The Best 5 Dog Parks in and around Gilbert

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Written by Jeremiah Wright

Published: June 10, 2022

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Gilbert is an Arizona town located in the Phoenix metropolitan area. It was once known as the Hay Shipping Capital of the World and is now the largest incorporated town in the United States. The town has a hot desert climate, making it difficult for owners and their dogs to stay cool during Gilbert’s hot and dry summers.

What can pups and owners do to combat heat? The best solution is to visit a dog-friendly park–either a simple one or a designated dog area. Parks come with much-needed shade and with plenty of activities to keep boredom away.

If you want to escape the heat or are just looking for places where your furry companion can have lots of fun, here are the best 5 dog parks in Gilbert!

1. Cosmo Dog Park

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Cosmo Dog Park can be found near a portion of the Santan Freeway, across from the Crossroads Park.

Cosmo Dog Park
Location2502 E Ray Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296
Hours5:30 AM – 10 PM
Tuesday: 12 – 10 PM

Cosmo Dog Park can be found near a portion of the Santan Freeway, across from the Crossroads Park. Thanks to its impressive amenities, it is one of the most-visited dog parks in Gilbert. 

The main park has a surface area of 17 acres, while the designated dog area has a fenced surface of around 4 acres. Amenities include separate areas for timid and active dogs, plenty of pet drinking fountains, washing stations, mutt-mitts, and a play area. A pond can be found in the center of the park; dogs may swim in it or relax on the sandy beach. If your pup prefers being active, then you can have it try the agility equipment area. 

The biggest advantage of Cosmo Dog Park is the access to water hoses that owners can use to clean and cool off their dogs. This feature is perfect on a hot summer day!

2. Dog Park at Crossroads

Dog Park at Crossroads
Location2155 E Knox Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296
Hours5:30 AM – 10 PM
Thursday: 10 AM – 10 PM

Crossroads Park is right across from Cosmo Dog Park and can be an ideal choice if the latter is too busy or your pup prefers something else. The designated dog area is fenced and separated into two sections–for timid and active dogs. 

Amenities include water drinking fountains for both owners and dogs, plenty of shaded areas, picnic tables and benches, and the much-needed waste disposal stations. Remember to always clean up after your pet!

While the dog park allows dogs to be off-leash, the main park is an on-leash area. It offers additional amenities you and your pup can enjoy – shaded structures, trails, ball fields, a basin area, and 92 acres of nature to explore. 

3. Countryside Dog Park

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Countryside Park is a designated off-leash park with separate areas for small and big dogs.

Countryside Dog Park (10 mins by car)
Location3130 E Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85204
Hours6 AM – 10 PM (Closed on Tuesdays)

Unfortunately, the city of Gilbert doesn’t have many dog-friendly areas and parks. However, only 10 minutes by car away, you can find Countryside Dog Park. It is located in Countryside Park, a designated off-leash park with separate areas for small and big dogs. The park is fully fenced and features both dirt and grass coverings.

Owners can rest on benches and chairs located in shaded areas. Amenities for pups include several water fountains, a large play area, and the possibility to exit the dog park on the main park’s trails. 

4. Shawnee Dog Park

Shawnee Dog Park (15 mins by car)
Location1400 W Mesquite St, Chandler, AZ 85224
Hours6 AM – 8 PM (Closed on Tuesdays)

Shawnee Dog Park is located in Chandler and is only 15 minutes away by car. The drive there might be a bit too long, but the park’s amenities certainly make up for it. The designated dog park is a large fenced area within Shawnee Park. 

The dog park is equipped with benches for the owners, water fountains for thirsty pups, and a fake fire hydrant for the usual dog activities. A play area featuring see-saws, balance beams, tunnels, and hurdles can also be found here. There are plenty of shady trees and shaded areas–no need to worry about getting too hot!

Shawnee Dog Park can be quite busy throughout the day. Fortunately, plenty of parking spaces are nearby, so you won’t be found waiting with your pup in the car after the 15-minute drive here. The park’s downside is that there are no separate areas for breeds of different sizes.

5. Quail Run Dog Park

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Quail Run Dog Park has both grass and dirt terrain and is equipped with water fountains.

Quail Run Dog Park (25 mins by car)
Location4155 E Virginia St, Mesa, AZ 85213
HoursSunrise to 10 PM
Closed: Thursdays; daily 12 – 1 PM; reopens July 1, 2022

Quail Run Park is a 40-acre park located in Mesa, Arizona. It is a 25-minute drive from Gilbert. Naturally, the amenities outweigh the time spent on the road. Both Quail Run Dog Park and Shawnee Dog Park are ideal for sports players also dog owners. The main parks are equipped with soccer, baseball, and softball fields. Before or after a match, you can take your dog for a walk or an intense playtime session in one of the mentioned dog parks.

The designated dog area is over 3 acres and features separate areas for small and large breeds. The dog park is fully fenced. Owners will find plenty of shaded posts and benches inside the off-leash area. At the same time, the pups will notice the playground is designed especially for them and will start playing as soon as possible. 

Quail Run Dog Park has both grass and dirt terrain and is equipped with water fountains. Since the park can get quite crowded, it’s a good idea to have some water bottles on standby, just in case your dog has difficulty reaching the fountains.

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