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Published: December 30, 2023

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Adorable and cuddly, guinea pigs make excellent pets because they are low maintenance and typically don’t need a lot of space. While they can have specific needs when it comes to their home and diet, guinea pigs generally require less upkeep than more active animals like dogs or cats. If you want to have a cuddly pet but don’t have a lot of room, a guinea pig might be the perfect choice.

When you bring your new guinea pig home, one of the first things you need to do is choose a suitable name. After all, you can’t just call him “Guinea Pig” for the rest of his life! Actually, you could give him that name but consider one of these fun and adorable names for your new pet before deciding. There are funny options, cute names, names based on your pet’s fur color, and tough names to give him a little extra oomph. Try out one of these names for your new piggie.

Funny Guinea Pig Names

You can’t go wrong with a hilarious name for your new pet. Many of these play off your little guy’s small size. There are also good options for a pair of guineas.

lovely guinea pig couple sitting

Consider your guinea pig’s appearance and temperament when picking the perfect name to give them.

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Tufty: This name is great for a guinea with plenty of whorls of fur.

Biscuit: An adorable nickname for a pet, Biscuit is a good name for your cute little guy.

Peanut: You can’t deny the resemblance between a peanut and a little brown guinea pig.

Tiny: If your piggie is extra small, this name is perfect. Even if your pet is on the bigger side, this name is still a hilarious option.

Guinea Pig Black Fox

These little pets are small and compact, which provides plenty of options for names just as adorable as they are.


Goliath: Guinea pigs are the opposite of giants, making this a funny name for your little pet. For an extra-large fella, this name is even better.

Twitch: There are plenty of rhyming options for this name (Switch, Mitch, and Fitch to name a few), perfect for a group.

Guinea pig names

Some people prefer giving a group of guinea pigs related names like “Tom” and “Jerry.”


Tom and Jerry: This is a great name for pets, whether they are a cat and mouse duo like the iconic cartoon or a pair of little piggies.

Spud: Your little potato pet will love this potato-inspired name. It’s extra funny because guineas bear an uncanny resemblance to potatoes when they are sleeping.

Batman and Robin: Perfect for a duo that takes on the crime of Gotham City–or at least takes on a full bowl of food.

guinea pig pellets

For a pair of piggies, consider a set of names that show off their bond.


Woody and Buzz: Your guinea pig will have a friend in their cagemate when you name them after this fun duo from Toy Story.

The Hulk: Hopefully your little guy doesn’t turn green when the food bowl is empty! Just give a little treat and they’ll turn back into Bruce Banner in no time.

Oldest Guinea Pig

These little pets love treats like fresh vegetables.


Piggy: A fun play on the guinea pig name, Piggy is a great name or nickname for your little pet. You can also go with the alternative “Piggie” spelling.

Pork Chop: Don’t let your guinea pig know what normally happens to pork chops if you go with this hilarious name.

Color-Based Names

Guinea pigs can be solid colored, have two or three colors, or have a mixed pattern. Some specific breeds have notable coloring, which may help you in your search for the perfect guinea and the perfect name. You can choose the perfect name for your little pet by using their fur color as inspiration.

Red: You can go with this name for a guinea pig that is red or a combination of red and other colors in a pattern.

Abyssinian guinea pig on white background

A red guinea pig can have a fun color-based name like “Red” or “Rusty.” These names are also great for guys with red or orange patterns.


Rusty: Another play on red, this is a good name for a guinea pig with a darker red coat.

Oreo: If your little guy is black and white, this is the perfect cookie-inspired name.

Black roan Abyssinian.

If you want a great name reference that people will immediately understand, consider your piggie’s fur color when picking just the right name for him.

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Ash: For a more subdued guinea, Ash is a great name that gives a subtle nod to its light tan or cream coat, like the coloring of an ash tree’s bark.

Caramel: A rich caramel-colored coat of fur gives the perfect inspiration for your little pet’s name.

Cocoa: If your piggie has a rich brown coat that looks like hot cocoa, give him this sweet name. It’s also great for a brown and white piggie that looks like hot cocoa with marshmallows.

pet Guinea pig wrapped in towel being pet on the head

Guinea pigs are social companion animals that love attention and cuddles.


Toffee: Toffee can be rich brown, a lighter red-brown, or anything in between. No matter your little guy’s coloring, this is a fun name.

Snickers: You can give your guinea a name inspired by the chocolate candy bar or the laughing sound you make as you watch their adorable antics.

Nutmeg: A small brown nut, nutmeg is the perfect name for a small, brown guinea pig.

Butterscotch: A name inspired by your little guy’s light brown color is perfect.

Do Guinea Pigs Bite

Guinea pig mothers and babies can have the same coloring.

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Raven: This name is great for an all-black guinea pig or a family that loves Edgar Allan Poe.

Cute Guinea Pig Names

Guineas are some of the cutest pets out there. So you can’t go wrong by picking an equally cute name. Try one of these for your male guinea pig.

Alvin: Even though your little guy isn’t a chipmunk, this is still a great name. If you have a trio, you can add “Theodore” and “Simon” as well.

Jingles: Adding a guinea pig to your family around the holiday season? Let this name help him jingle all the way around your home.

hay for guinea pigs

Guinea pigs can be easy to feed and care for because they do not require a lot of space.


Muffin: An adorable name option for a male piggie, especially one with lots of tufts to their fur.

Fuzzle: If your piggie is extra fuzzy, consider this perfect name to celebrate his adorableness. It is great for a long-haired guinea or one that is really fluffy.

Some guinea pigs have long hair.

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Shortbread: For a super sweet little pet, this name is great.

Cuddles: Enjoy plenty of cuddles with your little pet when you give them this super cute name.

Pip and Squeak: Perfect for a duo that makes all of the adorable pips and squeaks that guinea pigs are known for.

Places to adopt Guinea Pigs

These little pets can also purr when they are happy, similar to cats.


Twinkles: Have a guinea pig who loves to run around and is light on his feet? This name is sure to inspire some twinkling.

Tough Guinea Pig Names

Even with his adorable face and cuddly fur, your guinea might still be a tough fella. You can use this as a starting point to brainstorm a tough name for him.

Shadow: Hopefully your guinea pig isn’t as elusive as Peter Pan’s shadow but this name makes a great mysterious name for your piggie.

guinea pig outside in grass

You can bring your guinea pig outside with supervision to let them explore and play.


Smokey: Another tough name for your tough guinea pig, Smokey is a fun one to say as well.

Bruno: We might not talk about THAT Bruno, but you can dote over your little pet when you give them this name.

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