The Largest Bighorn Sheep Ever Caught in Washington was a Mountain Legend

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: September 15, 2023
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Hunting these rams doesn’t just require physical strength — your mind has to be focused and committed too. And when you spot the animal, you have to trust your abilities. That’s what this hunter did when he drew and made his way over to The Evergreen State. Discover the largest bighorn sheep ever caught in Washington!

Bighorn Sheep Overview

Bighorn sheep are characterized by their large horns. They have muscular bodies and brown fur. They usually weigh between 160 and 250 pounds. Their horns alone can weigh up to 30 pounds. These mammals are unique in that they can make it up steep terrain, which keeps them safe from predators.

Desert bighorn sheep - Ovis canadensis nelsoni

Bighorn sheep have muscular bodies and brown fur and typically weigh between 160 and 250 pounds.

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Largest Bighorn Sheep Ever Caught in Washington

He says he’s “blessed by the sheep gods.” With his first four rams, he had already entered the 700 Club. Hunting sheep started for Gary Guerrieri when he turned 50. He had been talking about it but it wasn’t until his birthday party that he decided he was ready to put all those thoughts into action.

His first kill was in 2012. It was a Dall’s sheep. Then came a Stone’s, a desert ram, and finally, a bighorn. In 2020, he set out again for a bighorn hunt in Washington. He decided to invest and buy a lot of raffle tickets.

He ended up drawing and so he was off to Asotin County. He’d been in the area before and though he physically prepared for the hunt, he knew the mental game would take a lot out of him. He spent a week out in the field before he came upon the largest bighorn sheep ever caught in Washington.

It was a downhill shot. And it was steep. But Guerrieri trusted himself. He took the shot with his McWhorter 7mm STW and the sheep gods blessed him yet again. The ram scored 202-4/8 points, making Guerrieri a state record holder.

A closeup shot of a bighorn sheep in a forest in South Dakota

You can distinguish a bighorn sheep by its large, curved horns.

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Largest Bighorn Sheep Caught in the World

The largest bighorn sheep caught in the world scored 216-4/8 points and was found in Lake County, Montana in 2016. This is not the type of traditional hunting story most are accustomed to when it comes to world records. This was a picked-up head that was officially scored and given the title of world record. It was one of three that were picked up in a singular location in Montana.

The other two scored 205-2/8 and 209. Wild Horse Island is a highly regarded location in the northwestern region of Montana. Some of the largest bighorn sheep ever recorded have been found in this exact location. With just the right habitat, it has made for a fantastic wildlife refuge. It’s ultimately these conservation efforts that have allowed the bighorn population to thrive.

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