun sextile natal South Node you find it easy to put focus on your life path.

©alby85/iStock via Getty Images

If you have this aspect, you also have natal Sun trine natal South Node. This particular Sun-North Node aspect makes it easy for you to find and follow the path that feels most honest and true to you in this lifetime. You may still have to work a little bit to figure it out, but you will have an intuitive feeling once you have landed on the right options for you. Listen to that “spidey sense” and the rewards will only grow. While Sun conjunct North Node can make someone really focused on their life’s work, Sun sextile North Node allows you to find your path in your own time.

Natal Sun Sextile Natal South Node

New moon or Сrescent above ocean. Half Moon on bright evening sky, space for text

If your natal Sun is sextile to your natal South Node, it is also trine to your North Node.

©AlxeyPnferov/iStock via Getty Images

Natal Sun sextile South Node is the same as having the natal Sun trine the North Node. The energy flows easefully between these two points meaning that you are easily drawn towards your purpose in life, and it is easy for you to move on from the patterns and habits that hold you back from success. Again, you have a core knowing of the path that feels right for you to follow. You may also be drawn to spirituality with this aspect.

Natal Sun Sextile Natal Midheaven

Zodiac wheel. Astrology concept.

With natal Sun sextile natal Midheaven, you find it easy to focus on your career path.

©Peach_iStock/iStock via Getty Images

This aspect means that you may have an easier time than others finding your career path and place in the spotlight. You are a hard worker but could possible focus too much on work at times. Once you find your path you will be very motivated to succeed, which is definitely possible for you. Just remember that, for many, success feels best when it includes a balanced lifestyle complete with pleasure, spirituality, and time to smell the roses.

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