The 6 Longest Rivers in Victoria

Written by Kyle Glatz
Updated: October 23, 2023
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Victoria is the southernmost state in Australia. Several rivers feed into this area, allowing the area to grow lush vegetation. However, some of the rivers are much longer than others. Today, we’re going to examine the longest rivers in Victoria, Australia. We’ll show you how long they flow, where they are located, where they start and end, and more!

For the sake of clarity, we’re going to consider the rivers that have any part of them flowing in Victoria. We are not going to exclude any rivers that do not primarily flow in the region.  

6. Yarra River

Warm morning light on high-rise towers in Melbourne CBD above Princes bridge across Yarra river.

Today, over 4 million people live in the Greater Melbourne area and benefit from the presence of the Yarra River.

©Taras Vyshnya/

150 milesHobsons Bay

The Yarra River flows for 150 miles throughout Victoria. The river starts in the Yarra Ranges, east of Melbourne. This region flows generally southwest from that region, eventually reaching Melbourne and then flowing into Hobsons Bay.

Yarra River has been a significant river in the region for thousands of years. Today, over 4 million people live in the Greater Melbourne area and benefit from the presence of this river.

The river is a significant source of drinking water in the area, and upwards of 70% of Melbourne’s water comes from the river. Yarra River is also very important in providing water for agricultural uses in the region. This body of water is also used for recreational purposes like fishing and various sorts of boating.

While this is not at the top of the list of the longest rivers in Victoria, the Yarra River is still a significant body of water to the region.

5. Wimmera River

Horsham,  Victoria, Australia

The Wimmera River meandering in Wimmera Country

©barmah john/iStock via Getty Images

173 MilesPyrenees Ranges 

The Wimmera River rises from the Pyrenees Ranges in the Great Dividing Range, and it flows through the western part of Victoria. This river runs for 173 miles from its source to its mouth, Lake Hindmarsh. The river is important as a source of drinking water, irrigation, and supports the ecosystem in the region.

4. Glenelg River

Early morning mist on beautiful Lake Fyans near the Grampian Mountain Range in Western Victoria, with dead trees reflected in the mirror smooth surface.

The Glenelg River rises from the Grampian Mountain Range.

©Norman Allchin/

220 MilesGrampian Ranges

The Glenelg River measures 220 miles long. This river’s source is in the Grampian Ranges in the Grampians National Park in Victoria. The body of water flows west and then north before flowing southwest. The river ends in Discovery Bay, a part of the Great Australian Bight.  

The river serves an important purpose as a freshwater source for agriculture in the area. The Rocklands Dam impounds the river, creating the Rocklands Reservoir, a large body of water that aids agriculture and even recreation.

People use the reservoir for hunting, fishing, and boating. The lower portion of the river is home to a wide assortment of campgrounds for people to enjoy.

The Glenelg River is one of the longest rivers in Victoria, but it is not all that long compared to others in the state and country.  

3. Loddon River

Kerang, Victoria, Australia

Loddon River is 244 miles in length.

©barmah john/iStock via Getty Images

244 milesGreat Dividing Range

The Loddon River is a 244-mile-long river that originates in the Great Dividing Range. More specifically, the body of water comes about near the town of Musk. This river generally flows northwest throughout its run. Eventually, the river reaches its mouth at the Little Murray River, an anabranch of the larger Murray River.

The river is largely used for various sorts of water recreation. For example, the river is known as a great place to fish. Anglers catch many different kinds of fish in this region, including carp, perch, cod, and redfin.

The river is also a great place for people who enjoy watersports like swimming and boating. Parts of the river are used for whitewater kayaking and canoeing.

2. Goulburn River

Goulburn Weir - Victoria, Australia

Goulburn River is one of the longest rivers in Victoria.

©JayC Rivera/iStock via Getty Images

406 milesGreat Dividing Range

Like the Loddon River, the source of the Goulburn River is the Great Dividing Range near Woods Point. The river flows for a total of 406 miles from that area to its confluence with the Murray River near the town of Echuca.

This river provides an area in which people can take part in many activities. This region is great for hikers who want a nice, scenic walk. The Goulburn River National Park is a popular destination for campers, anglers, and sightseers. The river is also very popular for boaters and anglers.

Most importantly, a great deal of water from the river is taken to provide for human consumption and other uses. Not only is this one of the longest rivers in Victoria, but it is also a very important source of water for people.

1. Murray River

River Fun

The Murray River flows between Victoria and NSW, and it ends in South Australia.

©BenGoode/iStock via Getty Images

1,558 milesAustralian Alps

Murray River is the leader of the longest rivers in Victoria, Australia. This river measures a total of 1,558 miles long, much greater than any other body of water on this list. This river does not flow through Victoria, though. Instead, it forms a border between Victoria and New South Wales.

This river rises from the Australian Alps and flows west and northwest, eventually reaching the end of its flow at Murray Mouth. Murray Mouth is where the river meets the ocean in South Australia.

The Murray River has served as an important waterway for thousands of years. The body of water has facilitated trade and provided food and water for people along its banks. These days, the river continues to be a valuable source of water for people, plants, and animals. Also, it’s a popular place for people who love watersports.

The Murray River is part of the vast Murray-Darling River system that has a river basin measuring about 410,000 square miles!

Summary of the Longest Rivers in Victoria

1.Murray River1,558 miles
2.Goulburn River406 miles
3.Loddon River244 miles
4.Glenelg River220 miles
5.Wimmera River173 miles
6.Yarra River150 miles

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