The 300+ Best French Dog Names and Their Meanings

Written by Kellianne Matthews
Published: January 23, 2024
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There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about the French language — the words roll off the tongue with elegance and warmth, evoking images of charming cafes and sun-drenched meadows. Take a look at the best French dog names and their meanings!

French Names for Colorful Dogs

Tri color English Toy Spaniel sit on the red chair.

A French dog name that reflects your dog’s colorful coat is a great choice.


  • Rouge: Red
  • Noir or Noire: Black
  • Blanc: White
  • Bleu: Blue
  • Russell: Redhead, fox-colored
  • Lebron: Brown-haired one
  • Maurice: Dark-skinned
  • Aurélien: Golden
  • Blanche: White
  • Violette: Purple
  • Fauve: Bay or tawny
  • Citron: Lemon
  • Bijou: Jewel

Female French Dog Names

Cute blue pied French Bulldog dog puppy in bucket between marshmallow sweets on pink background

There are plenty of fun French names for a female pup!


  • Adette: Noble, nobility
  • Brittany: From Briton
  • Celine: Heavenly
  • Claire: Bright, clear
  • Elodie: Foreign riches
  • Adelyn: Noble, nobility
  • Emmeline: Work
  • Sigourney: Daring king
  • Anaise: Pure, virginal
  • Estelle: Star
  • Delphine: Of Delphi
  • Amelie: Work
  • Ciel: Sky
  • Desiree: Desired, wished
  • Aimeé: Beloved
  • Elaine: Bright, shining light
  • Severine: Stern
  • Charlotte: Freeman
  • Sophie: Wisdom
  • Eloise: Healthy; wide
  • Ninette: Grace
  • Cerise: Cherry
  • Adette: Noble
  • Odette: Wealthy
  • Olive: Olive tree
  • Corinne: Maiden
  • Rose-Marie: Dew of the sea
  • Lucette: Light
  • Arielle: Lion of God
  • ​​Louisette: Renowned warrior
  • Apolline, Apollonia, Appolinia: Feminized form of Apollo
  • Babette: Foreign

Beautiful French Dog Names

St. Valentine's Day concept. Funny portrait cute puppy dog border collie holding red rose flower in mouth isolated on white background. Lovely dog in love on valentines day gives gift

The French language has a harmonious sound that provides many beautiful dog names.

©Iuliia Zavalishina/iStock via Getty Images

  • Beline: Goddess
  • Salomé: Peace
  • Belle: Beautiful
  • Isabeau: Pledged to God
  • Gabrielle: God is my strength
  • Isabelle: Pledged to God
  • Odette: Wealthy
  • Yvette: Yew tree
  • Angelette: Angel
  • Angélique: Angel or angelic
  • Seraphine: Burning ones
  • Maelys: Chieftess or princess
  • Annabelle: Loving
  • Arabelle: Yielding to prayer
  • Madeleine: Woman from Magdala
  • Genevieve: Tribe woman
  • Josephine: Jehovah increases
  • Vivienne: Life
  • Sandrine: Defending men
  • Roxane: Dawn
  • Juliette: Little Julia
  • Simone: Hearkening
  • Pauline: Small
  • Renée: Reborn
  • Manon: Bitter
  • Lucille: Light
  • Mariette or Marielle: Star of the sea
  • Nicolette: Victory of the people
  • Brigitte: Strength or exalted
  • Irène: Peace
  • Justine: Fair, righteous
  • Marion: Drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved
  • Lisette: Pledged to God

Male French Dog Names

Pekingese or lion dog walking

There’s nothing better than a sophisticated French dog name for a stunning male dog.

©swapan_banik/iStock via Getty Images

  • Beau: Handsome
  • Toulouse: A region in France
  • Pascale: Of the Passover; Easter
  • Gaston: Guest, stranger
  • Percival: One who pierces the valley
  • Olivier: Olive tree
  • Lucien: Light
  • Arnaud: Soldier
  • Jean-Luc: God is gracious; man from Lucania
  • Hercule: Hercules
  • Gaylord: Brisk, high-spirited
  • Beauregard: Beautiful gaze
  • Jacques: Supplanter
  • Frédéric: Peaceful ruler
  • Julien: Youthful, bearded, or sky father
  • Bastien: Someone from the ancient city of Sebastia.
  • Claude: Lame; enclosure
  • Armand: Soldier
  • Faron: Handsome servant
  • Jules: Youthful, soft, downy
  • Gage: Oath, pledge
  • François: French
  • John-Pierre: God is gracious; rock or stone
  • Gilbert: Bright pledge
  • Lafayette: Faith
  • Landry: Ruler
  • Maxence: Greatest
  • Laurent: Of Laurentium or bay laurel
  • Severin: Stern, serious
  • Toussaint: All Saints
  • Yves: Yew wood
  • Amand: Loveable, worthy of love
  • Amandus: Lovable, worthy of love
  • Antoine: Priceless one
  • Bonaventure: Good fortune
  • Gaubert: Bright ruler
  • Jacques: One who follows
  • Phillippe: Lover of horses
  • Hugo: Mind, intellect
  • Anatole: From the east; rising sun
  • Henri: Home ruler
  • Marius: Warlike
  • Bellamy: Fine friend

French Dog Names from History

French Bulldog dog puppy wearing red beret hat and bow tie


French bulldog

originated in Paris.

©Firn/iStock via Getty Images

  • Louis: King Louis XIV was one of the longest-ruling kings in France. 
  • Antoinette or Antonie: Priceless one
  • Aquitaine: A region of France
  • Lorraine: From the province of Lorraine
  • Napoleon: Napoleon Bonaparte was a famous French emperor and military commander.
  • Coco or Chanel: Coco Chanel was a French fashion designer. 
  • Dior: Christian Dior is a luxury French fashion house. 
  • Cousteau: Jacques Cousteau was a famous French oceanographer. 
  • Joan: Joan of Arc is a patron saint of France. 
  • Charlemagne: Charles the Great, or Charlemagne, was king of the Franks. 
  • Rollo: Rollo of Normandy was a Viking who became a French lord.
  • Simone: Simone de Beauvoir was a French philosopher and feminist activist. 

French Dog Names from Art and Literature

A cute and funny lover valentine lagotto romagnolo puppy dog with a soft red heart. Valentine's day concept, postcard.

If you’re wanting a more sophisticated dog name, why not try one from a French artist or composer?

©Chelmicky/iStock via Getty Images

  • Claude: This name honors the French painter Claude Monet and the French composer Claude Debussy.
  • Monet: Claude Monet was a famous French artist of the Impressionist movement. 
  • Debussy: Claude Debussy was a famous French composer of the Impressionism music movement.
  • Frédéric: Frédéric Chopin was a famous French composer during the Romantic era.  
  • Renoir: Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a famous French painter from the nineteenth century.
  • Degas: Edgar Degas was a French artist from the nineteenth century.
  • Cezanne: Paul Cezanne was a top French painter from the Post-Impressionist movement. 
  • Matisse: Henri Matisse was a famous French painter in the early twentieth century. 
  • Rodin: Auguste Rodin was known as the modern sculpture movement. 
  • Gauguin: Paul Gauguin was a prominent French artist of the Post-Impressionist movement. 
  • Manet: Édouard Manet was a French artist during the Realism and Impressionism movements. 
  • Berthe or Morisot: Berthe Morisot was a prominent Impressionist painter in Paris. 
  • Camille or Claudel: Camille Claudel was a French sculptor. 
  • Voltaire: François-Marie Arouet, known as Voltaire, was a French Enlightenment writer and philosopher. 
  • Balzac: Honoré de Balzac was a French writer in the nineteenth century.
  • Javert: Javert is the main antagonist of Les Misérables.
  • Jean Valjean: Jean Valjean is the main character in Victor Hugo’s novel, Les Misérables
  • Cosette: A character from Les Misérables, Cosette means “little thing”. 
  • Faintine: A character from Les Misérables, Faintine means “fantastic one”. 
  • Victor or Hugo: Victor Hugo was a French writer. 
  • Athos: One of the three musketeers.
  • Porthos: One of the three musketeers.
  • Aramis: One of the three musketeers.
  • D’Artagnan: The fourth of the musketeers.

Nature-Inspired French Dog Names

regal shot of a Papillon in the grass

Papillons get their name from their butterfly-like ears.

©Anna Maloverjan/

  • Lilou: Lily
  • Renarde or Renard: Fox
  • Liana: To climb like a vine
  • Laurette: From Laurentum; bay laurel
  • Deveraux: Riverbank
  • Sylvie: From the forest
  • Dion: Child of heaven and earth
  • Merle: Blackbird
  • Mavis: Songbird
  • Juliet: Youthful; sky father
  • Helene: Bright, shining
  • Jean-Marie: God is gracious; star of the sea
  • Fleurette: Flower
  • Flora: Flower
  • Florence: Flourishing; prosperous
  • Florette: Flower
  • Margot: Pearl
  • Georgette: Farmer
  • Aurore: Dawn
  • Geneva: Juniper tree
  • Aveline: Desire; or island, water
  • Clarisse: Clear, bright
  • Anémone: Colorful spring flower
  • Daphné: Laurel tree
  • Ambroise: Ambrosia, or the nectar of the gods in Greek mythology
  • Brielle: Hunting grounds
  • Montague: Pointy hill
  • Neville: New Town
  • Pièrre: Stone
  • Roselle: Flower
  • Rosalie: Rose
  • Rosette: Flower
  • Rosemonde: Flower or horse protection
  • Papillon: Butterfly
  • Raoul: Wolf-counsel
  • Remy: Oarsman
  • Sylvain: Wood, forest
  • Poisson: Fish
  • Chouette: Owl
  • Yvonne: Yew wood
  • Marguerite: Pearl; daisy

Cute French Dog Names

Three cute shiba inu puppies lick their lips and sit in the autumn forest

An adorable puppy deserves a cute French dog name!


  • Chouchou: Darling
  • Mignon: Cute
  • Froufrou: Flounces or frills
  • Mireille: To admire
  • Nadine: Hope
  • Alouette: Lark
  • Chéri or Chérie: Darling
  • Bibi: Toy; delight; lady of the house; life
  • Petit Nuage: Little cloud
  • Amabel: Lovable
  • Jolie: Pretty
  • Noelle: Christmas
  • Alizée: Trade wind
  • Minou or Minette: Little cat
  • Marilou: Star of the sea
  • Fleur: Flower
  • Bijou: Jewel
  • Algernon: Moustached man
  • Ila: From the island
  • Félix: Lucky; successful
  • Mon Petit Chou: My little cabbage
  • Soleil: Sun
  • Esme: Beloved
  • Lina: Tender or delicate
  • Paulette: Small
  • Clementine: Mild, merciful
  • Coralie: Coral
  • Cosette: Little thing
  • Fifi: Jehovah increases

Strong French Dog Names

A male Hungarian Vizsla dog standing among white flowers against the backdrop of a lush spring forest. Looking away

A strong French dog name can highlight your dog’s noble demeanor.

©Liudmila Bohush/

  • Bernadette: Brave as a bear
  • André: Warrior
  • Bertille: Heroine, bright maiden
  • Henriette: Estate ruler
  • Lou: Renowned warrior
  • Louise: Renowned warrior
  • Marceline: Little warrior
  • Aloyse: Renowned warrior
  • Aubrey: Elf Ruler
  • Colette: People or victory
  • Nicole: People of victory
  • Brielle: Hunting grounds
  • Giselle: hostage, pledge
  • Elise: Pledged to God
  • Ottilie: Prosperous in battle
  • Romilly: Citizen of Rome
  • Ottoline: Prospers in battle
  • Sacha: Defending warrior
  • Valerie: Strength, health
  • Victoire: Victory
  • Zelie: Noble
  • Achille: Achilles
  • Albert: Noble, bright
  • Alphonse: Noble, ready for battle
  • Guy: Guide, leader
  • Harvey: Battle-worthy
  • Leroy: The King
  • Marceau: Little warrior
  • Marcel: Little warrior
  • Marcellus: Young warrior
  • Maxim: Greatest
  • Quincy: Estate of the fifth son
  • Theirry: Ruler of the people
  • Valentin: Strength, health
  • Alexandrine: Defending men

French Food Dog Names

Dog dressed up like a chef

Many of the world’s favorite treats come from France.


  • Macaron: A sweet French confection.
  • Groseille: Gooseberry
  • Mousse: A soft airy chocolate.
  • Calisson: A French candy. 
  • Madeleine: A small French cake.
  • Éclair: A French pastry.
  • Baguette: A long loaf of bread.
  • Ficelle: A thin baguette.
  • Tartiflette: A type of French potato dish.
  • Biscotte: Biscuit
  • Pamplemousse: A pomelo or large citrus fruit.
  • Vanille: Vanilla
  • Croissant: A French pastry.
  • Brioche: A type of French bread.
  • Truffle: A type of fungus used in French culinary dishes.
  • Aubergine: Eggplant
  • Munster: A French cheese.
  • Picodon: A French cheese.
  • Brie: A French cheese.
  • Clafoutis: A French dessert. 
  • Crème brûlée: A type of French custard dessert.
  • Marjolaine: A type of layered dessert cake.
  • Praline: A French confection made with nuts.
  • Soufflé: A French dessert.
  • Beignet: A type of deep-fried pastry.
  • Canelé: A type of French pastry.
  • Chouquette: A small French pastry. 
  • Nonnette: A French gingerbread cake.
  • Ratatouille: A type of vegetable stew.
  • Chantilly: A rich whipped cream.
  • Gateau: A French cake.
  • Bon Bon: Sweetie
  • Noisette: Little hazelnut.
  • Pomme: Apple
  • Cannelle: Cinnamon
  • Citrouille: Pumpkin
  • Raisin: Grape
  • Piment: Chili pepper

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Firn/iStock via Getty Images

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